K-Drama Kiss Countdown!

Will there be a kiss in this drama? It’s a question I always ask myself. I mean, aren’t we all asking this life-changing question every time we tune into our drama? The zenith moment of a drama revolves around the kiss!

Since its hands down my favorite moment of a romance, I’ve put together a list of some of the most memorable kisses in K-drama-land for me. I have plenty of other favorites as well (okay, I’m just happy if a drama has one!) and some dramas have multiple ones that I love (which is the greatest joy of my romantic-watching-K-drama-existence!!), but I chose ones that we’re stand out moments. Let the countdown begin! Also spoilers, friends!

Also thanks to Kay at K-drama Kisses for inspiring me! Check out her awesome blog where she has a whole page dedicated to her favorite K-drama kisses

#10 Three Musketeers

#theyfinallykissed shipped the heck out of this two despite the prince’s often indifference to his PERFECT adorable wife, oh my gosh! Finally, he kissed her and my heart could breathe again.

#9 My Secret Hotel

#kissingthesecondlead! Who knew that kissing the second lead was even allowed? I really liked this kiss even though I knew this ship wouldn’t sail.

#8 Rooftop Prince

#sunlightkiss I loved this drama. Yes, despite how boring the second half became. This kiss made me so happy. The ending of this show didn’t, however. They should’ve just ended it here haha

#7 Splash Splash Love

#timetravelkiss Oh nothing like smooching right before time traveling away to eternal separation. Love how the young king holds her and kisses her before he lets her go.

#6 Healer

#superherokiss This is so good for so many reasons. The snow falling, Young-Shin pulling her hat over her eyes to not see his identity, and then him suddenly kissing her.

#5 Cheese in the Trap

#parkbenchsmooching College students making out on a bench in a park. Seems about right, lol. I love their first kiss and well, all the others too, but this is my favorite.

#4 Descendants of the Sun

#thetruckkiss I love this one so much. They kiss plenty times but this one stood out to me the most. Especially when Mo Yeon jumps up and kisses him back a second time… well I died that day, lol.

#3 Mask

#notdivorcingkiss Haha, on the way to court to finalize the divorce and finally Min-Woo says it: he loves her and seals it with an extremely convincing kiss.

#2 You From Another Star

#epicfinalekiss Yeeees! I love this scene so much with Do Min-Jon appearing and kissing Song-Yi on the red carpet. So much chemistry! Swooning!

#1 W – Worlds Collide

#bestillmyheart This wasn’t the W couple’s first kiss (I love that about this drama… so many kisses, lol!) but the first kiss with actual real feelings between the both of them. Also Yeon-Joo initiating the second half of their kiss. Yes!

Don't forget to let me know what your favorite kisses in a K-drama are in the comments!


  1. A great list of kisses! I love the ones from W, Healer, Rooftop Prince, and My Love from Another Star the best. Luckily, there are lots of good kisses in Dramaland :) And thank you for the shout out!

    1. Thanks Kay! Oh I so agree - we're very lucky there's plenty of good kisses! You're welcome. :D Thanks for stopping by! :D

  2. Can't say no to a good Kdrama smooch! Awesome post Faith, and thanks for reminding me of my fave liplocks: Mask and Healer.

    Also, thanks too for the mention :)


    1. Amen to that! Thanks AidaZen! And you're totally welcome - I love those shows so much!

      Absolutely! Love your blog. :D

  3. Bahahahaha, #notdivorcingkiss, I'm dying :p That was my favorite moment from the drama, too! When they both finally admitted what they actually wanted from each other, it was like a hallelujah moment :)

    Did you ship the second lead with Yoo In Na's character in Secret Hotel?

    1. Right! I was so happy that they finally got past all the obstacles and could start openly liking each other. Definitely aq hallelujah moment! ;)

      I actually shipped her with both of them, lol. I also shipped her with no one at times because they both could be annoying. I think that the second lead was less controlling than the hero, so he might've been the better choice. But the hero's velvety voice... well, who could resist that?? Not me. :D


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