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Memorable K-drama Music

Nothing makes a drama like music. It makes us feel swoony over the romance, giggly over the happy parts, drenched in tears through the tragedy, and rising above mountains with the epic. This isn’t an exhaustive list but just a few of favorite, memorable soundtrack music and songs written for dramas that only made me fall more in love with the drama.

Memorable K-drama Music

#1 Six Flying Dragons

Muiiya – The “theme” song of Six Flying Dragons if you will, there are many versions of this song with my favorite being the choir version (sadly, I can’t find any clips of that version on youtube), but actor Byun Yo-Han, who stars in the drama, does a heart wrenching rendition that is gentle, sad and full of longing. The lyrics for this song are also extremely emotional and fabulous as well.

Muiiya (v. 2) – another awesome version of Muiiya, but far more upbeat with a rock vibe and a lead singer with some great vocals at the end! Full of energy and excitement.

Song of Chungsan – another Byun Yo-Han melody. This song is hauntingly beautiful and filled with just the right amount of sadness.

#2 Queen Seondeok

Mishil's Theme – pretty much the theme of the entire drama; there are many different renditions, some slower and scarier. This is a more upbeat, climatic version that is used at the end and it’s really quite beautiful.

Sorcerer’s Secrets – This song starts out fairytale-like and quickly rises into an exciting and dramatic piece.

#3 Miss Granny

Raindrop – out of the many lovely songs that Shim Eun-Kyung sang in this movie, Raindrop is my favorite. The song is so lovely and understated with the piano played like falling rain and Eun-Kyung’s lovely voice. There’s an aching feeling in the song that I love.

#4 You're Beautiful

What Should I Do – my favorite song in You’re Beautiful, actor Jang Geun-Suk plays a boy band member who sings this song to the woman he loves. This song gets me very time; it’s just so beautiful and earnest. Otokajo??

#5 Arang and the Magistrate

Theme Song – This SONG!!! Absolutely creepy and stunning, this song captures a dark fairytale theme perfectly. Just listening to it makes me want to shiver… and wander through the moonlight forest seeking out magical wonders.

#6 The Princess' Man

Destino – The FEELS!! One of the best period K-drama songs ever, this song is epic and awesome and gut-wrenching. I love that the song is in Italian as well! Sacrificio del destino. Traditore del amore!

#7 Empress Ki

Fate – a gorgeous piece of music that really stirs the emotions in a grandiose way. The stringed instruments make it feel like a soaring piece of music for a fabulous period film.

What's your favorite music in a drama? Do tell in the comments!


  1. I really adore 'Ideal Garden' by Mike He. I can't find it on iTunes, alas, and I can't remember the drama it was from but man ... that song touches my heart :D

    *starts listening to all your favourite pieces*

    1. Aww! I'll look it up. Nothing like a good song in a drama! :D

  2. I only heard #3, 4, & 5, since I saw the series and the movie but I actually liked the song in the taiwanese remade of granny ('back to 2'0) much better-although the actress who sang it did release a single which is such a shame

    also, Master's Sun, 49 days, I hear your voice, scholar who walks the night, kill me, heal me, & so many good soundtracks, that's pretty much all I listen to these days. I think if you listen enough to the music while watching a series, it's hard not to like them

    have a lovely day.

    1. Whoa, cool! I remember hearing they remade the movie. Now I feel the need to hear the Taiwanese actress' version. :D

      Yes, yes! So many good dramas with fun, memorable soundtracks. I agree; after a while, the songs seem so memorable.

  3. You have so many of my favorites here!!! 6FD has my favorite soundtrack of allll time...and I love Empress Ki and TPMan also. And yess...what you said about Arang. :D It's different, but so cool.

    1. Yes! Definitely many favorites! Glad to see more 6FD fans also! I just finished that drama recently; wasn't it freakin' awesome? :D


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