K-drama Fun: Dream Show & Cast Pt. 2

My second K-drama dream casting!

This time I have a favorite movie that I think needs a K-drama rendition! (After all, there’s already a Bollywood version!)


June Havens is flying home when she unknowingly crosses paths with a secret agent, Roy Miller. When the CIA think June’s assisting Roy, she ends up on the run with him. Despite her constant questioning if Roy is really dangerous or not, the twosome fall in love amidst car chases, shoot-outs, secret hideaways and dangerous train rides.

This is one of my favorite rom-coms! It’s a hilarious blend of action spy flick with zany romantic comedy! The movie has a lot of great, entertaining moments with most of them revolving around the ever-mysterious and adorably-polite secret agent Roy Miller. I think the cast is extremely important as it could make or break the show. Tom Cruise was essentially the glue of the original film, not only because of his solid acting but because of his previous work in spy films. I mean when you think spy, who doesn’t think Mission Impossible? Which is why choosing the right actor for Roy Miller is very important…

My Dream Cast

Roy Miller – For the character of Roy Miller, my casting choice would be Ji Sung! A fabulous actor with loads of solid performances under his belt, Ji Sung has a knack for comedy (Kill Me, Heal Me anyone?) that would be perfect for this show!! I could totally see him bringing the deadly side of Roy kicking secret agent butt as well as his sweet and adorable side! Oh man, now I want this so bad.

Runner up choices –

Lee Joon-Ki – I mean who can’t see Joon-Ki playing a hot secret agent? Also I’d like to see him come in more touch with his comedic side. I mean, he’s played emotional and tortured enough times (though he’s so good at it, we probably don’t want him to stop, haha).

June Havens Lee Yoon-Ji. I’ve always felt that Yoon-Ji was greatly underrated as an actress. She’s been in dozens of dramas, but usually with a supporting role. Her most notable dramas are Dream High, King 2 Hearts, Goong. I think she’d be awesome as the classic romantic heroine!

Runner up choices –

Kim Seul-Gi. Seul-Gi would be hilarious in the role of June! I could totally see her bringing the zany side of a “normal” person suddenly thrown into secret agent shenanigans. It’s just the 10-year gap between her and Ji Sung, and the fact that she looks younger than her actual age (25) that makes me pause. I think they could sell it though!


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