News Train: Anne, Night Light, Liar Game & More!

Time to chat about the current shows and movies I’m watching at the moment as well as those that I’m looking forward to!

News Chat

K-drama Night Light starring Lee Yo-Won and Uee will be getting released in the U.S. on Netflix Valentines’ Day. I really like this cast, however still uncertain if this drama is going to be able to come together well.

Anne of Green Gables is getting a Netflix series!! Said to be “grittier” lol, whatever that means beats me. However, I’m super excited for this new take on the series. Look for Anne on Netflix in March. Source

Running Man won’t be cancelled!! I hadn’t expected this at all. If you’re a fan of the show, then you’ve probably heard all the chaos about how two cast members were fired off the show without even being properly told. Apparently, the cast members and production managers had a meeting and decided to continue the show. I have to admit my feelings are slightly mixed about this. I love that the show is continuing… Running Man has been a favorite show for me for years. I just hope that none of the members felt pushed into continuing this show just to save management from the anger of the fans for how they treated the cast members. But I guess we have no way of knowing. Source

Lee Joon-Ki is going to be in his first U.S. film, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. I’m not a fan of this kind of genre of film and I’m pretty certain his role in this film is very, very small. Still, it’s cool that he’s getting a chance to break out into Hollywood! 

Current Shows I’m Watching

The Legend of the Blue Sea This show continues to make me fall more in love with the characters and touching darker fairytale story. Thankfully, the emotional, darker side of the show is wonderfully balanced with plenty of happy and funny moments that just make me smile.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo This show is just super cute. More of a youth heartwarming drama, then really anything else, it has lovable characters and fun and funny moments.

Hwarang – Hwarang, thy name is bromance. And I’m loving it! This show continues to put most of its effort in the happy, silly and giddy side and I honestly have missed that in a lot of the shows I’ve been watching. There’s still drama, of course. And the drama surrounding the boy-king after his throne is my favorite.

Liar Game (J-drama) – So I decided to watch the J-drama version of one of my favorite K-dramas ever, and I’m loving it! It’s not on the same production quality and sometimes I do get a little crazy at all the dramatic-revelation sudden close up shots of every single person’s face for the hundredth time in each episode… but I just love mind-bendy dramas and it’s so fun to watch Akiyama-san outsmart everybody again and again.

Lemmie know what you’re watching now or excited about seeing soon!


  1. I don't get why asian or really anyone that is not american start in crappy movies just to try to get into the american market, I don't see why they could've chosen better, I won't be watching 'resident evil' as it's not the type of movie I would watch at all, frankly, I though lee joon-ki deserves better.

    I'm not currently watching anything as I'm suppose to be editing my writings/finishing up drawings...not currently watching anything

    Hwarang sounds cute and funny, I might watch it later. I definitely want to watch 'strong woman do bong-soon' - it sounds like it should be fun to watch and park bo-yong is one of my favorite actresses, she's just so good in anything she do, have you seen 'oh my ghostess'? she's so fantastic in that one.

    have a lovely day.

    1. Lol, I suppose so. But if you want to get into Hollywood, you're probably going to have to start somewhere and it's difficult to get a good role when you're rather unknown in Hollywood. Lee Byung-Hun started out in the B film G.I. Joe and now he's been in a lot of big roles in the U.S. with the latest being The Magnificent Seven with Chris Pratt. However, I do wonder why Lee Joon-Ki wanted to do this movie becuz I would think he would make a lot more money just doing a K-drama.

      That's cool! I need to finish some stuff but of course I procrastinate :(

      Awesome! I totally think Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is going to be fun! I haven't seen Oh My Ghostess but I've heard good things about it!

      Thank you lissa!

    2. You might not like Resident Evil, which is totally fine, I get it. I mean, I am not a huge fan of the genre, though my boyfriend loves it and thus I have seen all of them. But you can't argue that they aren't commercially a big success. The box office for the series is close to 1 billion worldwide. It sucks when an actor you love doesn't pick a movie in a genre you like, but this movie is great exposure for him. It's a huge starting point if what you are interested in is seeing him in more Hollywood features that you might actually enjoy, or an actor you like gaining more fans.

  2. I have been seriously thinking about breaking down and watching the Japanese Liar Game. They won't give me a season 2 of the Korean version already, and I really want more.

    1. I'm actually really loving the Jdrama version! The execution might be a little old, but it's so much fun! And ahghkjlagh whhyyyy haven't they given us a season 2 yet of the K-drama! They practically promised us they would. So cruel!

    2. I could have swore that I remembered them like outright saying there would be a season 2! Maybe my hopeful brain imagined it :p where are you watching Japanese version?

      I have two episodes left of Legend of the Blue Sea, but it's been really good! I was really worried following Goblin up with Legend because Goblin was so dark. But Legend has seriously done a good job of balancing the dark with light, much better than Goblin did toward the end. Weightlifting Fairy was super cute, though! I'm so glad I watched it, it was just so feel good. My friend Shanese has been pestering me to start Age of Youth next, but I kind of want to watch The Man In Our House, though I honestly don't know if my heart can handle one more drama where Lee Soo Hyuk doesn't get the girl.

    3. Maybe we both imagined it, lol! I thought that Lee Sang Yoon had confirmed it, but I can't seem to find any info anywhere about it so not certain.

      I'm watching Liar Game on Crunchyroll.

      Yes, I really loved the way they balanced the dark and light in Legend! I've heard good things about Age of Youth, but right now dramas I can barely keep up with what I'm watching haha, so maybe in the future. I know right! Give Lee Soo Hyuk a leading role for once!


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