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15 Bromances That I Love

It’s funny how names emerge for things we loved since forever. Even before I knew what bromance was, I was a big fan of bestie love between guys (and girls, though this post will focus on the boys). I’m a very character-focused viewer with relationships being the primary interest of anything I watch. Whether the relationships are familial, romantic, bromantic, antagonist, etc, it’s what makes up the very heart of the story for me. And of course, bromances are some of my favorites. So here we go! (there is no hierarchy to this list and there is some spoilerish info so bewares!)

#1 Neal & Peter (White Collar)

You can’t get more bromantic than this show and its why I absolutely love it. Neal may be a conman and Peter his FBI handler, but they’re pretty much two peas in a pod when it comes to solving White Collar cases. Through the course of the show, Neal becomes a friend, younger brother, and something of a son to Peter Burkes. I love this show for many other reasons as well, but the bromance (and guys in nice suits) definitely sold the story. Excuse me while I grab some tissues.

#2 Matt & Foggy (Daredevil)

Oh my heart. I love these two so much. Best buddies since college, Matt and Foggy share many of the same ideals and work together to help the helpless. They look out for one another and get along so well (until Matt’s double life starts to change things). I will admit that watching season 2 was hard because… they’re precious buddies! Don’t destroy the broship please, Marvel!

#3 Merlin & Arthur (Merlin)

THE BROMANCE!!! Gahh, this one is perfection! Yes, Arthur and Merlin start out pretty much hating each other, but we watch them grow and become closer through the seasons. Merlin’s annoyance of Arthur is slowly replaced with undying, fierce loyalty. Despite Arthur’s bossy, selfish demeanor, we see countless times how much he loved Merlin. And then the last episode… omg!! Heartrending and an emotional blast of everything that I wanted to be said between them! I still pretend that Arthur didn’t die. I’ve brainwashed myself into believing that they’re both off having adventures and saving Camelot until they were old and gray.

#4 Dal-Hyang & Sohyeon (Three Musketeers - Kdrama)

Antagonist bromances are so much fun. Once Dal-Hyang learned his former love married the Crown Prince Sohyeon, things got complicated between them. Despite his sweet, loyal nature, Dal-Hyang struggled to understand much less trust the mysterious, enigmatic Sohyeon. These two fought for a while until they worked their way to becoming a “one for all” musketeer bromance.

#5 Dong-Joo & Joon-Ha (Can You Hear My Heart)

Nothing like a painful, angsty bromance to carry you through a melo revenge drama. Dong-Joo and Joon-Ha became adopted siblings with older brother Joon-Ha protecting and caring for Dong-Joo. That is until Joon-Ha realized his adoptive mother had used him for a revenge plan. Watching the happy bromance turn into tears and hate was tragic and fascinating (and the only reason I kept clicking the next episode, lol). I enjoyed Dong-Joo’s selfless love for his brother even as a broken Joon-Ha degenerated emotionally and turned from a protector to a vicious manipulator of his brother. Of course, redemption and forgiveness awaited Joon-Ha at the end.

#6 Thor & Loki (Marvel movies)

Now who doesn’t love this bromance? Sure most of their relationship onscreen has been angst and proclaimed hate, but there’s a natural bro chemistry that’s undeniable. I seriously loved Thor’s genuine love and concern over his brother through the movies, even as Loki backstabbed and hurt him. I also love the very faint glimmers of Loki’s affection and respect for his brother – even if at times we’re left to wonder if he was being genuine or just manipulative.

#7 Shi-Jin & Dae-Young (Descendants of the Sun)

Definitely one of the most natural bromances in Kdrama-Land! Shi-Jin and Dae-Young are both Korean Special Forces soldiers who work in the same unit. Best buddies whether on the job or off, their bond is unbreakable. They playfully laugh, mock and harass one another. Their bro-chemistry is so well done they honestly feel more like real brothers than most K-drama brothers.

#8 Prince Jae-Ha & Eun Shi-Gyung (King2Hearts)

A bratty, self-centered prince and a reserved, extremely loyal bodyguard? Who would’ve guessed this bromance would’ve been so awesome and heartbreaking?!

