News Train: Sci-fi Bliss!

Sci-fi loving friends rejoice! Glorious news awaits us.

Upcoming Shows:

Star Trek: Discovery – Finally, a Star Trek show is coming back to TV! Slated for January, the show is said to air its first episode on CBS and then the rest on their CBS internet channel (which you must pay for). But good news, Netflix is stating that they’re going to pick the show up and air the episodes 24 hours after each airing. Please be true!!

Lost In Space remake – I… I literally just learned about this. Oh my goodness, I want this so bad now. I’m a HUGE fangirl of the original show (you can read my review of the show this Wednesday). Netflix is apparently looking to do a 10 episode show in 2018. Please show! YOU GOT MY HOPES UP!! Take responsibility and deliver!

Current Shows:

Six Flying Dragons – I FINISHED!!!!!!!!!! I will now have a moment of silence for a show that was absolutely heartfelt, epic and utterly worth watching all 50 episodes. Thank you, show. Thank you.

Parks and Rec – My brainless fun. Plus, the strong female roles and friendships that are portrayed are really cool.

Jane the Virgin – yeah, I jumped on the bandwagon late. I’m pretty aware that CW shows are melodramatic crazy-silliness and yet this show is really growing on me. Despite the melodrama (and I love how it’s played ironically which makes me more fun), there are some surprisingly real moments. And I relate so, so much to Jane… sometimes I hurt when she does. (Is that a good thing???) I did have a shock when I realized that the show already has two seasons out… (for some reason, time had escaped me and I thought only one season had gone by) which means a lot of episode to catch up. *Facepalm* Heeeelp!

Star Trek Beyond – saw the movie and while it wasn’t everything I wanted it to be, it was much better than the second movie in my opinion. However, I learned that Chris Hemsworth is coming back for the fourth movie and now I’M SO PUMPED! Can Kirk be reunited with his dad (through time travel or whatever) and have crazy adventures with him?? PRETTY PLS WITH CHERRY ON TOP!


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