Cinderella and the Four Knights: Episode 2 Recap

This episode delves more into the lives of our characters and the ensuing heartbreak that must happen to get them where they need to be. Because what honest and kind heroine ever chooses the easy path?

The Introduction

Ha-Won telling Ji-Woon what's what.

The story continues with Hye-Ji storming off after Ji-Woon’s money-tossing incident. Ha-Won purses Ji-Woon with an earnest reproof about his foolish use of money. He pushes her against a wall telling her to get lost for good. She returns the favor by shoving him against the wall and telling him to never touch her again – or die. Whoa. This heroine is rocking!

barefoot Cinderella

Hye-Ji and Ji-Woon ride off together into the darkness while Ha-Won strips off the jewelry and shoes (Cinderella moment!) that Hyun-Min gave her, stuffs it into his arms, and trudges home barefoot.

After that fiasco, Bodyguard Yoon-Sung is hard at work forcing Hyun-Min to shape up and go meet his “real fiancĂ©e”, an arranged marriage with a Super Rich Girl. Of course Hyun-Min doesn’t take the news well. Meanwhile Grandpa Kang has found his new spirit animal in the plucky Ha-Won and orders Bodyguard Yoon-Sung to find her.

The Tough Life

Ha-Won discussing money with her evil step-mom

Ha-Won continues to struggle financially and asks for help from her step-mom and her employer. Both turn her down, though her step-mom is decidedly ruder about it. Fate, or really Grandpa Kang, intervenes when Ha-Won receives an offer – live at Sky House Mansion and turn Grandpa’s grandsons into decent people and he’ll pay all of her college and send her abroad too. Ha-Won is flabbergasted but too honest a person to take a handout.

Hyun-Min breaking multiple hearts before breakfast

Hyun-Min, in his usual playboy ways, ruins his arranged date with Super Rich Girl when he surprises Hye-Ji with a kiss, who just happened to be walking by (I guess they like to eat at the same restaurant, lol). Of course, Hye-Ji demands to know what their relationship is. Hyun-Min labels them merely childhood friends from ten years ago. Hye-Ji calls him out on his low behavior towards her and leaves him looking slightly frazzled.

Ha-Won, realizing she left her clothes back at that hotel that Hyun-Min took her to before Grandpa’s wedding, tries to get inside. The staff refuse her but Ji-Woon shows up and lets her in. She doesn’t find the clothes (Hyun-Min took them earlier) and she and Ji-Woon get into another spat where he calls her a gold-digger and she calls him a rich jerk. The start of a beautiful relationship!

Ha-Won gets a real surprise at home with a reporter waiting to interview the National Lottery Girl (or in layman’s terms, the lucky girl who landed Hyun-Min at Grandpa’s wedding). Ha-Won’s step-sister goes raging ballistic over Ha-Won’s fame and throws her out of the house.

Ji-Woon runs into Ha-Won at one of her part-time jobs and before they get into another argument Ha-Won realizes he’s hungry and without money (Grandpa cut him off financially since he left Sky House). She buys him dinner to pay him back for helping her get into the hotel earlier, but he leaves abruptly when he sees Grandpa’s spying on him. Grandpa orders him to return to the Sky House; he says life is tough and Ji-Woon needs to use Grandpa’s wealth and power to survive. But Ji-Woon wants to live his life the way he did before he learned he was a rich heir.

Darkest Before the Dawn

a picture of Seo-Woo so we don't forget what he looks like

When Seo-Woo (you remember, the other Kang grandson) realizes he and Ha-Won’s phones were switched (also at the hotel before Grandpa’s wedding), they meet up and switch phones. Ha-Won doesn’t learn that Seo-Woo accidentally read a spiteful text from her step-sister… because he deleted it. Hmm, will that ever come back to bite him?

Hyun-Min helping Ha-Won escape reporters

While walking about her day, Ha-Won is ambushed by a group of reporters who recognize her as the National Lottery Girl. She can barely get out any words before Hyun-Min rushes in and drives her away from their prying questions. Hyun-Min worships his own chivalry while Ha-Won angrily demands he take responsibility for lying about their relationship. He calls the media and orders them to stop posting about Ha-Won. But he gets no love from Ha-Won for his gallant act, who instead is shocked at the media corruption that exists, lol.