#9 Captain Kirk & Spock & McCoy (Star Trek)

To me, Star Trek will forever be the bromance of Kirk, Spock and McCoy. Their arguments (particularly Spock and McCoy) and their natural understanding of one another (mainly Spock and Kirk) are what made the original series, movies, and the remakes so good. I love their individual characters but together they are a perfect and often hilarious force.

#10 Aragorn & Legolas (Lord of the Rings)

Aragorn is probably the most bromantic guy in Lord of the Rings, naturally connecting with just about everyone around him. But my favorite connection of his is with Legolas. Perhaps they bonded over Aragorn’s time spent with the elves, or Legolas’s somewhat un-elf like attitude and ease with hanging out with humans and dwarves, but their often unspoken relationship was so awesome.

#11 Sherlock & Watson (Sherlock BBC)

YES! Sherlock and Watson are electric when it comes to bromance goals. Their rapport is fabulous onscreen and their friendship is effortless and the foundation of the entire show. Self-proclaimed sociopath Sherlock needs Watson far more than he’ll ever admit – because he’s truly the most “family” Sherlock has let into his life.

#12 Dae-Gil & Prince Yeong (Jackpot/The Royal Gambler)

This show struggled with so much bad – but one thing it did have (and should’ve given us waaay more of) – bromance between Dae-Gil and Prince Yeong. Their relationship started out with uncertainty and distrust and then into a budding friendship and finally into a realization of their kinship. Some of my favorite scenes were the brothers with their mother – so emotional and moving. I really loved Dae-Gil best protecting his brother as those moments carried the most emotional weight for his character. The ending left much to be desired in my opinion, but I still love the show for giving me these two great characters.

#13 Kanade Takakura & Maruo Kudo (Tokyo Dogs)

Buddy cops! Danger and bromance makes for a great show. This show was far too episodic to make it an amazing drama but the hilarious banter and arguing between these two vastly different cops was pitch-perfect!

#14 Anakin & Obi-Wan (Star Wars)

Doomed bromance that I loved to the end. I’m sad that only Revenge of the Sith showcased what the relationship should’ve been from the beginning – two guys that were close as brothers, who understood and cared for one another, finally torn apart by one man’s descent into the darkness. ROTS gave us the fun banter and happy chemistry that we wanted and needed, which wonderfully contrasted the hurt, betrayal and angst at the end.

#15 Sam & Frodo (Lord of the Rings)

Yes, a thousand times. The ultimate bromance. The selfless, with-you-to-the-end, brother-to-brother relationship that epitomized bromances. I’ll carry you… the scene that still leaves tears in our eyes and reminds us of the real heart of The Lord of the Rings tale – friendship.

Let me know about YOUR favorite bromances in the comments!!


  1. #5 - sort of skimmed through this series but I do think the younger brother did really love this adopted older brother. btw - don't you think the actor who played the older brother (Namgoong Min) & the three musketeers Dl-Hyang (Jung Yong-hwa) could play brothers? one just reminds me of the other

    #8 - he's so loyal, not even sure the prince deserves such loyalty, still kind of sad how the bodyguard just gets sacrificed

    #9 - I like how the doctor somehow makes Spock say the most unusual but honest things about humans, love watching them banter

    #15 - I keep mixing their names up, as I sometimes think one is Sam when he's really Frodo, anyway, that Sam (as played by Sean Astin) is just so damm faithful, he never swayed, even carried Frodo from time to time, that is definitely a great friend.

    have not watched most of these shows so I can't comment on the others.

    my list - at least the ones I can recall:

    -- my girl - korean version - I can't remember their character names but the lead actor Lee Dong-wook and his friend (a semi-long haired Lee Jun Ki) - maybe not really a bromance but they are life long friends and at the end there was this joke that they both might be gay because neither one of them are attached

    -- rooftop prince - four guys time traveling with one of them being a prince - it's so much fun to watch them together, enjoying the modern lifestyle, they even have matching jogging suits in the beginning

    would make my list longer but then I would have to rewatch a lot of shows, honestly, I mostly remember romances or whatever relationships is the main focus

    have a lovely day.

