Being Real and You’re Worth it

Being Real and You’re Worth it

Life is a journey. One that I feel like I’ve only recently started embracing. Not too long ago, I wasn’t able to see a future for myself. I didn’t believe in myself at all. I hated myself. I used to sob about how much I hated myself, lol. My mindsets were completely built of lies, sown into my life through insecurities, the world, constant comparison and a very broken past.

But over the course of time, God slowly kept peeling back the layers of lies and pain in my life. I started moving forwards. I started breaking out of my shell. I did things I’ve never done before. I didn’t feel great doing it. I didn’t think I looked cool doing it either. But I did it!

In a world where we often hear truth, we still refuse to believe it. It just took me awhile to start believing truth. You may have to walk through a lot of pain before your heart begins to believe again. And you will definitely still feel pain. You will still struggle. You will still feel like hope is a lie at times. A lot of times.

But you know that the past is the real liar. Because it tells you that it is your future. But it is not, friends. It is not.

If I could say something to anyone who might read this, I would just say this:

You are so loved that it’s ridiculous.

You are so accepted that it’s incredulous.

You are so beautiful that it’s mindboggling.

You are so chosen that it’s overwhelming.

You have a voice! And it’s meant to be heard! You have courage and strength! You are brave! You are strong! You are fun. Pursue your dreams. Because failure is success. Failure meant you took a step! That’s real living! Every step is a journey with Jesus. Dare to believe that He wants you to GO FOR IT. Whatever it looks like. 

Feeling uncomfortable, less than, or anything negative has no effect on your identity because it is not your identity. From before you were born, every detail of your life, every breath, every cell in your body, every hair on your head – He knew you, He chose you and He does not do anything that He regrets. Get to know Him. Not religion. Not what your parents told you. Not what fear told you. But Him. Give yourself grace. Grace to make mistakes, mess up, think wrong things (because you already do), to fail fearlessly. Give yourself grace because only in that place will you grow.

And just remember. You're going to fly.



    Can I just give every single word in this post a huge, walloping AMEN?!?!?!

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I related to a lot of it, and it's so good to read about how you're journeying out of fear and the lies you've believed. (I even had an experience of Satan trying to get me back to a dark place last night, so having this to read this morning, after God helped me through it, was so awesome.)


    1. It really is an everyday journey, isn't it?? Just reading this again myself encouraged me, lol! Because we're truly fighting everyday. I'm so glad God used this to encourage you again of who you are and the hope and future He has for you!!


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