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10 Valuable Websites for K-drama Fans

10 Valuable Websites for K-drama Fans

I’m always on the lookout for more sources for K-dramas – news sites, reviews, recapping, information, licensed video sites, you name it! Over the years I’ve found (and stumbled upon) websites that have been super valuable as a K-drama fan. Here’s a list of 10 websites that are great for new and old K-drama fans.

#1 Dramafever
Primary Source:
I’ve been a member of Dramafever for three years and I love them. They have a HUGE selection of K-drama/movie favorites (and even British, Taiwanese, Japanese, and Chinese dramas) all in excellent quality. They also have exclusively licensed popular new dramas. The videos can be viewed by non-members, however HD viewing and no commercials require signing up. It’s basically $4/mo. membership and totally worth it for a drama fan!

Primary Source: Videos
VIKI is another great video site with a huge selection of K-dramas. Since the K-dramas are fansubbed, there’s often more information in the subtitles about what’s being said which can be super helpful. Like Dramafever, they often exclusively license popular new dramas. They offer membership which allows you early viewing of newly released drama episodes and it’s about the same price as Dramafever.

#3 Netflix
Primary Source:
A lot of us have Netflix subscriptions and good news, Netflix has K-dramas as well! Their selection is much smaller than VIKI and Dramafever, but they also have a good selection of K-movies and are starting to create original content (i.e. Dramaworld).

#4 Dramabeans
Primary Source: Recaps, news
Dramabeans is THE K-drama source for any drama fan. They have the largest recap section I have ever seen (seriously incredible) and are a constant source of news for upcoming dramas. Not to mention the community is so fun over there! Dramabeans has introduced me to so many awesome dramas – and saved me from some pretty hilariously bad ones (thank you recappers!).

#5 TheTalkingCupboard
Primary Source: Guides, information, news, recaps
Seriously, this website is incredible! Do you love watching historical K-dramas? This wonderful site offers LOADS of valuable info including a saguek glossary, bios for over 50 different royal Korean ladies, a whole culture section that lists and describes social structure in the Joseon era, guides to hanbok and hairstyles, lists of royal titles, ranks and meanings! If you have ever searched for anything about historical Korea, you will know how difficult it is to find this kind of detailed information in English!

#6 KdramaKisses
Primary Source:
News, reviews
Keeping up with all the K-drama news can be difficult (especially if you can’t read Korean). KdramaKisses updates daily so there’s always new info about upcoming dramas from casting, trailers, new pictures and more!

#7 IDreamedADrama
Primary Source: News and reviews
This is a great personal blog that I stumbled upon; full of fun recaps and reviews!

#8 MyDramaList
Primary Source: News, drama lists, reviews, etc
Having trouble remembering all the K-dramas you watched? Perhaps you want to make a list of your favorites or rate the ones you liked? MyDramaList has a lot of fun tools including letting you make profiles and create lists with dramas (I have a list of all the K-dramas I’ve seen, my top 12 favorites, the sagueks I’ve seen, etc). This is a great source if you’re looking more about a drama – the cast, plot, or even to see favorable comments or ratings. You can check out my profile here!

#9 AsianWiki
Primary Source: Drama info
Another vital source to learning about upcoming dramas, the casts, when the show aired, etc. Their twitter also updates about latest trailers for movies and shows.

#10 TheBlackHatClub
Primary Source:
Another personal blog, this is fun site run by three girls who review and talk about their favorite dramas. One of my favorite features on their site is a monthly article that lists ALL the Korean, Taiwanese, Chinese, and Japanese dramas coming out the next month and whether they want to watch it or not.

What are your K-drama and Asian drama websites that you go to? I’d love to know about them!


  1. I would add 'Dramatroll' ( which is such a fun site

    in your opinion, is Dramafever better than Viki? I'm currently a member of Viki - they're not bad but I'm wondering if the subtitles are better at Dramafever

    good list, going to add a few to my list.

    1. Nice! I was just on there reblogging stuff on Tumblr!

      Good question. I would honestly say they're about the same for subtitles. Sometimes the subs make more sense on Viki since the subbers will over-explain things (like put things in parenthesis or translate the words more literally) while Dramafever seems to translate more of the overall meaning so sometimes you may miss the subtle meaning behind the words. Often I'll go to Dramabeans if I feel like I couldn't understand what was going on.
      I think I like Viki and Dramafever pretty much equally. Also Dramafever isn't fansubbed so the episodes come out very timely. While on Viki, only the popular shows get subbed faster so that's something to consider.

      Thanks!! :D

    2. I still don't know but I'll think about what you said. I do occasionally like the explanations but sometimes the subtitles goes away too fast to read everything.

      thank you for your reply. have a lovely day.

    3. That's true - subs flashing by always annoy me, lol. I'm like, "C'mon show, I'm just trying to read this!"

      Thank you! Have an awesome day as well. :D

  2. I sent you a friend request on MDL :) That's probably my favorite drama site! It's like the goodreads for dramas!

    1. Awesome! Now that I think about it, I think you were the one who told me about MDL! And of course, I confirmed the friend request!! :D

  3. I sent you a friend request on MDL :) That's probably my favorite drama site! It's like the goodreads for dramas!


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