News Train 3: Trailers Galore!!

Yay! I’m finally back (I ended up moving and am finally getting settled into my new place) and oh my word, so my cool trailers that I saw today! Let the fangirling commence!!

Admittedly I was pretty disappointed by Batman vs. Superman which I felt was terribly boring and confusing. This dampened my feelings about the upcoming Wonder Woman… until I saw the trailer. Oh my word!! This movie looks awesome! Period setting with awesome costumes, amazing Amazon warriors sword-fighting and on horses, Wonder Woman kicking butt and taking names, Chris Pine looking serious and dramatic! Seriously, I was blown away by how stunning and fascinating the trailer looked. I’ve wanted a girl superhero movie for so long and I can’t believe it’s finally coming true. DC, if this movie is anything like the preview you have seriously redeemed yourself!

I watched this trailer with a lot of skepticism… but once again, DC is totally blowing my mind! This trailer looks so promising with a cool Aquaman, hilarious Flash, awesome Batman-Wonder Woman friendship and more. Seriously, this is what I wanted from Batman vs. Superman. I don’t care if DC makes the movie dark, just make it interesting. There’s got to be humor and a feeling of fun otherwise we’re just watching Bruce and Clark with bored, stoic faces staring into the distance for three hours. DC, thank you! You’ve got my interest back!!!

Well this looks unique. I don’t mean it in a bad way, just in an uncertain but hopeful way. The trailer is very unclear of plot or story – it jumps from here and there, showcasing an artsy style that almost looks modern while the visuals are very stark and gritty and the ambiance (and creatures) is high fantasy. Definitely an intriguing mix. I like Charlie Hunnam and I think he’s a good choice for Arthur. Honestly, I almost felt like he was Robin Hood at first. I can’t wait to see another trailer that will explain more. Plus Jude Law is in this. I’m pretty near sold.

Not sure how I feel about the trailer. It was more about the explosions than anything else. Tom Hiddleston didn’t say anything. And for the life of me, I have no idea what time this is supposed to be in. I mean there are helicopters. But a lot of guys are wearing old style hats. And flamethrowers? Very confusing. I’ll be interested in seeing the next trailer that hopefully shows more of the characters.


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