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Upcoming! K-Dramas September 2016

September is just around the corner! With that thought in mind, I've decided to compile a list of K-dramas coming out next month! (I've been inspired by the lovely ladies at The Black Hat Club and The Talking Cupboard who also put out monthly drama lists. Thank you ladies!) For each drama, I have brief plot listed and also a will I watch where I discuss whether or not I'll be adding this to my Must-Watch-Drama List!

September 2
Channel: JTBC
Episodes: 16
Plot: Lee So-Hye (Kim Hyun-Joo) is a drama writer with a terminal illness who has a romance with an actor who can’t really act (Joo Sang-Wook).

Will I Watch? Hmm, interesting. I’m not a huge fan of super sad romances though, but this could prove to be both melodramatic and funny (what with Sang-Wook playing the bad actor, hehe). I’ll probably check out some recaps just to see what it’s like but I won’t be adding it to my list for right now.


Drinking Solo
September 5
Channel: TvN
Episodes: 16
Plot: A depiction of a group of college teachers and students’ daily life – what do they all share in common? They like to drink alone.

Will I Watch? The four teasers are all of different characters guzzling alcohol and nothing else. Kind of disappointing (for those who want to see more story) though I get the message. As a slice-of-life story, it does look like it has the potential to be an unique story about friendships and relationships during college life… but it’s a no thanks for me to this drink (err drama).

That Sun in the Sky
September 5
Channel: KBS2
Episodes: 120
Plot: ?

Will I Watch? Well, I couldn’t find any information on this drama. However, its 120 episodes and most definitely a melodrama so I can pretty much safely say I’m passing this one up.

On the Way to the Airport
September 14
Channel: KBS
Episodes: 16
Plot: Described as a thought-provoking melodrama about relationships and can married people be friends with the opposite sexes, On the Way to the Airport follows Choi Soo-Ah (Kang Haneul), her airline pilot husband (Shin Sung-Rok), and university lecturer Seo Do-Woo (Lee Sang-Yoon).

Will I Watch? Lee Sang-Yoon – already third time working at a university?? (Lol, he was a professor in his previous dramas Liar Game and Second Time Twenty Years). Well, honestly, I don’t get the plot… or the lack of it. I suppose the question is an interesting one but I’m not really interested in it. I guess I’d have to see a good trailer or hear some great reviews to get me intrigued. I do like the cast though especially the Liar Game reunion of Shin Sung-Rok and Lee Sang-Yoon. I really want to watch just for them… hee! I guess this is falls under the maybe section (with lots of conditions).

Shopping King Louie
September 14
Channel: MBC
Episodes: 16
Plot: Louie (Seo In-Guk) is an amnesic rich chaebol heir (no surprises here, hehe) who deals with his problems by… shopping a lot. Then he meets a sweet, happy country woman Bok-Shil (Nam Ji-Hyun) who teaches him the true meaning of love.

Will I Watch? Again, I really like the cast. The story is pretty meh sounding, however if they play it up, it could be really funny. Like he has some crazy shopping addiction and Bok-Shil is trying to help him, lol. I might give it a chance if I hear some good reviews about it but otherwise I’m probably not going to add it to my Must-Watch list.

September 23
Channel: TvN
Episodes: 16
Plot: The story revolves around Kim Je-Ha (Ji Chang-Wook), a loyal bodyguard who was cast aside by his country, and Go Anna (Yoona), the secret daughter of a presidential campaigner.

Will I Watch? Oh YES!!! This is definitely going on the Must-Watch List! Ji Chang-Wook was fabulous in Healer and this drama sounds like a really cool mash-up of Healer and City Hunter. I love stories about loyal bodyguards and I love the idea of a secret daughter of a presidential campaigner. Here’s hoping this is another super cool and exciting drama!

What dramas are you looking forward to this September? Any here that you're interested in adding to your Must-Watch List? I'd love to know!


  1. I am very eagerly awaiting THE K2. IT'S JI CHANG WOOK!!!!!! Mom, Mel and I are going to watch it as it comes out. It will be the firs time that the three of us have done that.

    1. YES!!! That's all the reason I need (Ji Chang Wook here I come, lol!) Aww that's cool that you three will be watching this together as it airs! It definitely looks like a GREAT drama to choose to watch together! :D

  2. On the Way to the Airport and K2 alllll the way... XD

    1. Nice!! Definitely the two that I'm most interested in in September. :D

  3. Will watch: On the way to the Airport, The K2
    Maybe watch: Fantastic, Shopping King Louie
    Not my thing: Drinking Solo.

    I found you! Quite by chance but then that's the most awesome way! Was checking for September drama info and you came up second on the search page. Really glad to get to read your post and I'll check out the others stat!

    Can't wait to see my faves in September: Ji Chang Wook, Lee Sang Yoon and Joo Sang Wook. September's looking mighty fab to me!...AidaZen

    1. Wow, awesome! Thanks for dropping by! And I'm glad I could give you some upcoming drama info! ;)

      Great drama choices! The K2 is going to be a blast! And I really want to see Lee Sang Yoon onscreen again! September is definitely looking boss! :D


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