Ji-Woon shows up at his old workplace, a mechanics garage, but his former buddies ignore him and tell him to leave. One of his friends explains that Grandpa Kang paid them off to end their relationship. Noooo! Grandpa, why are you so cruel?

Things are pretty bad at Ha-Won’s house, who learns that her Dad took her mother’s urn from the memorial visiting center. Ha-Won’s broken-hearted while Dad belittles her for ignoring her step-mom’s feelings. Ha-Won calls out Stepmom for pretending like she treats her good in front of Dad, but she can’t seem to win against stepmom’s lies. Suddenly, Dad slaps Ha-Won and growls that he should’ve never taken care of another man’s kid! Wait, whaaat? Dad reveals the shocking truth – Mom had Ha-Won with another man. Ha-Won stumbles out the door – totally unwanted by everyone she believed was her family.

Ha-Won wanders in the pouring rain, calling friends who don’t pick up. Finally, Grandpa Kang calls and offers her the job again. She shows up with Bodyguard Yoon-Sung just as the three grandsons arrive. Bodyguard Yoon-Sung gives Ha-Won a final warning… there is only one rule of Sky House that can’t be broken: no dating.


Hahaha, oh Grandpa Kang. You really ask for the impossible.

Yay! The backstory is finally set up and we’re heading full force into the juicy part of the story – cohabitation reverse harem hijinks!

Ha-Won continues to delight as a girl who is crazily sweet and forgiving (she puts up with the worst step-mom and step-sister ever), while also sticking up for herself (constantly putting Ji-Woon and Hyun-Min in their place). My favorite moment was when she slammed Ji-Woon against the wall after he did that to her… I LOVE throwing tropes on their head; I mean what is more fun than that?? Also, it’s hilariously adorable because she’s so much smaller than Ji-Woon and there’s just no way she’d be able to do that in real life.

Angsty Ji-Woon

The grandsons are definitely going to be a handful for Ha-Won. Hyun-Min is the unapologetic brat who likes his own way. Obviously something went down between Hyun-Min and Hye-Ji that put such a distance between them (more so on his part than hers). It was nice to see her put him in his place though for the selfish kiss. Ji-Woon continues to bring all the sad angst as the grandson who feels like he doesn’t belong at all. Using his friends as a painful catalyst for betrayal was a nice writing choice; it really accentuated his loneliness. Seo-Woo gets the least amount of scenes but seems to be the most grounded and nicest of the lot, though the deleting of the texts was kind of an unnecessary decision on his part. I mean, she was going to find out that step-sister is still mad one way or another, amirite?

Grandpa is really the hardest person to peg. He seems to genuinely want his grandsons to be better people and succeed in life, but he’s pretty ruthless in controlling them. I mean buying off Ji-Woon’s friends? Really Grandpa? What if you scar his ability to trust in people? Sadly, I think Grandpa would be okay with that as long as Ji-Woon remained at Sky House and performed as the ideal grandson.

Dad is seriously contending for the worst of people so far, though he’s got it cut out for him with the likes of Stepmom and Stepsister. I wonder why he finally broke down and admitted to Ha-Won the truth? Ha-Won’s memories of her childhood seem only pleasant, so at one-time Dad must’ve accepted Ha-Won’s true birth identity… or at least forced himself to pretend that maybe Ha-Won was his kid. My only concern is Ha-Won turning out to be a Kang… I’m pretty certain dating cousins isn’t legal/acceptable in Korea (there was a whole K-drama, My Girl, about that!) so we don’t need any birth secrets ruining our romances. Of course Bodyguard Yoon-Sung would still be available. But with Grandpa apparently on his fifth wife… everybody could be his grandchild??

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  1. LOL love this. Your comments are fun... (And YES, turning tropes on their heads is my favorite thing ever too. XD) This drama is so far delightful, and I'm hoping it continues so.

    1. Aww thanks! I'm also glad to know that there are others who share my delight in trope-turning. :D :D


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