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Upcoming! K-Dramas October 2016

Upcoming! K-Dramas October 2016

October is almost upon us! Fall weather, burnt orange colors, and loads of candy! Not to mention a new slew of K-dramas! Whoo! For each drama, I have brief plot listed and also a will I watch where I discuss whether or not I'll be adding this to my Must-Watch-Drama List!

Woman with a Suitcase
October 3
Channel: MBC
Episodes: 16
Plot: A legal drama, actress Choi Ji-Woo plays a woman who is framed for a crime she didn’t commit. After prison, she comes back as a lawyer and vengeance. Joo Jin-Mo plays a man who helps her.

Will I Watch? Hmm, not sure I'm really feeling this drama. I do like Choi Ji-Woo (she did a lovely job in Second Time Twenty Years) and I like the idea of a woman coming back from prison to take down those who framed her. But other than Choi Ji-Woo, there’s not much really pulling me in here, so I’m choosing no. I’ll still check out the recaps though on Dramabeans, so there’s always a chance I’ll get interested and watch the show.

One Percent of Anything
October 5
Channel: Dramax
Episodes: 16
Plot: Lee Jae-In has to marry a schoolteacher if he wants to see his inheritance from his rich grandfather.

Will I Watch? Interestingly, this one is a remake of a 2003 drama and even has the same writer as the original (which I learned from the super helpful KdramaKisses!). I love contract-relationship stories, but I’m still hesitant on whether or not this one will be a memorable take on the trope. I haven’t seen the original, though, so if I do watch I won’t have any comparison hurdles to overcome, hehe.

The Man Living in Our House
October 24
Channel: KBS2
Episodes:  TBD
Plot: Soo-Ae is flight attendant Hong Na-Ri who returns to her hometown. She finds a young stranger living in her house who says he’s her late mother’s husband. Na-Ri believes he’s a conman.

Will I Watch? Oh man, I really love Soo-Ae. Ever since watching her in Mask, I’ve been a fan of her classy, mature presence onscreen. I haven’t seen Kim Young-Kwang in anything, though I’ve heard some negative feedback on his acting. The story sounds both hilarious and really odd. I love the idea of a Na-Ri trying to out trick a conman. Even the step-father implication bit sounds hilarious – except that they’re going to fall in love, so that’d be kinda awkward if she seriously thought he was her step-dad, lol. Yeah, this is totally going on my must watch list!

My Wife's Having an Affair This Week
October 28
Channel: JTBC
Episodes: 12
Plot: Lee Sun-Kyun plays Do Hyun-Woo, a producer, who believes his wife is going to have an affair. He seeks help online to save his marriage.

Will I Watch? This one looks potentially hilarious with misunderstandings… and awkward considering how seriously they take the whole affair setup. I haven’t seen Lee Sun-Kyun in anything but Pasta, but despite the terribleness of that drama I loved him. I also like Song Ji-Hyo who is playing his wife (Running Man forever!). I’m definitely going to give this drama a try for them.

What are you anticipating this October? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Looking forward to The Man Living in Our House and This Week My Wife's Having an Affair. Both look like they will be quite fun. I think Kim Young Kwang is fine. He's not someone you'll go "wow!" with, but he's not bad at all and I've always found him pleasant enough. Have you never seen Pinocchio? He was really weird in that, lol

    1. Yes! Those are definitely my top two. I'm glad to hear that about Kim Young Kwang! I really don't have to be blown away; as long as he does a decent job I'll be happy. I haven't seen Pinocchio but his character sounds funny hehe.


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