I’m Back (and 3 Dream Goals That I Achieved)!

I’m Back (and 3 Dream Goals That I Achieved)!

So you’re in that grove. You’re posting weekly for months. And then wham!!

Space apocalypse happens and you’re picked by monkey aliens on Mars as the CHOSEN ONE TO SAVE THE UNIVERSE!! This is exactly what I’ve been doing for the last month – instead of writing any posts.

Or… I was just busy. Lol. With life. And work. And my sister’s wedding. In which I was the maid of honor.

Yes, I had to write a speech. And I’d never been in a wedding before. I was nervous. But everything came together so beautifully. Honestly best memories ever of her and her husband exchanging vows.
However, I didn’t cry.

But I did get sad after she left realizing that the sister I lived with for decades and was as close to a twin (but not a twin) as could be… was going so far north. Thank God for the blessing of phones and messages and Instagram and Snapchat and all that jazz. It’s amazing how we can connect from so far away these days.

Just like right now as I’m writing this here – and people from anywhere and everywhere can read it. Mindboggling.

And onto my promised finale: 3 Dream Goals. These goals aren’t life-shattering. No moving to the South Pole to live with the penguins. But just meeting some goals and dreams of mine, however small, has made such a difference in my life. And it’s what keeps me pursuing the next ones.
So whatever big or small goal you’ve done lately, way to go! Keep going! And enjoy the journey.

#1 I got my first apartment. I never really dreamed of having an apartment as a kid. But once I got into my mid-twenties, I really wanted to move out. I dreamed of having my own kitchen and fridge (with the food I wanted, lol) and a place I could decorate. I ended up moving out with my sister (the younger one, not the just-married one, hehe) and it was really the best decision I ever made as an adult.

My version of a Chinese Tang Dynasty ruqun dress.

A fairy costume I made.

My Star Wars costume. :D

#2 I sewed several costumes. Okay, I didn’t necessarily try for perfection in these costumes (which you can see from the pictures, lol). I mean my patience level for sewing is rather limited considering how time consuming it is. But for a novice like me with really no sewing background or much practice than a couple easy skirts a few years ago, completing these outfits felt like a big deal. I used to visit costume fan sites where these ladies made amazing Star Wars or LOTR costumes and it was always a dream of mine to do something like that. Goal achieved!

#2 Recapped a K-drama (2 of them!) Shortly after I discovered the wonder of K-dramas, I found amazing blogging sites that had recaps. I’m a huge recap fan. Even if I’ve seen a show, I’ll often read the recap because it’s so much fun to see what other people thought/felt about the show. Eventually, I decided to recap Scarlet Heart: Ryeo (a.k.a. Moon Lovers) on The Silver Petticoat Review and later on I recapped Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. Recapping is a lot of fun, but also a ton of work because of the constant weekly deadline and scrambling to write, take pictures and post the article on time, lol. However, it was a great experience and a lot of fun!

So what goals have you finished? Let me know in the comments!


  1. sewing- not my cup of tea but I'm totally impressed by your costumes

    I've never recapped any drama, it really looks like a lot of work plus there are terms/phrases/words I probably won't be able to explain and also names are hard too, don't know how you do it. I do however like reading recaps even for shows I've seen and like you say, it's nice to see if people are thinking the same thing you're thinking

    as for goals, I'm still working them though rather slowly, like crawling instead of walking toward them, I don't know why I'm not motivated to finish especially those novels. I'm thinking of getting a writing buddy so we can give each other deadlines and prompts and do challenges together but don't know

    have fun in your new apartment. have a lovely day.

    1. Aww thank you!!

      Yeah, it definitely is a lot of work lol. Yeah, I usually just spell names according to how they were spelled in the subtitles or on the wiki page for the drama. Sometimes I do get confused about something because of subtlety that is lost in subtitle translation. Yes! Reading recaps is just a fun pastime.

      Hey crawling is movement just like walking. I feel you on the novels. I've been barely writing, just here and there. A writing buddy sounds like a brilliant idea!

      Thank you so much lissa!

  2. Also, Lissa, I wanted to say that you've already done a huge goal by joining in the A to Z challenge! That was a looot of work to post every day and come up with new ideas consistently. Way to go!


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