The Best Way Is To Let Go

The Best Way Is To Let Go

Cue the song.

“Time to let go of trying to find that best way to do that thing before you do it.”

Okay, I paraphrased but it’s basically what I read on someone’s Facebook post a week ago.

Oh my word. How can you possible just say that? You can’t tell me to just do something without finding the best way possible! I have to find the best way! Never mind in the real world I actually mean procrastinating for a LOOOONG time or just never doing it at all.

Because it has to be PERFEEEEEECT!!

Isn’t that the whole point???

Or so I’ve believed almost my entire life. Why? Perfectionism = insecurity. (can I just go on the record and say I dislike the word insecurity… doesn’t make me feel secure, lol) If it’s not perfect, then it’s not really good enough or secure. So it’s better not to try at all. Which is definitely not perfect either, but your mind tends to ignore that point. The brain always finds a way to ignore those good points in favor of an unrealistic mindset it’s created, lol. Thanks brain.

When did I start living my life like CLU from the Tron Legacy movie?

Don't you mess with my perfect world
The computer-program CLU rules the Grid world harshly. His mission though is merely perfection. Which means he’s desperate to eradicate flawed program-beings, those that didn’t come forth from the original programming. Are they really flawed? CLU thinks so. But the real human creator of the Tron game, Flynn, knows they’re not flawed; they just don’t look like what CLU expects.

I decided a long time ago what perfect was. It looked right, sounded amazing, was never messy, wrong, confused, stupid, foolish or definitely DIDN’T go on a journey and process of growth. It already had to be perfect. It couldn’t be disliked by anyone because… it was perfect. Who could dislike that??

It took a long time for me to realize that I’d deviated from the Creator’s idea of perfection… which is growth. Even the word perfection according to Him means maturity. Which you only get maturity by… growth. It’s absolutely messy, wrong sometimes (because you get to learn! Lol), doesn’t have all the answers, looks stupid at times, and is living, growing, becoming full of peace, strength, hope, endurance. But it doesn’t obsessively measure all of that either. I KNOW!!! How is that possible? It just moves like a river, trusting in the Perfect One’s (Jesus) redemption, love, and healing.

let that hair down, girl
Perfect seriously doesn’t exist. Go out and live life. Pursue you dreams, big and small. And feel free to just mess up. Live like Miss Frizzle from The Magic School Bus told us to!
Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!

Obviously you can prepare. I still do it. It’s a fight not to prepare lol. But honestly, I’m not really preparing most of the time. I’m just hoping to postpone whatever it is that I have to do, or would like to do, for another day.

Maybe you only take a small step, but it’s still a step. And every step counts. You’re in the cocoon now and when you emerge, not if, BUT WHEN, you WILL have wings to fly.

Peace out, friends


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