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Victor Frankenstein Review

Victor Frankenstein Review
Year: 2015
My Rating: 3/5

This is my third review for the Period Drama Challenge hosted by Miss Laurie!

My sis and I often spend time together watching a lot of B flicks; movies that got low ratings that we still are interested in seeing, just not in theaters. One of our recent watches was Victor Frankenstein, the 2015 movie adaptation of Mary Shelley's famous work Frankenstein, starring James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe.

Overall, my feelings were mixed on this movie. As a period drama it had lovely and fun moments, beautiful costumes, and great actors but the story suffered from pacing issues and a less than dynamic plot and climax. Oh the climax, lol.

One of the biggest things that threw me off about the movie was actually the trailer! I had completely different expectations from the very exciting trailer that seemed to promise more of an action-adventure movie version of Frankenstein. While there were some action-packed moments in the film, they were few and the story mostly focused on the emotional relationship between Victor Frankenstein and Igor and the creation of Frankenstein the monster. This took me some time to adjust to while watching the movie.

The relationship between Victor and Igor was definitely the most intriguing part of the movie; often complex, unusual and even unhealthy. Victor Frankenstein, a man with so much emotional baggage from his past, both helps and cares for Igor as well as emotionally controls him. It was sad at times to watch the sweet, kind Igor (played excellently by Daniel Radcliffe) as he was unable to say no to the man who had done so much for him, even when it cost him so much.

Victor was an intriguing character; portrayed more as a man bordering on crazy. His bitter relationship with his family was one of the biggest reasons that he descended into such mad schemes (like bringing dead, sewn together beings alive; you've got to have issues to even be thinking up this stuff!).

I felt that the detective's character, who was Victor's antagonist, was poorly portrayed. The movie overplayed his "religious fervor" to stop Frankenstein's crazy ways yet never really scoped out the detective enough to even make him seem remotely real or interesting. The fight between Victor and the detective with several "religion vs science" debates felt poorly put together and annoying at best.

The climax was another failing of the movie with Frankenstein the monster being introduced far too late and dealt with way too quickly. Victor's revelation of his wrongdoings happens in mere seconds and seems far too rushed.

Personally, I found Victor Frankenstein a period drama that is easy to watch with fun moments scattered here and there, however it's still far from being a great, new adaptation of the classic novel. Hopefully next time!


  1. I really expected this to be full of action after the preview as well! I am surprised to hear that is wasn't. I am a huge James McAvoy fangirl, so I was really considering giving this one a shot, even though I don't particularly like the story of Frankenstein.

    I just watched a period drama last night called A Little Chaos with Kate Winslet. Have you seen it? I was surprised by how much I liked it, though the ending did seem a bit rushed.

    1. Lol, I'm glad I wasn't the only one thrown by that trailer! If you love James McAvoy this is definitely worth a watch. He's charismatic as always!

      I haven't heard of A Little Chaos, but upon looking it up (just now, lol) I'm totally intrigued! I'm going to have to watch this one. Thanks for letting me know about it! :D

    2. I will give it a shot, then! He seriously is charismatic in everything he does :)

      My mom just got HBO Now and gave me her password, and I stumbled across it last night while looking through their movies. I kind of accidentally started it and I was hooked. The costumes were great and the romance was sweet :) and all of the flowers were just beautiful!

    3. Awesome! I love Kate Winslet and the costumes looked gorgeous in the pics. ;)

  2. Aw, I'd heard this was bad but wanted to see it mainly for Daniel Radcliffe (and James McAvoy...). Sounds like it might be worth watching just for the scenes between the two characters? Great review!

    1. I think it's worth a watch for Daniel Radcliffe (and James, hehe). I really liked Daniel's character Igor and thought he did a good job with him!


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