News Train: Period Drama Kindred Spirits

Period drama kindred spirits await to be made!

Upcoming Shows:

Anne of Green Gables – Anne is getting a Netflix show! I am so excited about this! Of course, I don’t believe anything could really compare with the 80s movie… but this could still be SO GOOD!!! Also a show means there will be multiple episodes… think of how much they could put in the show that was in the book?

Moon Lovers (Scarlet Heart: Ryeo) – It’s ALMOST HERE FRIENDS! One more week! I am so excited for this time traveling reverse harem K-drama remake of the popular Chinese drama Scarlet Heart! It’s going to be EPIC! I will be writing recaps for the episodes on Silver Petticoat Review also! Super pumped!

Current Shows:

W – Worlds Collide – I heard so many good things about this drama I finally bit the bullet and started watching. This show is all kinds of fun with a comic book hero coming to life (think more of a manga/manhwa story, not a superhero comic)! The plot is twisty-turny fun and I seriously have no idea what’s going to happen next. Which is a really cool feeling.

Cinderella and Four Knights – My cotton-candy drama that  is fluff and pink and sugary sweet. Seroiusly, there’s a lot of pretty. I’m still waiting for the show to really bring on the hijinks excitement though. I'm also falling in love with Bodyguard Yoon-Sung. Please marry me??

Doctor Thorne – Found this on Amazon Prime! I haven’t watched a BBC period drama in a long time and man… seeing the costumes and gorgeous, mouth-watering settings and everything… well it just feels like home.

Click Your Heartfound this on Netflix. Apparently this was a Korean webseries, thus the episodes are very short – about 12 minutes each. The story is pretty simplified – klutzy hated high school girl and four cute guys, who will she choose? (whoa this story sounds familiar… right, Cinderella??) But the actors are cute. I dunno… it’s just CUTE!


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