8 Swoonworthy Tropes To Love

I watch a lot of romances.

Fairly obvious since I’m an avid K-drama fan! And while my favorite genres are action-adventure and epic historical, I still want a good romance in every show I watch.

So whether I’m watching a rom-com like Runaway Bride or the latest K-drama or American TV show, there are romantic tropes that are universally used. While tropes can be hit or miss (it really depends on how it’s used), no story is without them. And some of these tropes, well, they get us more than others. Like we’re throwing our popcorn aside and screaming because a swoon-worthy moment JUST HAPPENED!!

So I started thinking about tropes/moments that I react to with the most swoony, happy feels. Here it is – take note drama writers. I’ll be watching and loving! Hehe

#1 The Kiss(es)
Yes, I’m like any romance watcher… on the edge of my seat waiting for the kiss of true love to happen. And the more kisses, the merrier. Even Confucius would have to agree with that one!

Worthy Portrayal: W – Worlds Collide

#2 Protective Hero
This one never fails to kill me. I’m SUCH a pushover for the hero protecting his heroine. While this trope might seem like a stereotypical “Alpha Male” move, even non-Alpha Male characters will protect the people they love. Listen even just STANDING in front of the heroine to protect her from danger is enough to take my heart out. JUST STOP (please don’t stop)!

Worthy Portrayal: Rurouni Kenshin

#3 Serious About Marriage
Well it doesn’t get more swoon worthy than this! Not sure why but heroines are more often portrayed as the one pining about marriage with an indifferent hero. Seeing the hero as just as eager (or more) is always a lovely change.

Worthy Portrayal: Oh! My Lady

#4 Cohabitation Hijinks
It’s bound to happen. The main couple will end up somewhere, just the two of them, lose their wallets, cellphones dead and they’re forced to stay in one room at a hotel. Yeah that’s just one of the many cohabitation hijinks moments and who doesn’t love this, okay??

Worthy Portrayal: Leap Year

#5 Jealous Heroes

You know, he doesn’t like the heroine (or doesn’t want to believe he does) until he sees another guy pursing her and then goes all Mr. Knightley from Emma on everybody acting snippy to his rival. This can be a fine line to walk though… as I’ve seen dramas turn the hero into a mindless temper tantrum throwing two-year-old which makes him look too dumb. You have to find the perfect balance; petty is cool, just avoid full-out stupid or weirdly controlling.

Worthy Portrayal: Healer, Protect the Boss

#6 Carrying the Girl

I’ve mentioned this before in my Romantic Moments Series. How am I not supposed to ship this?? It was clearly designed to take out my shipper heart!

Worthy Portrayal: The Man Living In Our House, Lois and Clark

#7 Supporting One Another

Instead of falling for the Dreaded Misunderstanding which leads to the Dramatic Breakup, the couple chooses to believe in one another because they’re amazing like that! Mind-blowing, right??

Worthy Portrayal: hmm… I know these couples exist somewhere. Just can’t think of one. Which makes me sad. :( 

#8 Fighting Back to Back

There’s nothing like fighting against the world with the love of your life at your side. And if you’re literally back to back, you’re practically invincible.

Worthy Portrayal: Fast and Furious 6

What are your favorite romantic tropes? The ones that make you swoon! Let me know in the comments!


  1. #4 - I like these even if this was used a lot even in books but it is fun to watch the would-be-couple trying to cope with being with one another - there was this moment in 'Beautiful Gong Shim' where Ahn Dan Tae and Gong Shim were alone together and they had to share a room and Ahn Dan Tae kept spitting things he shouldn't say like making the bed or showering first, that was quite funny even if only lasted a few minutes

    how about when a girl or guy out go into a public space and announce they love this or that person? I've seen these moments and some of them are really rather silly and funny too but also kind of brave because just expressing your feelings and in front of hundreds of people is sort of hard.

    there is one scene in 'the greatest love' where the guy announced on tv that he love the girl, which, I thought was rather swoon-worthy as he is a public figure and to announce who the love of your life is on tv is kind of romantic because you are announcing it to the world and that is something you can't take back no matter how many press conferences you make

    & how about when the girl or guy rescues someone just at the right moment? suppose this is the same as fighting back to back but I think slightly different. I do prefer it when a girl saves a guy especially a girl that you do not expect to do so, like someone meek and small and I do not mean sacrificing their life for that person but recuses that may require wit or words or cpr like in 'rooftop prince' when the prince ate something he was allergic to and she had to save him, though that scene is only referred to but never shown but I do like the idea, perhaps not swoon-worthy but I find it refreshing

    have I been referring to 'rooftop prince' show a little too much? I really thought that was a rather good show...

    have a lovely day.

    1. Yes, those moments are so funny in Beautiful Gong Shim!

      Aww the public announcement is super sweet too. I loved the one in The Greatest Love also.

      Yes, last minutes saves are great! One of my favorite girl saving guy moments is in Ever After when Danielle carries Prince Henry on her back to save him from a group of nomads, lol. It's so priceless!

      Yeah I think I remmeber that scene in Rooftop Prince too! You really can't refer to that show too much! I love it, especially the beginning. I rewatched episode 2 sooooo many times! Still so utterly hilarious. :D


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