Kim Seondal Review - Heist Movie Meets Gorgeous Period Drama

Kim Seondal Review

Yoo Seung-Ho is back and as charismatic and adorable as ever!!

In-Hong in disguise
Kim Seondal starts with Kim In-Hong (Yoo Seung-Ho) surviving a battle with two other stranglers. Time passes and we find In-Hong and his buddies are now master con-men who swindle people out of their riches. But when In-Hong decides to cross the powerful, ruthless noble Sung Dae-Ryeon (Jo Jae-Hyun), In-Hong loses more than he could imagine – and must create the ultimate revenge con against him.

Things I Loved

Well this movie was absolutely beautiful! Gorgeous scenery and costumes create a lush period drama that is total eye candy.

And the acting was wonderful with Yoo Seung-Ho (Queen Seondeok, Warrior Baek Dong Soo) even more adorable and enigmatic than I’ve seen him in a long time. His smile! How could you not love him!

Jo Jae-Hyun was awesome as the ruthless villain, bringing the gravitas to the role to make him seem like a truly formidable man.

EXO’s Xiumin was soooo sweet and precious as In-Hong’s young, innocent friend Gyeon. And Seo Ye-Ji (Hwarang) was an intriguing heroine despite her limited screen time. She really reminds me of Soo-Ae; Ye-Ji has such a strong onscreen presence and her deep voice is just gorgeous. Yeo Woo-Jin (Arang and the Magistrate, Marriage Not Dating) has a small but awesome role as King Hyojong!

The heists were hilarious (that king disguise!) and fun and the twists kept things super interesting! Though I guessed a few of the surprises before, I didn’t think it detracted from the storytelling.
I really loved the fun heist meets historical drama including the heist music that added a fun element to the otherwise more traditional historical story. I also found the balance of drama with a lot of lightheartedness refreshing. The movie refrains from delving into what could’ve been a very dark tale of revenge (because revenge is kinda dark lol) and focuses more on the creativity, fun and fearlessness of the con-men which made the movie never feel depressing or wearisome.

Things I Wanted More Of

I think the biggest things I found wanting was the lack of knowing what the main character was thinking. The movie is two hours long and they could’ve easily added more emotional building with In-Hong. It’s most noticeable with his relationship with Ye-Ji’s character Gyu-Young. He’s using her for his revenge plans but we really don’t get to see how he feels about her. We’re left to assume that he has feelings for her. Though he sometimes shows emotion, it’s uncertain of whether or not he meant it sincerely or just as part of his act.

And the romance could’ve been built more upon. It didn’t need to be an extremely over-dramatic romance, but more of the lead couple connecting and perhaps some hints shown that In-Hong is falling for Gyu-Young would’ve been interesting.


This is a great, fun breezy movie that refuses to take itself to dramatically or seriously. The lead characters are easy to love and root for, while the villain is an exciting match for the hero. Definitely worth a watch!

Kim Seondal is available on Dramafever.


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