The Fangirl’s Chapter Challenge: Persuasion Ch. 7-9

Chapter 7-9: Perpetual Estrangement And The First Romantic Gesture

The Fangirl’s Chapter Challenge is an original weekly challenge/meme started here at Just Way Too Boss. The rules are super simple and fun!

1. Choose a book and however many chapters you want to write about in a week
2. Each week write your thoughts about the chapter
3. Be fangirl-y and have fun! You can follow my template (summary, thoughts, quotes, life lessons) or do whatever you feel like! Just let us know what happened in the chapter(s) and what you thought of them!

For my first The Fangirl’s Chapter Challenge, I’m tackling Jane Austen’s super romantic novel Persuasion!  I will be breaking down the novel into 3 chapters a week. Here’s the next three chapters!


Chapter 7 brings the much-awaited moment!! Captain Wentworth and Anne in the same room! After seven years!

Backing up a bit, we find the Musgrove family eager to get Captain Wentworth over since he was the last captain for their son before he died. Meanwhile Anne is determined – she’s going to avoid Wentworth at all costs. However, she almost walked into the Musgrove parents’ house when You-Know-Who was there. Only Mary’s son Charles Jr had a bad fall (dislocated his collar-bone poor kid) which inadvertently intervened in them meeting. Luckily the kid wasn’t hurt horribly, and Anne basically was Mom Support System by getting the doctor, calming Mary, informing Charles’ Dad and the rest of the family. She continued to avoid Wentworth by taking care of Charles Jr and sending Mom and Dad to the Main House to the family party. Later on, she learned that Wentworth was avoiding her as well, by asking to meet with Dad Charles (they planned to go hunting) in the Main House and not the cottage (where Anne is staying.)

But destiny can’t be stopped!! Turns out Dad Charles is a late morning person (I relate, dude) and Wentworth ended up coming over to the Cottage!!! Neither Anne or Wentworth addressed one another, heck they didn’t barely make eye contact – BUT THEY WERE IN THE SAME ROOM PEOPLE!!! Afterwards Anne learns that Wentworth called her so altered he wouldn’t KNOW HER. Ouch! Seriously dude that is harsh. Of course, he didn’t realize she’d ever hear it. Anne realizes that he still hasn’t forgiven her for dumping him – particularly since it was because of another’s interference. She figures that now that he’s rich, he’s on the hunt for a wife. And he definitely talks like it.

Now they’re constantly dining together at the Musgraves’ home. Of course, they don’t ever talk to one another but Anne basically listens to everything he says, still as in love as ever. She listens to his sea stories shuddering at his near-death experiences. Wentworth has an amusing discussion with his sister where he is adamant that ladies shouldn’t be onboard ships, more concerned with them not being comfortable. His sister is a total boss and basically tells him to stop it lol. She’s been onboard ships loads of times and finds them as comfortable as any place. Being with her husband was all she wanted and made her happy. Way to go Mrs. Croft!

And then Wentworth says something to Anne – because he sits down at the piano and she comes near it, and he thinks she’s going to play it and then he gets up and he’s all like, “I beg your pardon, madam, this is your seat”. HE SAID WORDS! Of course, they were cold and very distant words, lol. Anne feels awful with how formal and awkward their situation has become.

Well the matchmaking rumors start exploding among the Musgroves. Will Wentworth choose Henrietta or Louisa, the young, bubbly, pretty daughters who basically worship him all the time? Amusingly, Henrietta’s almost-beau, Charles Hayter, (who’s also her cousin, lol) returns and finds his not-quite-girlfriend fawning over some new dude. He’s super bummed.

And then Anne and Wentworth meet alone! Okay, not completely alone. Charles Jr is there and Anne’s taking care of him. Wentworth comes in and he freaks out – he thought Henrietta and Louisa would be there. Anne assures him they’re coming down in a minute. She sits on the ground next to Charles Jr to attend to him when Kiddo 2 (Charles 2 year old brother) comes in and starts grabbing Anne around the neck. Haha. Kids. She tries to order the toddler to stop and pull him off. But we know what 2 year old babies are like. They don’t listen friends! And then someone picks up the baby and moves him away. AND IT’S WENTWORTH!! Fetch the smelling salts! First romantic gesture FTW!!


I am sorry for Anne’s pain. Buuut I kinda love it all the same. The whole awkward, painful avoidance of each other (but always watching from afar) is just awesome tension and building of the New Relationship that Anne and Wentworth have – lovers who can’t get over one another but are pretending like heck that they don’t remember or care about the past.

