Korean Reality Show Edition: WGM Favorite Moments

For those who don’t know about it, We Got Married is a Korean reality show that partners two celebrities in a fake “marriage” where they usually have a wedding ceremony, do a photoshoot together, play games, and stay in a house together (when their work schedules allow of course).

I started watching We Got Married: Global Edition with Hong-Ki & Mina and Taecyeon & Emma Wu (Gui Gui) when the show first came on Dramafever. Though I haven’t watched any full episodes after WGM: GE, I found clips of past WGM couples over time, including lots of SoRim couple, that made me laugh and smile.

What is the draw of WGM? It’s obvious that nothing about it is real. It’s fully scripted just like American reality shows. Yet there are still a lot of adorable and cute moments watching these celebrities pretend they like each other. Some couples just have fabulous chemistry which makes them click onscreen effortlessly. It’s really just something cutesy that makes a viewer smile. So here are five of my favorite WGM kiss highlights!

SoRim Couple (Song Jae Rim & Kim So-Eun)

Definitely one of my favorite WGM couples! Jae-Rim and So-Eun were a hilarious mix of dorkiness and loads of skinship. Jae-Rim usually initiated the hysterically dorky one-liners and much of the touching, but So-Eun quickly caught on, creating her own silly romance lines and often being as playful as Jae-Rim. Here, Jae-Rim is doing sit-ups with So-Eum holding his legs to give him balance. He surprises her with a kiss on the cheek and they both laugh after it.

Lee Jong-hyun & Gong Seung-yeon

Jong-Hyun and Seung-Yeon slow dance outside to music with Seung-Yeon barefoot and standing on Jong-Hyun’s shoes. Jong-Hyun gives her a cute kiss on the cheek. I enjoyed watching Seung-Yoon in Six Flying Dragons, so it was fun to see her here.

Henry Lau & Kim Ye-Won

So I don’t know all that lead up to this scene but this is seriously the cutest thing. Henry and Ye-Won are strolling through the night when Henry comes on very strong with a fake kiss (he kisses his hand). Ye-Won is so friggin’ cute though and actually gives Henry a kiss!

Sungjoy Couple (Sungjae & Joy)

I couldn’t find an actual kiss, but if intense staring close up counts... Sung-Jae and Joy are on a “date” when Joy gives Sung-Jae jelly beans with romantic powers, lol (basically that’s what she says) and what ensues is a funny cute scene of them staring each other down until they break down laughing.

2Young Couple (Woo-Young & Se-Young)

I haven’t seen many videos of Woo-Young & Se-Young but this is apparently their goodbye moment (the stars always get a chance to say goodbye at the end of the show). Se-Young is in tears as she talks and Woo-Young adorably kisses her and wipes her tears.

Any favorite WGM moments or other reality show moments, whether International or American? Lemmie know in the comments!


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