The Fangirl’s Chapter Challenge: Persuasion Ch. 4-6

Chapter 4-6: Anne Elliot – counselor, confidante and companion

The Fangirl’s Chapter Challenge is an original weekly challenge/meme started here at Just Way Too Boss. The rules are super simple and fun!

1. Choose a book and however many chapters you want to write about in a week
2. Each week write your thoughts about the chapter
3. Be fangirl-y and have fun! You can follow my template (summary, thoughts, quotes, life lessons) or do whatever you feel like! Just let us know what happened in the chapter(s) and what you thought of them!

For my first The Fangirl’s Chapter Challenge, I’m tackling Jane Austen’s super romantic novel Persuasion!  I will be breaking down the novel into 3 chapters a week. Here’s the next three chapters!


Persuasion continues with much needed backstory as we’re all nipping at the bit to learn about Anne’s somebody from the past. 7 years ago in 1806, a young Frederick Wentworth (also, my apologizes because I thought that Frederick was Edward Wentworth, the curator, in the last chapter; they didn’t name his first name so I thought they were talking about Frederick from his pre-Navy days but it’s all clarified in chapter FOUR which I didn’t read until now haha) went to stay with his brother at Monkford. Of course magic happened when an intelligent, passionate young Navy officer met a pretty, reserved but passionate girl. It was destiny people. They fell madly in love and he proposed! Dad didn’t forbid it but he made it clear that he thought the whole thing reeked. Still 19-year-old Anne was ready to stand against Dad’s objections but another person chimed in and everything went to pot.

Lady Russell worked on Anne until finally she caved in. Frederick was too poor, no ranking, basically nothing, she said. Although to Anne’s benefit, she believed breaking up was as much for Frederick’s benefit as herself. He wasn’t a happy camper though so much so that he vacated the country. And the years dragged by very unhappily for Anne. Mary’s husband initially Charles Musgrave showed interest in Anne, but despite Lady Russell trying to get Anne to accept him, she refused. So he took Mary. Lol. Meanwhile Anne came to regret her decision about Wentworth. She didn’t blame herself for a decision made at 19, but she knew she’d never give that advice to any 19-year-old girls in the future.

Finally, the Elliots head off to Bath. Anne was resigned to following them but her hypochondriac sister, Mary, demanded that she come to Uppercross Cottage. So of course, Anne was told to go. And luckily for Anne, she was much happier at the idea of staying in the countryside for a while. Especially since she and her sister, Elizabeth, weren’t in agreement about Elizabeth’s friend coming along – a widowed Mrs. Clay who was pretty, young, of no rank, and possibly eyeing Daddy Elliot.

In Uppercross Cottage, Anne quickly got to work making Mary feel happier and even get out of the house. They visited Mary’s in-laws, a nice happy bunch with happy, care-free kiddos. Anne felt at peace about her 2-month stay, even though everybody in the family had to gossip to her about the latest family issue and ask her to intervene. Finally, they went to visit the Crofts at Kellynch Hall to welcome them. And the Crofts repaid the visit. Anne was happy since she could tell that Mrs. Croft, Frederick’s sister, had no idea about their almost-marriage fiasco. But of course FATE must intervene with these events as the eldest Musgrove daughter came by to tell Anne and Mary that the Musgrove family was hell-bent on meeting Captain Frederick Wentworth after they just figured out that he was the captain who was with their son last before he died at sea. Uh-oh, Anne.

Thoughts – 

Lady Russell – pros. She cared about Anne’s future. Lady Russell – cons. She bullied Anne into giving up the man she loved. She didn’t really care much about Anne’s true feelings, as she tried to convince her to give Charles Musgrove a chance. She also puts all of her hopes in a respective dude’s income… which, sure ya gotta live, but what if the rich guy becomes ruined? Like um, Sir Elliot? What then Lady RUSSELL?? WHAT THEN?!?

Anne is an amazingly compassionate and patient person. Haha. I admire her endurance as I can’t say that I would have the same feelings about everyone trying to get me to do this and that. Also, family members making you the counselor and ambassador between each other – ugghh. I have experienced it enough in my life to say that it’s not fun. I’m glad to see that Anne, though, patient and kind to everyone, wisely doesn’t try to fix everyone’s situation beyond a positive or word or two. ‘Cuz she has enough on her plate than trying to be the mediator for Mary and her hubby and in-laws, lol.

