Four Reasons I Love the Beauty and the Beast Fairytale

Four Reasons I Love the Beauty and the Beast Fairytale 

With the well-deserved craze over Disney’s latest live action retelling of their animated classic, the story of Beauty and the Beast has been on a lot of people’s minds. Especially mine!

Watching the new film, and retrospectively thinking about the original cartoon that I absolutely adore, I started thinking about why I love the fairytale so much. Over the years I’ve seen at least a dozen adaptations (some were merely title adaptations, lol) and have honestly enjoyed a good deal of them. And I’ve been a huge fan of the original fairytale itself.

But what makes Beauty and the Beast such a memorable and touching fairytale? I've compiled four reasons I love this story so much and why I think it remains still popular today.

# The Mystery & Wonder

If you’ve read the original fairytale or watched adaptations like La Belle et la Bete (both French versions), then you know that Beauty and the Beast is full of mesmerizing and opulent details. The beast lives in a hidden, extraordinary palace with, of course, a rose garden. He has endless wealth and magic. Invisible (or enchanted) servants in the palace provide food and clothing for their guests. The beast has an enchanted mirror and ring. He also has an extensive library in most versions. Fairytales are sometimes referred to as wonder tales, and I think that totally fits the bill for Beauty and the Beast.

# The Danger

Mystery and wonder can be both fascinating and frightening. The hidden palace is both beautiful but dark and cryptic. There’s a beast that haunts the grounds, and anyone who crosses his path is terrified of him. Why does he guard these roses? Is he just a monster, hungry to eat his guests? We, the audience, know that the beast is not horribly dangerous or man-hungry, but Beauty, and anyone else, doesn’t know that. And that makes for an enthralling watch.

# Falling in Love at first sight

If you love fairytales, then you’re aware of the love at first sight trope that’s in a majority of these folk stories. I don’t hate the trope, as it serves its purpose in time constraint stories, but there’s something rich and delightful about watching a couple falling in love. Which makes Beauty and the Beast a forward-thinking fairytale because it’s about emotional character growth! Plus, the beast and Beauty meeting every evening for dinner, talking to one another, is one of my favorite parts of the story.

# The Gentle Monster

The bad boy with the tormented soul. The ugly outcast who lives in loneliness. The beast represents these character tropes that we all know and love. Whether the beast merely overcomes prejudice against his outward looks, or a raging temper from years of rejection and pain, he’s a character that we come to love for the hidden value beneath the mask of a monster.

Let me know why you're a lover of Beauty and the Beast in the comments!


  1. I agreed with you on those four reasons. plus the fact that there are tons of movies and books to add more reasons to love it.

    I suppose what I love most is the relationship between the beast and beauty - it isn't just about falling in love, it's about understanding and getting to know that person who we already have a prejudice against, it's very hard not to judge a person by their looks especially the beast - anyone would judge him as a monster or an alien or the unknown that we probably wish not to know

    haven't seen the live action disney remake but I'm reluctant as I really do think of Emma Watson as Hermione from harry potter, I can't erase that thought away, it's terrible, but I think maybe if I wait a few years to watch, I would stop thinking it

    have you seen the 2014 french version? that has become my favorite movie adaptation, it's just so visually gorgeous.

    have a lovely day.

    1. Yes, so many adaptations is definitely another reason to love it!

      Exactly! It's a relationship about knowing and understanding another person, particularly someone who you probably wouldn't want to (I mean, who really wants to be besties with a beast?)

      I understand about seeing an actor/actress as their iconic role no matter how hard you try. I've definitely had that happen to me.

      I have seen the 2014 version! Yes, it is the most visually gorgeous fairy tale film I have ever seen! Just stunning.

      Have a lovely day as well!


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