5 Easy Tips To Have More Fun In Life

5 Easy Tips To Have More Fun In Life

#1 Read self-help articles about things you’re interested in

Look up whatever you’re interested in! How to be confident; how to eat healthy for college students; how to write for magazines; how to write a great resume; how to take a trip to Hawaii cheap. The sky is the limit!! While the articles might have stuff you’ve heard before, you’re going to find nuggets of info that you never knew or thought of before! Which leads me to…

#2 Find stuff to do for free

I finally did a google search on things to do for free and learned that there is a lot of stuff out there that doesn’t cost much! Just check out your online library’s calendar or local news calendar. Or just type in free events (your city) and you’ll find event sites that list things going on EVERY DAY. Then go and choose all the ones that interest you, add them to your calendar, and see if you can go to at least one or two in a month.

#3 Journal expressively

This one is probably something you’ve already heard, or are already doing, but only until recently have I been doing this. Buy a blank sheet journal (if you can’t find one, buy a small drawing notebook) and use colors, highlighters, stickers, whatever! It won’t cost much and it’s loads of fun.

#4 Take a fun quiz

I really like quizzes. Especially a quiz that’s more substantial than just what Disney princess are you (but I love those too!) Like find a quiz to see what you want to do professionally (if you don’t know lol). I found one that had like six questions to ask yourself. It really made me think and it was a lot of fun! Here’s a really good one that makes you think about your dream career!

#5 Watch international shows/films

This is probably influenced by my love for international media but it’s fun to just try it at least once, if you’ve never done it. Bollywood, Anime, Doramas, C-dramas, K-dramas, European films, etc, there is so much out there! So many awesome stories! Plus a look at life through different perspectives and cultures. And you probably already have access to these shows/films! Just check out the international section on Netflix, Hulu, or even do a search on youtube. You can also check out legal subbing sites that often have free shows you can watch like Dramafever, Viki or Crunchyroll. (Also shameless plug – check out Korean variety show 2 Days 1 Night on KBS World TV on youtube. It’s six guys on a variety/reality show where they play crazy and silly games to eat meals (or go hungry) and sleep inside vs outside. The show is very low-key, natural and absolutely hilarious. If you are a Running Man fan, like me, you will LOVE this.)

What things do you like to do for fun? Lemmie know in the comments!


  1. #1 - I do read such helpful articles, how-tos & such occasionally but most of the time, it doesn't do much but it's interesting to read how people have so many ways of doing the same thing.

    #2 - I should really check them out

    #3 - I do this on and off but I think it's quite a good way to express yourself

    #4 - done those quizzes a few times and they're fun

    #5 - done it and still doing it, I have stopped watching american television though, I find them unwatchable, so yes, k-dramas, c-dramas, j-dramas, I used not to like watching anything with subtitles but I have grown to like it.

    I have no recommendations as I'm hardly a fun person but just a day wandering the streets & parks & shopping & maybe eating & resisting book buying, is fun to me.

    have a lovely day.

    1. For me it's like searching for tiny gems amidst a bunch of rocks. You'll find a gem that makes you go, "oh yeah, I never thought of that'. And yeah, it's definitely interesting to see different ways of approaching things.

      Especially in a big city like you live in! I bet there are lots of stuff. :D

      Yeah journaling is a good way to relax and do something easy and creative.

      For whatever reason I didn't have much problem with subtitles. I still struggle with dubbing though (which is only done in anime, and I've only seen like a couple episodes of anime hehe). Yeah I have trouble finding good American TV. The shows always have way too many seasons which ends up dragging on and destroying all my favorite characters by making them losers, stupid or out of character just to keep view interest up lol.

      Hey, that sounds like fun to me! Keep it up girl. :D


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