News Train: 2D1N, Liar Game & More

Shows I’m Currently Watching

Liar Game (J-drama) – Finished the first season! Really love this show. I was a bit disappointed at the last episode because the climax seemed a little tame to me (Nao-chan trusting people who can’t be trusted is fine, just not climax material to me lol). But it did tie up some emotional beats. And now I’m excited to jump into season 2 to see what happens next.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal – Try saying that name 10 times fast. Yeah, not easy, lol. This is an oldie (well, 2010 drama) that I’ve had on my must-watch list for a long time. Finally started watching and I love it! It’s adorable, funny and charming. I love reverse harem dramas and all the actors are great. Since the show is 20 episodes long, I can tell they tend to drag out some plot stuff longer than needed, but overall the show is surprisingly lighthearted and fun.

Hwarang – oh Hwarang. We could’ve had it all. I read the recap of the last episode. And will probably finish the show by reading the recaps. The trajectory of the show during its second half wasn’t the worst possible writing… it just was so mediocre and pointless that I’ve given up in frustration. I liked the characters at first, but now the main three leads are annoying and only the side characters are likable, haha. Okay… ranting starting now. Spoilers beware: Perhaps my biggest frustration is Park Hyung-Shik’s character; if you want to make his character a boring coward, fine, but let us know why and tell us much earlier. He literally thinks 30 times in each episode of how he failed to stand up as king… and then does nothing. Again and again. I’m not even certain why he doesn’t act anymore. I blame the writers for this. This would’ve been an entirely different show if he had revealed himself halfway through the series. We could’ve then had the next part of the journey of him actually fighting off his mother and other baddies for the throne. Instead it’s like we must keep the status quo to the end. This also applies to Seon-Woo and Ah-Ro’s romance. It’s just constant repetition and crying and frustration. Ah-Ro’s been in danger like 8 times and has to constantly be rescued. She’s become an object for the plot and nothing more. Why show, why??

2 Days and 1 Night – how have I never started watching this K-variety show?? Because I love it! I guess I can thank Hwarang for this, since I watched an episode because of Park Hyung-Shik, Minho, and Park Seo-Joon. I've started watching the latest season (2016) and the cast members for 2D1N are hilarious and fun. I love the addition of Yoon Siyoon, the eternally optimistic adorkable youngster. It’s nice to be able to watch something funny and silly.

Lemmie know what you’re watching now or excited about seeing soon!


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