2017 Year In Review: Favorite Onscreen Relationships

Well friends, 2018 awaits us and of course that means lots of year end reviews. I really love doing these things. I mean I have an excel spreadsheet where I write down everything I watch so I won’t forget for the year in review, so I must like it in some capacity.

My first year in review post is favorite onscreen relationships both romance and bromance. Not all these shows aired in 2017 (actually most of them didn't lol); they are just shows/movies that I watched for the first time this year.

2017 Year In Review: Favorite Onscreen Relationships

Friends (Monica & Chandler) – Bromance to Romance

Of all the romances in Friends (of which there are many), Monica and Chandler’s is the OTP of OTPs. And perhaps it’s the best because they started out as sincere friends. Chandler was the best bud/college roomie of Monica’s older brother, Ross, and her next-door neighbor. They hung out together all the time (along with the other Friends. Cuz everybody is Friends here!) and teased, annoyed, and supported one another. I knew early on in the series that I wanted some of the group to become a couple other than Ross and Rachel. And because somehow I lived my life spoiler free, I didn’t know about Monica/Chandler (my sister did spoil it for me because she thought I knew haha). I was BEYOND delighted when they coupled up midway through the series and so glad the writers let them be a couple to the end!

Three Coins in the Fountain (Anita & Giorgio)– Romance

A sweet little 50s movie that I stumbled upon on Netflix, the movie follows three American ladies and their romances. And my favorite of the group was definitely Anita (I love that name) and Giorgio. Their romance was passionate (crying, hugging, the whole ‘50s works) but so sweet and tender. Giorgio was the man of any girl’s dreams – sweet, respectful, selfless, and Italian!! No wonder Anita couldn’t resist.

Romancing the Stone/Jewel in the Nile (Jack & Joan) – Romance

I can’t believe I watched this film at the beginning of the year! It seems like it was so long ago. This 80s films of adventure and romance were my cup of tea and the romance was delightful. Joan is the quiet, restrained writer living alone who goes to Colombia to help her sister and meets the sarcastic, mysterious loner, Jack, who helps her survive the jungle and save her sister. Their romance continues beautifully in the next film and what can I say, I just adore them!!!

The Magnificent 7 (Goodnight & Billy Rocks) – Bromance

Goodnight and Billy Rocks. My favorite part of the whole movie. Two very different men who met and became the best of buds. Though Billy is younger, he’s the big brother of the group, aware of Goodnight’s depressive moods and always looking after Goodnight. They are together to the very bitter end. Now forgive me while I wipe tears away.

In Earnest (Algernon & Jack) – Bromance

AHHH I loved this youtube web-series/web-drama so darn much!! Based on The Importance of Being Earnest which is a hilarious, wonderful play, the series puts a modern spin on it with some more thoughtful, deeper touches (the play is one-dimensional on purpose as its about humor and satire). And the BEST PART is the BROMANCE between Algernon and Jack. These two best friends MAKE the series and their love for one another is too perfect. WATCH IT!!

Fight My Way (Go Dong-Man & Choi Ae-Ra) – Bromance to Romance

There’s something so satisfying about this friendship that turns into a romance. It’s probably how Go Dong-Man and Choi Ae-Ra totally have each other’s backs. They trusted and cared for one another before they even decided to give romance a chance. Of course, they’re adorable and awesome together.

Friends (Joey & Chandler) – Bromance

I had no expectations for an outright bromance on Friends. I mean this was straight of a K-drama epic bromantic love between two best buds. Joey and Chandler are roommates and as close as brothers. Their relationship is just perfect. One of my favorite things is when they fight like the typical old married couple; Chandler is the long-suffering wife feeling ignored, Joey is the husband who is a little dense and doesn’t understand what Chandler wants.

Baby Driver (Baby & Debora) – Romance

A sweet little romance in the midst of a heist movie (that plays more like a modern fairy tale). There are a lot of ‘50s and ‘60s throwbacks to this couple; their meet cute; most of their scenes taking place in an old diner. Though their romance is not the focal point of the movie (and thus doesn’t get as much screen time), their love for one another follows a fairy tale motif; pure, deep and trusting.

Titanic (Rose & Jack) – Romance

I really didn’t expect to like them! I watched Titanic for the first time this year. I guess I expected a very angsty romance but found something much sweeter and more genuine. Jack is a good-hearted wanderer who brings out the best in Rose by believing in her, while Rose gives Jack a belonging, even family, that he's never had. In fact, Jack’s final sacrifice is matched as deeply by Rose who went back into the ship to get him (twice haha), despite the risk to her. And if certain scenes are fast-forwarded (hint, hint, hehe), their romance is no different than other charming period drama couples. 

