News Train: K2, Moon Lovers, Poldark, & More!

Welcome to that part of the blog where I talk about shows I’m intrigued about and those that I’m watching at the moment. I call it… the news train (disclaimer: italic words prefacing this are best read in a spooky whisper).

Upcoming Shows I’m Anticipating

Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy – This is a C-drama that I leaned about not long ago. I’m not certain when it’s coming out… either late this year or next year. Or where it will be licensed in the U.S. at this point. But the trailer blew my mind! I mean, the production quality was on the level of a movie. Seriously just watch the trailer!

Current Shows I’m Watching

The K2 – Very dramatic with a lot of fight scenes (no, I mean a LOT of very long fight scenes!). There’s definitely things I enjoy about this show. But there’s still a lot that I feel that is missing. I’m not quite certain that I can really say what. Perhaps more heart?

Moon Lovers – finished this dramatic retelling of the popular Chinese novel/C-drama with a reverse harem time traveling story. My feelings were extremely mixed by the end. Overall, I enjoyed the show… but the ending left a lot to be desired. More of my thoughts here…

Shopping King Louie – I just love Louie. And Bok-Shil. They be so darn cute it kills me! I like the silliness of the show and the cutesy effects they add in, etc. However, I’m bored unless it’s Louie and Bok-Shil on the screen. Being their usual adorkable selves.

The Man Living In Our House – I love Soo-Ae. She’s so awesome! Aside from her perfection, I’m only at episode two and already I’m not certain if this show has enough momentum to carry it very far. Will have to see. Fingers crossed.

Poldark – finally started watching the first season of this highly talked about period drama. I’m halfway through and: the drama is so freakin’ gorgeous, Ross Poldark is totes handsome, and Demelza is perfection. That is all.

Lemmie know what you’re watching or excited about seeing soon!


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