That Romantic Moment! Series: Piggyback Ride

Back with another That Romantic Moment where I choose a favorite romantic gesture or action and pick moments from shows/films I've watched. This one is called Piggyback Ride. Very similar to the "carry the girl" version I did last time, however this one only has people carrying someone via the piggyback. While there's a lot of piggyback riding in K-dramas I couldn't really find any non-Korean movies that had it. I guess piggyback rides to most simple minds is more of a kid thing, but in K-drama land it's the epitome of romance, friends!

That Romantic Moment! Series: Piggyback Ride

A Cinderella Story
The one American film I could find with a piggyback ride... 
and it's really only for the poster. Hahaha

Can You Hear My Heart?
The only way to walk in the park, friends.

Cheese in the Trap
Hong Seol gets points for having two dudes escort her home.
Of course her boyfriend gets to be the one to carry her.

"I'll just fall asleep here. Thanks."

King 2 Hearts
I'm not going to cry.

My Princess
They're just too cute.

Queen Seondeok
Dramatic rescue with piggyback ride from the mud pit of death. Check.

Running Man
In Korean variety shows there are lots of episodes dedicated to the piggyback ride challenge -
many of which are hilarious. I chose this one because I love the SpartaAce team:
Ji-Hyo and Jong-Kook rule!

Running Man (again)
Monday Couple cute. This one gets double the points because the girl (Ji-Hyo)
is carrying the guy. Also she really carries him through the streets;
 I have no idea how.

Yes, this one is not romantic. This is just all kinds of awesome
It had to be included; forgive me.


  1. The piggy back ride is always a fun drama cliche :) I love all of your examples! It really was hard not to tear up seeing Si Kyung and the princess. Why, drama writers? WHY!?

    I love the last one a lot :)

    1. Oh, yeah. You always can anticipate the piggy back ride. I was feeling so emotional just watching the scene of Si Kyung and the princess to get the picture!

  2. Replies
    1. Yes! That one makes me so happy lol!


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