News Train: Atypical Sci-fi's, Mermaids, and Intense Dramas

That part of the blog where I talk about shows I’m intrigued about and those that I’m watching at the moment. The news train!

Upcoming Shows I’m Anticipating

Legend of the Blue Sea - just five more days until this highly anticipated K-drama comes out! Starring Lee Min-Ho (Boys Before Flowers, City Hunter) and Jeon Ji-Hyun (My Love From Another Star) about a mermaid who has a romance with a con artist. The first trailer was pretty and intriguing but the second one sealed the deal for me with the hilarious fish-out-of-water rom-com vibes. I can’t wait!

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planet – Just watched the trailer. I’m intrigued. I like scif-fi shows though it wasn’t really the alien world that held my interest as much as the few moments we saw of the couple. They seem a bit atypical, almost like they were taken out of a Tim Burton film. I’ll definitely be on the look-out for the next trailer. This movie comes out July next year. <TRAILER>

Current Shows I’m Watching

Shopping King Louie – I’m almost to the end, and I admit I’m just skimming through the show. It’s mostly filler now. I still think the main couple is super cute but there’s just not much left to the show at this point.

The Man Living In Our House – I’m falling in love! The Man Living In Our House is by no means a unique drama; rather it’s very normal K-drama rom-com affair (though with a unique premise). But it’s hitting all my sweet spots and I adore the hero and heroine!

The Crown – Wow, I wasn’t expecting this much drama. I’m three episodes in and the show is wonderfully acted, visually pleasing and fascinating. But the intensity… in every single scene can be tiresome. For example, the scene when Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip wave to the crowd after their wedding, and there’s intense drama music playing. Or every time the couple disagrees, all we get is unnerving stares and uncomfortable, intense silence. There’s not much balance, which is somewhat confusing to the viewer.

Lemmie know what you’re watching or excited about seeing soon!


  1. WAIT WHAT???!!! Lee Min-Ho and MERMAIDS? Sign me up, STAT! This is gonna be good ...

    (for real. Lee Min-Ho. Mermaids. K-drama. Who thought of this? I want to thank them and their mum and dad and their friend, Bob (hey Bob!) and EVERYTHING!)

    Thank you for letting us know!

    PS. Watched Miss Granny - finally found it on iTunes. It made me cry and I loved it :D

    1. I KNOW!!!! This is going to be SOOOO GOOD!!

      Lol! Yes, let us shower the gratitude! To every Bob out there who might be a friend of the creator of this idea, WE OFFER SINCERE THANKS!! *starts chanting: BOB! BOB! BOB!*

      My pleasure!

      Yay! So glad you found Miss Granny! A totally sweet and precious movie. :D


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