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14 Favorite Portrayals Of Real Queens

Here's the second part of 14 real queen portrayals with seven more awesome, sometimes tragic, and but always fascinating queens!

14 Favorite Portrayals Of Real Queens, Part 2

Kirsten Dunst as Marie Antoinette
Queen Marie Antoinette
Country: Austria/France
Year: 1755-1793
Favorite Portrayals: Marie Antoinette
Why I Like Her: I don’t exactly like Marie Antoinette who seemed to be a vain, self-interested woman. However, I’ve always found her life intriguing and tragic, as a woman who really had no control over any issues in her life – from her marriage to the treatment of the French people. Obviously she could’ve made more sage personal decisions. Kirsten Dunst plays the queen in a gorgeous period drama Marie Antoinette. The drama feels lacking in any real emotion but it’s filled with amazing costumes and a nice glimpse into her life.

Tiffany Dupont as Esther
Queen Esther
Country: Persia
Year: 465 BC?
Favorite Portrayals: One Night With The King
Why I Like Her: I’ve always been fascinated with Esther’s amazing story in the Bible; a common girl becoming queen of Persia and being used by God to save her people from genocide. I thought One Night With The King was pretty good the first time I watched it, but subsequent watchings have endeared the movie to me. Tiffany Dupont plays a very lovely and relatable Hadassah/Esther.
Kim Hae-In as Queen Inhyeon
Queen Inhyeon
Country: Joseon (Korea)
Year: 1667-1701
Favorite Portrayals: Queen Inhyun’s Man
Why I Like Her: Ah, the tragic story of Queen Inhyeon. One of Joseon’s most famous queens, Inhyeon was married to King Sukjong. When Sukjong tried to give a concubine, Jang Ok-Jung, a higher ranking, Inhyeon and her political supporters fought against it. Angrily, Sukjong deposed Inhyeon and exiled her. He later regretted his action and returned Inhyeon, giving her title back. Sadly, she died young (some suspect she was poisoned by Ok-Jung) at 34 years old. Her role in Queen Inhyun’s Man is actually pretty small but I thought she made a sympathetic queen.

Aishwarya Rai as Jodhaa Bai

Queen Jodhaa
Country: Mughal Empire (India)
Year: 1542-1623
Favorite Portrayals: Jodhaa Akbar
Why I Like Her: Jodhaa was a Rajput princess who married Akbar, the emperor of the Mughal Empire. She was queen for 43 years. Their (love) story is wonderfully portrayed in Jodhaa Akbar with Aishwarya Rai playing the strong queen. This movie is really on an epic scale with fabulous costumes, settings, and music and totally worth a watch for period drama fans.

The lovely Romy Schneider looks almost exactly like Elisabeth
Queen Elisabeth (Sissi)
Country: Austria
Year: 1837-1898
Favorite Portrayals: Sissi
Why I Like Her: Elisabeth’s story is mostly a sad one. A Bavarian princess, she married Emperor Franz Joseph I at sixteen and immediately had difficulty with the strict protocol that he and his family lived by. Obsessed with her image and famed beauty, she had her maids spend three hours brushing her long hair. She even refused to take pictures in her thirties because she didn’t think she was as beautiful. Sadly, she was assassinated at 44 years old by an anarchist. Her romance and early life with Franz Joseph I is portrayed happily in Sissi, 1955 Austrian film that is quite beautiful and adorable. Romy Schneider does a lovely job playing Sissi in the film.

Behind the scenes pic of actors Kim Ha-Eun and Yoo Ah-In
Queen Ingyeong
Joseon (Korea)
Year: 1661–1680
Favorite Portrayals: Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love
Why I Like Her: Of all of King Sukjong’s wives, Queen Ingyeong is probably the one most overlooked mainly by her early death at 19 years old. She was his first wife and produced no heirs. Though Jang Ok Jung K-drama focuses on Sukjong’s concubine Ok-Jung, the beginning episodes show a very sweet, naïve Queen Ingyeong that was both sweet and sad as she passed so early in life.

Mélanie Thierry smiling as Catherine of Valois
Queen Catherine
Country: France/England
Year: 1401-1437
Favorite Portrayals: The Hollow Crown
Why I Like Her: Catherine of Valois was a French princess, daughter of King Charles VI of France. Henry V, king of England, was fighting against the French when he and Charles reached a peace treaty. Henry and Catherine were married. They were married for two years before Henry died of illness while fighting in battle. BBC’s dramatic The Hollow Crown miniseries takes the Shakespearean play fleshes out the story with intense, fantastic acting. My favorite part of the series was Catherine and Henry V’s meeting. Tom Hiddleston plays Henry V and he is fabulous (and seriously romantic). Catherine is played by French actress Mélanie Thierry, who does a lovely job for her brief role.


  1. The only one I have seen is Queen In Hyun's Man, and to be honest, every time I rewatch, I usually skip all of the past stuff :p But I do remember really liking her! I like the idea behind this list :) Definitely going to check out some of these other queens :)

    1. Haha, I totally understand. I'd probably do that to if I re-watched it - just cause I'd want to get to the romace, hehe. Let me know if you end up liking any of the movies/shows! :D

  2. Ah, I never watched the Henvy V ep of Hollow Crown - which is weird as it's one of the most famous - I probably should watch! Great list :)

    1. Thanks Catherine! Henry V ep has a lot of good parts. Hiddleston, as usual, is fantastic in his portrayal of Henry.

  3. AAAHHH! You included One Night with the King! That's SO good.

    Ooh! I ought to watch The Hollow Crown! How bad is the content?

    1. It's good, isn't it!

      It's been awhile since I watched it, but there wasn't much content, though some violence. I really only watched the three parts Henry IV, V which had Tom Hiddleston. There is one scene where Henry makes out with a woman on his lap (not Catherine of Valois, and not actually a romance scene either since he was trying to keep someone from the palace from finding out what he was really doing at the inn).


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