    1. Haha, I skimmed through Can You Hear My Heart also! You know what, I never thought about the similarity between Namgoong Min & Jung Yong-Hwa, but they do really look like they could play brothers!

      I know. Why did they kill the bodyguard?? Though it was dramatic, I was pretty disappointed. And yeah, the prince probably didn't deserve such unflinching loyalty but that was just the awesome kind of guy the bodyguard was, I guess. :D

      The bantering in Star Trek makes me so happy! I've watched the original series and all the films (old and remakes); Kirk, Spock, and McCoy will always the true "Star Trek" to me.

      Sam is soooo good, he's almost angelic! I mean, he seriously never did anything unkind and risked his life just to help his friend. Goals.

      Oh yes My Girl! It's been a while since I've seen that one but I remember the friends had a good bromance going.

      Rooftop Prince; I totally forgot about that one! I love that show and the hilarious friendship of the prince and his four friends. So sad that that show got so dramatic near the end. They should've kept it fun all the way through!

      Thanks for stopping by lissa! I love reading your comments. :D

  2. p.s., one of these days, maybe we should both watch a show and discuss it in a blog post, just an idea...

    1. What an awesome idea! I'd love to do that!

  3. Aw, Merlin and Arthur :( And I love Legolas and Aragorn's friendship (especially all the stuff leading up to Helm's Deep) but I think Aragorn and Boromir's relationship is the most interesting! I love the whole 'my captain, my king' bit, when he's dying.

    1. That's true! Aragorn and Boromir had the more layered, intriguing relationship from enemies to buddies! ;)

  4. Numbers 3 (even though I haven't seen it), 6, 10 ("Aragorn is probably the most bromantic guy in LotR" = gold), 11 (FEEL ALL THE FEELINGS), 14, and 15.

    Out of curiosity, what are your thoughts on Anakin?

    1. Ahh, yes! So many good ones!

      Haha, Aragorn is seriously the best bro. Even elves like Haldir are willing to do bro-hugs with him. ;)

      Man, my thoughts on Anakin. I'm such a huge Star Wars fan so its probably not a safe question to ask me because I'm seriously going to start rambling on forever, analyzing the heck out of his character, lol. Take everything I say with a grain of salt, though, becuz I know everyone feels differently about Anakin and I'm by NO means saying that my opinion of him is the only way to view his character...

      Since I grew up watching the New Trilogy and not seeing its flaws until I was older, not to mention Anakin becomes Darth Vader, I do love his character. However, I'm not a huge fan of how Anakin was portrayed, both by the actor and, well, really by George Lucas's direction. Perhaps if they had wanted to make Anakin all whiny, and complaining all the time, they should've stressed more of his innocence (like Luke). Instead, he came off as a bad boy wannabe that was too emo to be really bad. Haha. Honestly, I feel like any other approach with Anakin would've been better. Whether more of a typical everyday hero (sort of a Obi-Wan and Luke mash-up), who was forced to make dark decisions repeatedly and slowly descended to the dark side, or a guy who seriously played with his dark nature from the beginning (but not in a dorky way, lol). I felt like his character was better in Ep 3, mostly because he wasn't in the badly done romance with Padme. I DO LOVE their romance. But I wished it had been done better; less of those lines ("I'm haunted and tortured by your kiss") and less stalkerish. Also, a longer and more natural progression to the dark side. Or at least one that felt more emotional and organic.

      I do enjoy analyzing Anakin's character. Why he did what he did, what led him to it. I've seen lots of interesting thoughts on his character. Some see him as a total victim, but I can't. Yes, he was controlled and put in bad situations. But he still chose power over Padme. He chose to force choke his pregnant wife. He chose to kill younglings. All on the basis, that the guy who LIED to him all his life and had caused the death of most of his friends in war, MIGHT save his wife?

      Oh my word, I got way too carried away, lol! Lemmie know your thoughts on Anakin, because I do enjoy seeing everyone's thoughts and feels about him!


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