K-drama Fun: Dream Show & Cast Pt. 1

Since writing an article for The Silver Petticoat Review where I created dream casts for fairytales that I want to see onscreen (i.e. East of the Wind, West of the Sun with Tom Hiddleston as the Prince!), I started thinking up ideas for K-dramas that would be awesome to see onscreen.

Just like Hollywood, K-media is no stranger to adapting material – whether manga (Boys Before Flowers), international shows (The Good Wife, Scarlet Heart), etc. So here is a favorite book (with a lot of great adaptations) that I think needs a K-drama rendition:


Good-hearted Jim Hawkins is left a treasure map by an ex-pirate who warns him of the one-legged pirate who is still after the map. With the help of a sponsor, Jim joins a ship as a cabin boy and goes after the treasure. But a pirate uprising on the ship, led by Jim’s new friend, Long-John Silver, threatens the safety of everyone.

I love pirate stories and Treasure Island is probably the most popular pirate tale that has been written (the author even created the usual pirate tropes like walking off the plank, etc). I can totally see a pirate K-drama that would be epic and boss and so much fun! Sagueks (historical K-dramas) primarily focus on royalty and the life and politics of court, so a drama focused more on the sea and treasure would be a fun change!

My Dream Cast

Jim Hawkins – Yeo Jin Goo would be an ideal Jim Hawkins. He’s only 19 which would make him a perfect choice to play a young and innocent kid on search for treasure. He’s a talented (now grown up) child actor with lots of saguek experience under his belt – his latest drama was The Royal Gambler/Jackpot where he managed to shine despite the show’s flaws.

Runner up choice – Kim Soo-Hyun. Though he’s 29, Soo-Hyun has a remarkably young face and could pass for a 20-something kid. A fabulous actor, he has starred in popular dramas like My Love From Another Star, Dream High and The Moon Embracing the Sun.

Long-John Silver – Shin Sung-Rok as Captain Silver! Yes, yes! Though Liar Game is my favorite role of his, he played a fun villain in My Love From Another Star and recently starred in On The Way To the Airport. Shin Sung-Rok oozes onscreen charisma and would totally shine in the role of the charming, roguish Captain Silver.

Runner up choice – Jang Hyuk. He’s awesome in everything he does. I fell in love with him in Tree With Deep Roots, but he’s been in a myriad of dramas – Chuno, Beautiful Mind, Fated to Love You. Jang Hyuk always feels like he’s throwing himself 100% into his roles. He has a wonderful onscreen charm that would go well with a Captain Silver character.


  1. this looks like it could be a good kdrama, it's certainly not the usual kind of kdrama. are there ladies in this supposed show? I would cast some lady pirate there just for kicks, perhaps a lady that ran away from home and dreams of being a pirate and has to pretend to be a man in order to get on the boat. I haven't read the book so no idea if there are ladies in it.

    Jang Hyuk could definitely play just about anything. I pretty much think he can do any role. still hate the ending to 'fated to love you' though, I would have settled for keeping the same end as the Taiwanese version

    have a lovely day.

    1. Yeah, I like the idea of a different kind of k-drama. Good question about ladies - I definitely think there should be. Some lady pirates would be cool. Oh I love that idea of a girl cross-dressing as a pirate!!! (Yeah, the only lady in the book is Jim's mom and she's in there very briefly)

      I agree. Jang Hyuk is just so good!

  2. Yeo Jin Goo as Jim Hawkins. YESSS. I NEED THIS. I'm having an easier time picturing Jang Hyuk as Long John Silver than SSR, simply because I haven't seen SSR do anything other than polished, very refined roles- even as a villain... but I agree that it would be delightful to see him try it.

    1. I know right!!! Yeo Jin Goo would be ideal for the role. Yeah, I can totally see Jang Hyuk being easier to picture in the role. It would be a different character for SSR, but I do think it would be delightful to see him try something new. :D


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