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News Train - Vampires, Mermaids, and Rogues

Welcome! It’s that time again – where I talk current shows and movies I’m watching at the moment!

Current Shows I’m Watching

Legend of the Blue Sea – I’m enjoying this sweet and funny fairytale retelling. This show may not be as addictive as My Love From Another Star (which starred the same leading actress Jeon Ji-Hyun and has the same writer) but it’s fun, silly, romantic and more heartfelt as the show goes on.

Hwarang – I thought I would hate it. I actually kinda love it. But not for the reasons I thought I would first. Initially I had hoped for a more accurate portrayal of the Hwarang, more in vein of Queen Seondeok (which wasn’t that accurate, but still). This show is more spoofy and silly, but it balances that well with intensity and emotion. I really like the three leads. Hopefully the show continues to be fun and funny!

Movies I Watched

Star Wars: Rogue One – not a bad film. Better than I expected. But I can’t imagine ever wanting to see it again, as it was rather boring and unemotional. I’ve seen mixed feelings for the movie; rave reviews or dissatisfied viewers. I thought the plot was well done. Just couldn’t connect with the characters.

Vampire Academy – this movie is pretty bad. And I still don’t like vampires, lol. But I did watch it all the way through. I didn’t think I would get past twenty minutes, but about that time the story started to pick up. Overall, a pretty lame movie. I liked the second lead romance a thousand times more than the main leads.

Lemmie know what you’re watching or excited about seeing soon!


  1. Legend of the Blue Sea is fantastic so far! I just started Hwarang on Saturday but so far I think it's great. When it first started publicity, I was hoping for a more serious drama but when it went to the fun, idol side I still wanted to see it and so far, it's been good, though I'm cautiously optimistic- some 2016 dramas realllllly disappointed me after starting out well.

    THANK YOU for being someone else who thought R.O. was boring and unemotional! I agree- good plot but no character connectivity. We'll have to talk about this via email so I don't start any comment wars in public. (I haven't forgotten about replying to your email- expect a reply soon and the resumption of our correspondence!)

    I've heard so many people say V.A. is lame that I haven't bothered with it, not even for Dominic Sherwood.

    I'm watching Hwarang, Legend of the Blue Sea, the Rurouni Kenshin anime still and Goblin- which so far has been interesting but not terribly intriguing. I'm giving it 3 episodes to either be good or meeeh at which point I'll probably drop it.

    1. Yay! I'm glad you're loving the shows also! Yeah, I know what you mean about being disappointed by 2016 shows. It's made me SUPER wary of shows now. You never know when they're going to go crazy or boring all the sudden, lol.

      Yes, we'll have to talk more aout that! Oh yay! Can't wait to hear from you! :D

      Dominic Sherwood was the best thing in the movie, imo. But he was almost nonexistent so... I wouldn't bother, lol.

      Nice! Four shows is a good balance. Yeah, I barely watched the first episode of Goblin. I liked how well made it was, but I ended up being interrupted by life issues and after all the real life drama, I didn't have the desire to go back to watching people die and wish they were dead (even if they had legit reason since they were living forever). I'm glad to hear that it was kinda meeeh anyway, lol.

  2. I wanted to watch Star Wars Rogue One but now I think not, it doesn't sound good to me, I did read many reviews saying how great it was but I don't think.

    still don't know about legend of the blue sea even if it does have a mermaid in it, not much fans of the leads

    I'm not really watching anything right now, I really need to concentrate on my writing and drawing those illustrations for that book but I am sort of watching the tv series 'The Librarians' - sort of like Indiana jones with a bunch of people searching for artifacts of magic and keeping them out of evil hands - it's actually more entertaining than I first thought, the first season was rather good...

    saw the first few episodes of 'romantic doctor teacher kim' and thought it was rather good but I don't really like the male lead played by Yoo Yeon-seok - I thought his character was annoying and whiney and too childish but I suppose that is his character though Doctor Teacher Kim was fun to watch, not sure I'll finish watching it

    have a lovely day.

    p.s., your font/text size in your posts looks rather larger than before, don't know if that is intentional but on my screen, it's pretty big compare to your previous posts from Nov. 3., just saying

    1. You could always rent Rogue One on video one day, if you want to check it out. It's not a horrible film. Just meh, lol.

      I like the leads, but it's not enough for me to trust a drama (I liked Lee Min-Ho in City Hunter but really didn't like Boys Before Friends) The beginning of Legend of the Blue Sea is funny but it took a while for me to feel emotionally invested in the characters. But now I really like the show. :D

      That's good! I need to focus on writing myself but of course I get distracted, lol. I think I heard about The Librarians - glad you're enjoying it! I should look up more about it sometime.

      Aww yeah, whiny, annoying male leads (or female, lol) annoy me. I've heard good things about Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim but I'm really burned out on doctor shows right now.

      Yeah, I've been experimenting with my text. I did want the text to be much larger, but it might be too large. It's probably just me but I get tired of reading small print. But then most of the internet is small print, so I might be fighting a losing battle, lol. Thanks for the feedback though! :D


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