Random Fun & Thoughts for March

Just my random thoughts thrown together in a melting pot and then splattered onto Word doc in the wonder of abstract art!

Recapping Again

I’m super excited to be recapping again. I was anticipating Strong Woman Do Bong Soon for a little while now and I’m enjoying the show now that is has aired. The 3 leads are pitch-perfect. This is my first Park Bo-Young drama and she is absolutely and utterly adorable. I love her. You can check out my recaps HERE on The Silver Petticoat Review.

Writing Struggles

How to decide what to write? This is something I’ve been struggling with for months and months! I have literally over 10 story ideas (written out on excel) that I like. Equally. I mean every time I think, “I’ll just do this story. I’m going to do it.” Then a couple hours later, I’m second guessing and decide I need to rethink the whole thing and choose another story.

Not to mention I really struggle with editing/post 1st draft stories. Everyone says just write so you can get the first draft done, which I agree is really important. But it’s the second draft and so on that I struggle with. Mainly because I see the large glaring flaws in the story after its done and realize there needs to be some substantial plot changes. But once a story’s structure is written, it’s difficult for me to even figure out how to change it. Like I can never decide what I should change and if that change is really going to be better than what the story is like at the moment. That’s probably what it is – my fear that the change I come up with (if I manage to come up with something) is going to be just as flawed as the story is right now haha.

Park Bo-Gum

Is Park Bo-Gum a real live angel? I first learned about Park Bo-Gum when I watched him in Moonlight Drawn By Clouds. He’s clearly a talented actor. There are a lot of articles out there on how professional and kind he is, though I tend to disregard articles like that because I feel like there just there for PR. 

But I recently watched him in a 2 Days and 1 Night episode Traveling With Your Friends which was fun and hilarious. And seriously, he’s so sweet!!! Like I fell in love (not really, but you know what I mean). Now I believe all the articles about him, lol!

Pirates of the Caribbean 5 Trailer

I just watched the trailer and now I’m so confused. Half of me feels like this could be good! But the other half tells me it’s going to be terrible! I really adore the first movie. I watched the heck out of that thing. The second movie was enjoyable though flawed. The third, I hated. The fourth I didn’t even attempt to watch, especially after my sister told me how bored she was that she could barely finish the movie.

But now Pirates is coming back and I waaaant to like this movie. Reasons why I liked the trailer–

#Jack Sparrow
#Will’s son?? He looks just like him and that’s so adorable to me
#I liked the bit about Jack Sparrow as a kiddo
#the line at the end about the ankles. I was actually laughing.

Reasons why I don’t care for the trailer -

#boring long CGI scenes
#villain looks boring
#is the movie just about ships exploding??

Will it be good??? I guess I'll have to take a chance and find out.

Thoughts About Movies That Make Zero Sense

I’ve been contemplating this of late. Every movie asks for some level of suspension of disbelief. But some seem to ask for more than others…

#1 The Parent Trap
I can’t believe it took me so long to even notice this one. Honestly, it was the internet that opened my eyes, when I read some funny stuff online about the dysfunctionality of the family in this movie. Don’t get me wrong; I think the movies are adorable, both versions. But these parents basically split up with one child each, denied their child of ever knowing they had a sibling, and never even attempted to see their other child or be a part of their lives in any way. And apparently, this breakup that forced them apart for 13 years on different continents where they acted like the other spouse and child didn’t exist… was just a mere… misunderstanding? Like the Mom would’ve stayed if the Dad had just asked?? And no one needed any emotional counseling after this??? Haha, yeah.

Suspension of Disbelief Verdict: Takes the Cake

#2 Babe: Pig in the City
As a kid I loved the Babe movie and the sequel, Babe: Pig in the City. I re-watched the heck out of the sequel especially because we owned it on VHS. Then I forgot the movie existed for most of my adulthood, haha. While thinking about movies that didn’t make much sense, this movie came back to me. While the first movie is a whimsical, and enjoyably unrealistic, film about a farm with talking animals and a pig that becomes a sheep herder, the second movie… was such a bizarre compilation of random stuff happening. There wasn’t much point to the story, in that the goal of the farmer’s wife getting money was solved within the last few minutes of the film. I mean what was this film about?? I honestly have no idea. Guard dogs chasing Babe and nearly dying from drowning/strangulation on a bridge. The farmer’s wife is accused of carrying drugs and goes to jail. Babe leads an animal prison break-out. A weird clown man accidentally causes a fire in a hospital ward and everyone evacuates while he stands there in the pouring sprinklers. Someone explain to me what this movie IS!!

Suspension of Disbelief Verdict: Where Am I?

Lemmie know your thoughts for March. :D


  1. how do you even find the time to write while watching dramas? I can't start a new drama without wanting to finish the whole series. I'll probably see strong woman do bong soon later this year or next, definitely sounds like a fun show.

    I'm like you with writing except I can't even finish a first draft, I mean do but then I reread and realize it's missing a lot of things. I am mostly trying to write and edit a few stories, I seem to have short attention span and can't really concentration on one story too long.

    I saw all the pirates of the caribbeans or at least I think I did because a few of them seems to be the same movie, honestly the only attraction is really Jack Sparrow. I can't trust trailers as they almost always show only the good stuff but I keep getting suck in anyway, probably won't see pirates 5

    the parent trap - never even thought about it, I just thought the movies entertaining, I like twin stories

    good luck with your writing.

    have a lovely day.

    1. Lol, true. Probably why I haven't been writing. I also watch a lot of dramas while they are airing so I don't binge watch.

      Yes, same. My stories are missing so much! Yes! How do people concentrate on one story for a long time? What is their secret? I'm trying to figure that one out.

      True. Trailers can be misleading. I've been misled by them many a time. Usually into thinking that the movie is worse than it is though... but sometimes better than it is.

      The Parent Trap movies are super cute. I actually like them a lot haha. I just find it funny how silly the story is. :D

      Aww thank you Lissa! Good luck with your writing endeavors as well!

  2. Your summary of the 'pirates' films is spot on. They need to stop making them. They should have stopped after the first one!!!!

    And I love the Parent Trap, but it is ridiculous really - like how Hallie is so slow to catch on that they're twins, even when they find out they share a birthday and despite the fact that they look EXACTLY THE SAME.

    1. Thank you. Yeah, I agree, that's probably what needs to happen. Though Hollywood has never understood the word "stop" lol when it comes to sequels.

      Haha, yes! Hallie, c'mon! Put two and two together. ;)

  3. Oooh! I'm really excited about the new Pirates movie! Can't wait.

    1. Awesome! It's so crazy to think that this is the 5th Pirates movie! I remember when the first one come out - it doesn't seem that long ago, lol. ;)


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