I love how Jane’s building up the tantalizing wait to see Captain Wentworth. We get tidbits, we get flashbacks, and obviously we are shown Anne’s undying love for this guy. Of course Anne thinks she’s safe from every seeing him -  but we know that it’s INESCAPABLE! They will meet again and THIS TIME LADY RUSSELL, YOU LOSE!

Since I spent a lot of time imagining who Dad Elliot should look like, I think it’s fair to give Anne Elliot a turn now. I’ve yet to see an adaptation that really captures to me the heart of Anne. I chose these actresses mainly because I think they’re pretty solid actors and I think you really need someone with good acting chops to be able to bring out the internal passion of Anne, because she usually keeps her emotions buried deep within.

 #Anna Maxwell Martin
So technically Anna might be out of Anne’s age range (she’s 40 and Anne is 27) but she’s a great actress and has done wonderfully in her many roles in period dramas. The picture is even of her in a Regency period drama!

#Faye Marsay
I technically haven’t seen Faye in anything, but she’s a solid actress who’s no stranger to period dramas. She’s the closest of the three I chose to Anne’s age and I think she could do a great job in the role.

#Saoirse Ronan
The youngest of the three, Saoirse Ronan is a rising new talent who’s been in a lot of movies including period dramas. I can totally see her bringing warmth and quiet passion to the role of Anne Elliot.


I cannot possibly do without Anne,” was Mary’s reasoning, and Elizabeth’s reply was, “Then I am sure Anne had better stay, for nobody will want her in Bath.

They were gradually acquainted, and when acquainted, rapidly and deeply in love. It would be difficult to say which had seen highest perfection in the other, or which had been the happiest; she in receiving his declarations and proposals, or he in having them accepted.

Life Lessons I’ve Gleaned

When you’re rich, your best friend could very well be a fortune hunter lady with eyes on your Daddy and his money.

Sometimes it’s not the Dad you have to worry about when proposing, it’s the lady next door.

The best compliment you can get from a Navy officer “there seems no harm in him” = you’re in the club.

What are your thoughts about Persuasion?


  1. I'm sort of rereading persuasion with some skimming over some parts

    ah yes, chapter 4 - I honestly have forgotten most of the book and this chapter beginning as well, but no big deal, we can't always remember all that they read

    Lady Russell - I kind like that she's outspoken and she cares about Anne but I think more for Anne's reputation, I think she wants Anne to be like her mother Lady Elliot of sorts, certainly this was sort of implied right? perhaps Anne reminds her of her mother?

    I still don't quite get how Anne's father and sister didn't care about her, I mean, doesn't Anne do a lot for them? I'm thinking Mrs. Clay is like the opposite of Anne - someone who can match the haughtiness of Elizabeth and Sir Walter because she seems to suck up to them, I suppose she made them feel superior or something, unlike Anne, it's terrible to think how Anne could live with those two so long without her mother around

    I think Mary's just as worse as Elizabeth and Sir Walter, she's married, she's someone's mother and wife but she acts like a spoiled child sometimes, that's my impression. I just she must have some resentment towards Anne because her husband Charles could have ended marrying Anne instead of her, I don't think there was any talk about that but I sort of make up my mind that that's what Mary's about

    I don't have any definite image of Anne from the book, so I kind of rely more on the adaptations than the book. Sally Hawkins was a pretty decent Anne. Saorise Ronan looks like she could play Anne very well but it's probably because I like her freckles. I think Anne is definitely dark-haired, pretty but not too much, smart and kind and even wise, so it's pretty hard to get anyone to play her because we all have different ideas, you know?

    have a lovely day.

    1. Cool! Re-reading is always fun!

      Yes, Lady Russell does think of Anne as most like Lady Elliot, which is why she probably wants her to continue in her footsteps, marrying a rich, titled dude.

      I know right! Anne goes way out of her way to help her father and sister, but they don't even take notice of her. It must've been super hard for her without a caring mom around, which is why I'm sure she is so close to Lady Russell.

      Mary is definitely a spoiled brat haha. You know I didn't think about that, but it makes sense - that Mary has some resentment towards Anne, maybe because Charles was slightly interested in her first.

      Yeah Sally Hawkins did a pretty good job. That's true - we all have our own idea of what a book character should look like, hehe!

      Thanks for dropping by Lissa! :D


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