When Calls the Heart (Jack & Elizabeth) – Romance

Who doesn’t love this couple? Sure they fight a lot and say stupid stuff (mostly Jack haha). But they’re darling and precious onscreen. They're both highly compassionate and generous people. Plus, he’s a Mountie. I mean is it any wonder that Elizabeth is in love with this guy?

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo (Bok-Joo & Joon-Hyung) – Romance

Another friends to lovers couple that is just too precious. Their romance is refreshing on so many levels including how normal they are; just young adults taking their first steps into life. Joon-Hyung adores Bok-Joo for who she is and even loves and supports her desire to be a weightlifter, something than can be rare to see onscreen. They bicker and fight of course but also take care of and watch out for one another.

Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon (Bong-Soon & Min-Hyuk) – Romance

I love them soooo much! Similar to the weightlifting couple, Bong-Soon and Min-Hyuk are refreshingly supportive of one another. Min-Hyuk is one of the sweetest, most adorable K-drama heroes ever and his unabashed love and respect for Bong-Soon only makes us love him more.

What romances and bromances of 2017 won your heart over? 

And why do I have an obsession with characters named Jack… (I just noticed that four of the guys are named Jack. I guess I just didn’t realize how popular a name it is. Man, just thinking of the name Jack and so, so many characters come to mind hahaha).


  1. Ooh, I really do need to see the new Magnificent Seven. AND In Earnest. I've heard of the web series but hadn't watched it. I'll do that!

    I started Fight For My Way but didn't get very far, and haven't made it to watching Strong Woman or Weightlifting Fairy yet either. Man, it's been a crazy year.

    Favorite romances/bromances... now that I think about it, it's hard to remember any! :) I'll have to think about it more.

    1. Yes! If just to see Lee Byung-Hun (I liked him in Red 2, and The Masquerade). His hair is amazing is this movie, I must add.

      YES WATCH IN EARNEST!! I think you will love it. Of course, I am biased. :D

      I hear you on dropping dramas. I dropped SO MANY shows this year and didn't watch really any "new" K-dramas for most of the year (other than Strong Woman or Weightlifting), but instead watched a lot of oldies that I never got to see.

      It's difficult for me to remember without my list. Without my list of what I've watched, I probably wouldn't have even remembered In Earnest (which is terrible because I loved that series so much). :D

  2. I used to like friends & chandler is considered my favorite character, romance with monica sounds right and I like the episode where chandler couldn't take a good photo because he keeps making those silly faces and joey ends up in the paper with monica announcing the engagement, fun episode.

    still haven't seen 'strong woman do bong-soon' but I did catch an episode and it was funny, don't know about the romance though

    there's also Jack in the movie 'speed'- I like that romance there - jack and annie.

    I did see 'the three musketeers' - the korean version, it was good but I didn't quite care for the romance between the prince and the princess but it's kind of cute though.

    I didn't actually watch that many romantic comedies or dramas this year, they're mostly fantasy/crime dramas. did you watch 'signal'? I like the romance with the newbie female cop, so it's a bit one-sided but it's sweet & also the cop she loves is a bit shy and he has a one-sided love for this girl that got kill. romance isn't exactly focus of the show but it's there. I really need to see lighter shows.

    have a lovely day.

    1. Aww nice! I love Chandler too (I just realized he made it to my list twice, hehe). Yes, that episode! Haha, so funny. I love that one. My favorite episode I think is the one where Joey, Chandler and Monica tell the others what happened on the beach when she got stung by a jelly fish. I rarely laugh that hard, but I was dying. lol

      Cool! There are a lot of humorous moments that I love about Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon.

      Jack is such a popular name for action movies hehe (not that I mind). I should check that movie out; I've heard of it but never seen it.

      Oh my word, I loved the Three Musketeers K-drama. I feel you on the romance. I both adored it and was annoyed by it (mainly annoyed by the prince who was waaay too distant for waaaay too long)

      I haven't seen Signal. I really haven't been watching much crime dramas of late. I can get easily "down" so I try to avoid watching too much darker stuff. Even Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon bothered me, just because of the villain. I just dislike stuff like that. But that doesn't mean I haven't seen crime shows, or don't appreciate them; they can be a lot of fun. I guess it's all about finding the balance, right? :D

      Thank you Lissa!

  3. Great list! You've made me want to revisit some favorites. haha... ;)

    1. Thank you! Yeah, just writing this list and I wanted to re-visit some too! :D

  4. This was such fun to read! :D And it's a great idea for a post . . . hmm . . . perhaps I'll steal it? ;-P Anyway, thanks for the fun post! Hope your Christmas was fantastic. :)

    1. Thanks! Yes do steal it! I'd love to read your favorite onscreen relationships for the year! I had a great Christmas! Hope you did too! :D


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