5 Favorite Real Life Celebrity Bromances

Well, I love bromances! (I even dedicated an article to 15 fictional bromances, cuz they awesome yo!). And what’s more fun than finding real-life bromances? I mean, it’s so adorable watching videos of besties and seeing all their happy rapport. Perhaps growing up with four siblings and being super close with them makes me love close friendships even more. Because having a bestie is always awesome!

Here are some great bromances (that also are adorable and make me happy):

#1 Lee Kwang-Soo & Kim Jong-Kook
Yesss! I love them so much. I’ve been a huge fan of the K-variety show Running Man for years, but I didn’t initially know about Kwang-Soo and Jong-Kook’s bromance. Onscreen they were usually silly and exaggeratedly antagonistic towards each other for humor. Then I started seeing videos and articles about how often they hung out offset and their vocal bro-love for each other. Jong-Kook cameoed in one of Kwang-Soo’s movies and Jong-Kook had Kwang-Soo dance on his new Turbo release song. Sometimes on Running Man, you can see them linking arms and just standing together. These two are just too cute. :D

#2 Lee Kwang-Soo & Song Joong-Ki (And Jo In-Sung)
Song Joong-Ki is seriously known for his many bromances, hehe. Park Bo-Gum and Yoo Ah-In are just two very famous close friends of his! However I have a soft spot for Kwang-Soo and Joong-Ki’s close relationship. They first met on Running Man where they got the nickname “same aged friends”. Kwang-Soo cried when Joong-Ki left the show (ahh my heart). He also cameoed on Joong-Ki’s show, Descendants of the Sun. Joong-Ki even left a message when he filmed DOTS in Greece: Joong-Ki   Kwang-Soo. So cute. And of course there’s Jo In-Sung, who is a close friend of both actors. Together they’ve all gone on trips, their last one being to Thailand.

 #3 John Boyega & Daisy Ridley
Super adorable onscreen as well as off-screen, it’s easy to see that John and Daisy get along very well. They have nicknames, calling each other “peanut”; they’ve played silly tricks on one another and even put together an adorable rap song!!

#4 Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis
Bittersweet bromance. Martin and Lewis met in the mid-1940s where they quickly became friends. They put together song-and-comedy routines to entertain clubs. They quickly skyrocketed to fame and signed a movie deal where they did fifteen movies together over the next decade before their relationship fell to pieces. They didn’t speak to each other for years until Frank Sinatra set them up to meet on live TV in 1976. However, it wasn’t until the 1980s, after Dean Martin lost his son, that Lewis said they let go of the past and became friends again.

#5 Rhett McLaughlin & Link Neal
Ultimate bromance! Rhett and Link became friends in grade school in a small town. They went to college together and got engineering degrees. Then they both quit their jobs shortly after to start working together. They’re success started out from their local commercials they made that were usually silly. Eventually, they started the youtube sensation Good Mythical Morning and garnered millions of followers for their hilarious and fun videos. Still fast friends today, Rhett and Link are definitely bromance goals.

Let me know of your favorite real-life bromances!


  1. That gif of Joong Ki leaving gets me every time! I know with his popularity, it's not going to happen, but I think it would do a lot to help Running Man's struggling ratings if they could get him to come back!

    1. I know!! I start tearing up also. I so wish he could come back... or at least guest in an episode once in a while!

    2. I am really surprised he hasn't since he got back from enlistment. I know he cameo'd in that one episode, but I think it would be good to have him on for a whole episode at least. Monday Couple will always be the ship that sails in my heart, but with gary gone now, there's room for him to weasel in :p

    3. Yeah, he did cameo briefly but beyond that nothing. :( Haha, true. Monday Couple forever! Even if Ji-Hyo was shipped with someone else, I believe that Monday Couple will probably live on as long as Yoon Eun-Hye and Kim Jong-Kook's loveline, haha, which seems to be forever. :D


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