The narrator focuses mainly on Anne’s feelings, which I prefer, because it adds some mystery in wondering exactly what are running through Wentworth’s thoughts. The dude has feelings after all. He’s still waaay hurt by the breakup! I mean it’s totes obvious.

I found it interesting that Anne wonders why Wentworth never came back for her, as she would’ve done the same if it had been her. Anne’s thinking isn’t wrong, honestly, but I think she’s unaware of how uncertain Wentworth probably feels about her. He doesn’t know that she’s loved him all this time. She left him. No doubt he thought she was going to move on and marry some rich dude. I’m sure he’s surprised that she’s still unmarried. But he doesn’t know Anne’s mind; that she’s been waiting for him all this time. Of course, there’s probably some pride in there; he didn’t want to come back after she tossed him aside. But without any certainty of her feelings (though she might think that he ought to know her feelings never wavered), he would have no reason to risk getting hurt a second time.

Okay, now that I gave time thinking of what Anne Elliot would look like, I’m ready for a Captain Wentworth choice. My sister suggested two of these actors, and I think they’re really good choices – totally capable of bringing the rugged quality of a Navy man as well as the romantic period drama gentleman.

 #Tom Hardy
Okay, Tom is a bit older than the age range (he’s 39 and Wentworth is 31). But he’s seriously a great choice for a Jane Austen leading man! Plus he’s been in many period dramas including The Virgin Queen and Wuthering Heights.

#Karl Urban
Yes, he’s much older than Wentworth (Karl’s 45) but he’s such a good actor. He could totally bring the swoon worthy to Wentworth’s character! He was Eomer!!

#Charlie Hunnam
The youngest of my choices, Charlie is 37. He’s no stranger to period dramas (Nicholas Nickleby) and would be an awesome choice!


But I hate to hear you talking so, like a fine gentleman, and as if women were all fine ladies, instead of rational creatures. We none of us expect to be in smooth water all our days.

Now they were strangers; nay, worse than strangers, for they could never become acquainted. It was a perpetual estrangement.

Life Lessons I’ve Gleaned

Single dudes are going to make a big deal about ladies coming onboard ships. Lol, typical.

A toddler misbehaving is the same whether 1800 or 2000.

Watch out - 2 weeks later and your not-yet-girlfriend may have forgotten about you in favor of a Navy dude.

What do you think of the latest chapters of Persuasion?


  1. I like really like Wentworth's sister, Mrs. Croft, she's bold and she's not afraid to be at sea.

    I think the sisters Henrietta and Louisa are quite silly, hovering over Wentworth like he's some pop star, which I think it's quite a good comparison. poor Charles Hayter, I think I would feel exactly like him if my supposed wife-to is behaving like that.

    the piano scene - I think the adaptation with Sally Hawkins- had the scene quite nicely done, though Wentworth is less cold and I really like the music there. I'm totally spoiled by that adaptation.

    I think Wentworth is the one that really left, I mean he went off to sea and never contact Anne, it's not like she can contact him while he's moving around the world, so I kind of blame him for their long separation

    Tom Hardy - he's looks the part, age doesn't matter

    Karl Urban - I don't see him as Wentworth, mostly because I saw him in star trek and I can't think of anything about Bones when I see his face

    Charlie Hunnam - maybe, though I kind of think he's doesn't quite have that mature face, I don't know, only saw him in Nickleby so I can't really judge

    have a lovely day.

    1. Yes me too! Mrs. Croft is a boss lady! :D

      It's true that Henrietta and Louisa don't think of Wentworth more than a mere celebrity hehe. I give them some slack cuz they're young, lol. I know poor Charles haha. He didn't see that coming.

      I really need to see the Sally Hawkins adaptation again. It's been a while. I'll probably watch it after I finish the book; maybe I'll do a review or something. ;)

      Yes that's true! He cut off contact with her; she wasn't the one who did that. Seven years didn't have to go by. But I think Wentworth really believed that Anne wasn't going to wait for him. I think that he was angry but also afraid that if Lady Russell could talk her out of marrying him, she would easily talk her into marrying a rich nobleman, the kind of guy that Lady Russell wanted her to marry.

      Yeah if I had to choose one actor here, it would be Tom Hardy. Second choice Charlie. And last Karl.

      Thanks for stopping by Lissa! I always love reading your thoughts! :D


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