Inspiration, Hope and More to Come

It’s crazy how I can be way ahead of schedule, with posts written and saved three weeks ahead of time, and then before I know it I’ve out of posts and past my Wednesday deadline. And it’s not for lack of ideas, lol, because I have so many ideas spinning in my brain right now – upcoming reviews for K-dramas, movies, and fun lists of things I enjoy/like which will be coming up.

I don’t usually post reflective articles but of the many things swirling around in my mind, some inspirational words kept coming back to me.

After getting really sick recently, I pretty much spent my day on the couch staring at a TV, waiting to feel better. I watched a lot of boring shows, lol. One of the better highlights was an episode of Supergirl called Myriad. This is only the second episode I’ve seen of Supergirl, which seems like cute, campy superhero TV fare.

The episode revolved around Supergirl faced with two horrible choices – letting the people of the city be mind-controlled by a villain or destroying the villain’s power to control the people but most likely killing a percentage of the people in the city. On a balcony at CatCo Worldwide Media, Supergirl talks out her fears to Cat Grant, a woman who runs CatCo. Supergirl is about to choose the path of killing some to save the many when Cat gives her an encouraging speech.

Cat Grant
               I know you're scared. I am too.... but all of you are letting your fear guide you. Someone has to have the courage to stand up even though they're afraid. You know the worst decisions that I've ever made in my life were based on fear.”

Cat continues by saying, “Hope is stronger than fear.” And tells Supergirl to simply be who she is; no one is asking more of her than that.

Those words really struck a chord with me. Later on, when talking with my sister who was feeling really insecure about changes coming in her life, I actually quoted those words to her “you know the worst decisions that we can make are based on fear.”

For my sister, fear made her want to curl up and hide. Choose the safest road by not doing anything, just pulling away. I’ve definitely know that feeling a lot. The fear of making mistakes, the fear of failure, the fear of not being good enough – but those fears aren’t there to protect you from the bad, scary world. They are there to push you down and keep you from living. Fear is the one who wants to hurt you.

Sometimes you’re going to feel like you’re just taking baby steps. Sometimes you’ll feel like you’re far behind. Sometimes fear will tell you there is no future, there is no hope. Heck, fear tells me that every day.

Love; hope; God tells me that He has Good Things in store for me. He’s 100% okay with failure and making mistakes. He’s never expected us to be anything but who we are in Him. He’s never been interested in “our” limited, worldly ideas of perfection. He’s already made us perfect in His love. Most of the battle is declaring the truth to ourselves again and again. Because in the end, Love Wins. Not fear.


  1. YES. Amen.

    "He's never expected us to be anything but who we are in Him." Just -- that whole last paragraph.

    Thank you for this post!!

    1. Thank you for commenting! Because it made me read this post all over again, and I definitely needed to hear it, even if it was from my past self, lol.


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