Dramas I’m Most Looking Forward to 2017

2017 is flying by! We're already in February!

Every year, there's always shows that I'm looking forwards to. I've compiled a list of the K-dramas that I'm most excited about and can't wait to see!

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
Plot: A short, cute girl with incredible physical strength becomes the bodyguard for a CEO.
Release Date: February 24
Why I’m Excited: This looks sooo cute! I adore the cast – Park Bo-Young plays the adorable heroine, Park Hyung-Shik the lead, and Ji-Soo the second lead. Also it looks like it’ll be full of laughs and fun antics. Counting down the days until this drama comes on!

My Sassy Girl
Plot: Jeon Ji-Hyun’s popular movie, My Sassy Girl, is getting a drama remake -  but this time set in the Joseon Dynasty. Sassy Princess Hyemyung doesn’t follow the rules and falls in love with prickly Gyun-Woo.
Release Date: May
Why I’m Excited: I’m super stoked for this drama primarily because of the cast – Joo-Won is playing the icy dude and Oh Yeon-Soo (who played a hilarious role in Come Back Mister) is the spunky heroine. I also like the trope of a rascally princess and hope there will be plenty of hijinks and laughs!

Ruler: Mask of the Mask
Plot: The Crown Prince of Joseon must fight an evil organization that has privatized water to sell to people for profit.
Release Date: May
Why I’m Excited: Yoo Seung-Ho and Kim So-Hyun are my primary draw for this one. Not certain how this story will unfold but seeing Seung-Ho play a prince/king again is always a big draw!

Bride of the Water God
Plot: To stop a drought, So-Ah is sacrificed to the water god, but instead of dying, she is taken to his kingdom where she slowly falls for the mysterious water god.
Release Date: TBA
Why I’m Excited: I haven’t read the manhwa for this, but I like historical fantasy stories and this one sounds really fascinating (it also gives me The Story of Shim Cheong vibes which is my favorite Korean fairytale). Right now, offers have been made to Nam Joo-Hyuk and Moon Chae-Won. Can’t wait to hear more about this drama!

Man To Man
Plot: A bodyguard for a top Korean star is also a secret agent.
Release Date: TBA
Why I’m Excited: Park Hae-Jin is my main reasoning for wanting to see this show. Here he plays a bodyguard/secret agent who protects a mega star. The story is also written by the writer of Descendants of the Sun, which means fans (like me) will be anxiously waiting to see if she has another mega hit on her hands.

Queen of the Ring
Plot: Unattractive and unkind, Nan-Hee finds a magic ring that compels an unfeeling, handsome dude to fall in love with her.
Release Date: March

Why I’m Excited: This is a mini-series but I think Kim Seul-Gi (Splash Splash Love) is so adorable and has great comedic timing. I’m never a fan of the whole “ugly” trope, but there’s potential for some hilarity if played right so we’ll have to see. 

What K-dramas, or other shows, are you most looking forward to this year?


  1. I really want to watch Strong Woman! It looks adorable. I hadn't seen Man To Man before. Now I am hella stoked. Park Hae Jin as a body guard with the story by the DOTS writer? Sign me up!

    1. I know! I'm super glad that Strong Woman is coming out soon.
      You took the words right out of my mouth! Man To Man has so much going for it!

  2. 'Strong Woman Do Bong Soon' is on my list to watch later, maybe 'queen of the ring' as i"m a fan of Kim Seul-Gi - she's wonderful in 'splash splash love' & 'oh my ghostess' & also 'surplus princess' & also 'Flower Boys Next Door' - a small role but she was funny there.

    have a lovely day.

    1. Awesome! Nice to see Strong Woman is on all our lists. Hopefully it's good! Kim Seul-Gi really is good in all her roles. Flower Boy Next Door was the first drama I saw her in.


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