The Fangirl Recap Snack: Bride of the Water God Ep 4

The Fangirl Recap Snack: Bride of the Water God Ep 4

Short, random fangirly moments – basically a recap snack! Warning: this morsel is loaded with spoilers!

Bride of the Water God Episode 4

Habaek saves So-Ah (she knows he’s a god now! Yay finally!), but of course his powers disappear immediately after. Habaek then moves into So-Ah’s place, meets again with Moo Ra (Ji Ya), and tries to convince her to give him the god stone but she’s resistant. Meanwhile So-Ah plans to sell her land and leave Korea.

Habaek saving the day (and finally So-Ah sees his powers!) Of course Habaek's powers disappear immediately after the rescue, but I'm totally cool with that. I mean if he had his powers already, things would be too easy and then the show wouldn't have enough episodes, so it all works out!

I know, girl! He looks 23 to me too! 

So much relief when So-Ah finally realized that Habaek really is the water god. Of course her disbelief of such a statement was funny but I feel like the story can really go forward now that she knows he's not just an insane person. Or a crazy stalker lol.

Haha oh I love cohabitation shenanigans. So-Ah freaks out when she sees that Habaek is taking a bath on the rooftop (because neighobors lol!) and they get into an argument that is made extra awkward for So-Ah since Habaek's only in a towel.

So-Ah's smile when she sees her friend is waiting for her.

Play it cool man.

I love this moment!! So-Ah  comes home but is feeling anxious knowing that guy who tried to kill her is still on the loose. Her look of relief when she sees Habaek is waiting for her. Of course he pretends like he was just standing out there for no reason, haha. The quiet gesture doesn't go unnoticed by So-Ah. *starts singing Belle Notte*

What was your favorite scene in Bride of the Water God? Lemmie know in the comments!

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