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Click Your Heart Review

Click Your Heart Review

I love stumbling upon cute little shows. I found this one on Netflix when I was looking for something short to watch – because quite often I don’t have time to watch a full hour-long episode. The show looked promising and delivered a very sweet story about a shy high school heroine and four different love stories.

True to its original web-series format, it has seven short episodes – running approx. 12 minutes each. The series was put together by FNC Entertainment on Naver TVCast as a PR vehicle for their new “dance” idol group Neoz. The heroine is played by AOA member Min-Ah. Because the show is mainly a way for FNC to introduce the new group members – the actors use their real names for their characters.

The Characters:

Kwon Min-Ah – an introverted transfer student who feels responsible for anything “bad” that accidentally happens when she’s with people

Kim Da-Won – Min-Ah’s sweet childhood friend who stands up for her

Kim Ro-Woon – the baseball player that everyone adores in school

Kang Cha-Ni – a cutesy, playful boy who is studying dance

Baek Ju-Ho – the bad boy fighter who used to date Min-Ah

Overall the stories were super cute and easy to watch. I easily shipped Min-Ah with each prospective dude but Ju-Ho was definitely my favorite. Da-Won was my second favorite with how supportive he was of his bestie. Cha-Ni was the cutesy love interest who felt the youngest. I liked Ro-Woon a lot, but personality wise he felt like the most dramatic of the boys, lol.

The only thing that bothered me was Min-Ah’s roundabout response to some of the boys. In one of the episodes, I felt like she merely ended up with him because she never said no… or yes, lol. Silence isn’t yes, Min-Ah.

Just an FYI - the episodes are numbered on Dramafever, but on Netflix it’s confusing to know which episode leads to which couple pairing. Here is a breakdown of the episodes to see Min-Ah fall in love with each boy.

Ep 1 Beginning
Ep 2 Ro-Woon & Da-Won
Ep 3 Cha-Ni & Ju-Ho
Ep 4 Ro-Woon Conclusion
Ep 5 Da-Won Conclusion
Ep 6 Ju-Ho Conclusion
Ep 7 Cha-Ni Conclusion

Click Your Heart is available on Netflix and Dramafever.


  1. I thought this series was really cute! I picked Cha Ni because he's all kinds of adorable. Ju Ho was my second choice.

    I watched it on DramaFever, but I wish Netflix would organize the episodes better because I know a lot of people have been left really confused by it :P

  2. Yes! Totally a cute, easy watch!

    Right? I was super confused by Netflix as well. I read the description for each episode to figure out which boy was next, though I still chose the wrong episode a couple times, lol.


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