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Current Shows I’m Watching

Suspicious Partners – I finally started watching the show! And it’s truly the actors that make this a show that I can’t stop watching. Ji Chang-Wook is awesome as always. Nam Ji-Hyun is delightful in her second lead romance role. I don’t really remember seeing Choi Tae-Joon before (he had very small roles in dramas I’d seen before, Lord of the Dramas, The Girl Who Sees Smells) but man… he’s got so much charisma. He seriously needs his own lead role. So far the show has had great pacing and is very intriguing and the romance is wonderful. I loosely followed recaps, so I know the plot is said to drag in the later second half… will have to see how it goes.

Bride of the Water God – It’s not perfect in anyway. But I love it. Nam Ji-Hyuk is such a fabulous actor. I love the romance. I love the fantasy worldbuilding. I honestly wish there was more of it. But I’m happy just enjoying what the show gives us so far. Also the previews for ep 11!!! I can’t wait!

Anne with an E – I’ve only watched one episode so far. Not sure why I’m so surprised at how much heart of the book they’ve captured!! But seriously, it feels like Anne of Green Gables. Not to mention Anne is the most precious thing ever!

Upcoming Shows I’m Excited For

Manhole – haha, that name makes me laugh. Translation can be funny sometimes. This is a time travel modern drama starring Jaejoong. I’m excited to see him come back to Kdrama-land! My only problem… I don’t know what streaming site is picking the show up.

Deserving of the Name/Live Up To The Name – I CAN’T!!! Kim Nam-Gil is back! This is another time travel drama, albeit mash-up of historical Korea and modern times – with doctors. I’ve never been a fan of doctor dramas but this looks like it’s gonna be good. But there is a problem!! I have no idea what streaming site is picking up this drama either!!  PLEASE SOMEONE PICK UP THIS WONDERFUL DRAMA!!

What are you watching currently? Lemmie know in the comments below!


  1. I'm actually not watching any shows, I really need to get to my writings and drawings but I'm procrastinating...

    I might watch 'bride of the water god' later so I'm not reading the recaps yet...

    live up to your name sounds kind of fun though I'm kind of tired of time travel shows but I'm not tired of fun shows so it's a maybe

    not quite interest in 'anne with an e' as I read reviews where they deviates from the book and is very dark, I guess I just prefer the megan follows version too much to see this new version & I also don't have netflix so that didn't help

    have a lovely day.

    1. Oh yes procrastination my old friend, hehe.

      Yes, I try not to read too much recaps for dramas I might check out later. (but sometimes I get tempted)

      Yeah time travel isn't the big draw for me. But you're right - if it's funny and fun! That's all that matters!

      So far it hasn't deviated from the book (with one episode lol), but it might alter things later. However the Megan Follows version which I love deviated from the book I'm pretty certain as well. So far the first episode was darkish... but so balanced with the usual spirit of Anne that it didn't feel overwhelming to me. Just kinda honest. Like if you really look at the life that Anne had before the Cuthberts... you know it probably was hellish. I'm not saying I'm a proponent of darker versions of stuff though. I'll take happy light shows any day! :D And yeah, not having Netflix probably won't help haha.


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