Podcasting: Fangirl Boss

Podcasting: Fangirl Boss

Well, I never thought I’d say this. But I’m a podcaster!

Heck, a year ago… even half a year ago, I had never considered doing anything like podcasting. I enjoyed listening to podcasts and all. I kinda obsessively watch Good Mythical Morning and began listening to Earbiscuits again. Plus I like to listen to Blimey Cow’s fun podcasts. But then a couple months ago, I began to think…

Maybe I can do this?

So, I’ve started Fangirl Boss on Anchor radio. I’ve done two episodes so far and… I’ve been enjoying it! This is a surprise to me as I literally sat for five minutes before recording my first episode aghast at the idea of me speaking aloud to myself and recording my own voice. Shudders! I didn’t think I could do it haha. So I sang a song loudly to myself to warm up… and then I just did it. Just recorded something.

So what is the Fangirl Boss about, you ask?

It’s where I talk K-dramas. Period dramas. Blockbusters. Romantic Books. And fangirl like a boss.

You can check out my two episodes on either Anchor or Itunes.

Episode 1: K-drama talk Bride of the Water God (episodes 3-4)
Episode 2: Upcoming Global Shows

(ep 2 includes talk on Jab Harry Met Sejal, Incredibles 2, Nightwing, Kim Nam-Gil and Jaejoong’s upcoming dramas, Little Women BBC, and more)

What’s cool about Anchor is its very interactive. You can call-in and leave questions for the radio station you like, you can give applause (applause button) to segments you like and even comment now. Overall, it’s sooo easy to use, free and a lot of fun! Check it out and let me know what you think!


  1. The podcast sounds awesome. Although... I'm steering clear of all the is "Bride of the Water God" at the moment and waiting for it to finish airing... The anticipation is KILLING ME. ;)
    But I'll definitely have to check out your other episodes!

  2. Thank you!! I understand trying to avoid spoilers (I try to do that with the Marvel Universe but its so hard lol). Awesome! Let me know what you think! :D


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