2018 Year Goals (plus Fandom Questionnaire!)

New. Year. Resolutions.

I know, I’m scared just writing those three weighty words. But my friends, remember…
Courage isn’t the absence of fear but rather the judgement that something is more important than fear; The brave may not live forever but the cautious do not live at all.

Take that! I used a QUOTE! Mhwahaha! And now the quotes are flooding my brain right now!!

Close the blast doors! Open the blast doors! Open the blast doors!

I’ve got a bad feeling about this.


The game is afoot!


Okay! Okay! I won’t get side tracked anymore!!!


#Self-publish in 2018
Whaa??? Girl, you got to be kidding me??? U crazy?? (yes, I’m writing to myself). All writers dream of publishing. I’ve been wanting to do this for a good while now and now I want to take the next step and make that actually happen. So excited! And clueless. And ready (and scared) to learn how to do it… by actually doing it.

#Watch more musicals
So since watching Newsies on Netflix (Erudessa let me know about it on her blog post and I also wrote about my love for it here), I have decided that I want to see more musicals! Of course, live would be ideal however on TV is cool too (because it is cheaper hehe). IMy mom recently invited me see a musical not long ago at a church. It was a free musical; the production quality was really good and I loved it. So, I feel like I’m getting an early start on this one already!

#Dye my hair
Oooo man. Not sure If I’m gonna make this one happen or not, haha. It’s just I’m scared of dyeing my hair and making it go all dried out and damaged. I’ve never dyed my hair before but I really just want to do it for fun.

#Take some trips
Okay, more goals that involve money. I need to think of more free stuff haha. Anyway, I’d like to travel more. And I’m definitely going to at least travel north at least once this year, to see my little nephew coming in May!!! (throws confetti everywhere)

I feel like as we come into January more goals will come to mind. I definitely have more ideas of things I want to do but these are my “early” goals; one’s that I want to focus on for the first half of the year.

What are your plans, goals or dreams for 2018??

Fandom Quiz

This is a questionnaire going around on the internet which I saw a friend doing on Facebook. So I decided to answer the quiz for a few movies myself.

Take a fandom and tell who you would:
-bring back to life
-party with
-set on fire

Take a fandom and tell who you would: Lord of the Rings


AHHH such a hard choice! (okay not really because…) Aragorn all the way! NO CONTEST FOLKS! (Though Faramir and Legolas aren't far behind hehe)

-bring back to life

Boromoir! How awesome could it have been if Boromir had lived after his redemption? Imagine how he could’ve championed Aragorn to their people. Could’ve been awesome. Maybe even kept his Dad from trying to set fire to his little brother.

-party with

The Hobbits! Those guys know how to have a good time.

-set on fire

Sauron (but he’s kinda already on fire by the looks of it lol)

Take a fandom and tell who you would: Star Wars (Old Trilogy, Prequel Trilogy, Sequel Trilogy)


Luke (OT) because I adored Luke as a kid. When I played “star wars” with my siblings (which was like every day for yeeeaaaarrrs) I was always Luke Skywalker.

Obi-Wan Kenobi (PT) I mean who else?? I luuuuv Obi-Wan. He’s the classiest Jedi of them all.

Finn (ST) This was a harder choice actually cuz I like a lot of the new dudes (by which I mean Poe) but Finn is too precious.

-bring back to life

Obi-Wan Kenobi (OT) So he could fight Vader again and maybe he could say some sad stuff again to him like “you were my brother! I LOVED YOU!” *starts sobbing in a corner*

Padme (PT) give this girl a break already.

Han (ST) C’mon Kylo! Lighten up kid!

-party with

Chewie (OT) I think Chewie is probably a fun wookie who just likes to hang out with his friends (like Han, amirite?) and if anyone bugs us, he’ll just rip their arm out.

Obi-Wan (PT) He just acts like a party-pooper around Anakin cause he’s trying to be a good Big Brother example of Jedi stiffness, but I bet once Anakin’s not there, the PARTY’S STARTED!

Poe (ST) because he’ll say funny stuff and make everyone at the party laugh. I like to laugh.

-set on fire

Jabba (OT) he’s just a bad slug.

Jar-Jar (PT) sorry Jar-Jar. Even if we ignore how annoying he is… he voted the Chancellor into powers! He’s the reason the SITH TOOK POWER!!

Snoke (ST) before he created the First Empire preferably and brought destruction to the universe again lol

Take a fandom and tell who you would: MCU
Captain America or Loki. Hahaha, talk about polar opposites. Captain America is the reasonable choice and I do love his character (Peggy and Cap forever, tears) but Loki is flamboyant and awesome and we could rule the universe together.

-bring back to life

-party with
Peggy. She’s the best.

-set on fire
Malekith. Villain from Thor 2. He was just so boring.

Take a fandom and tell who you would: Scarlet Heart (Chinese and Korean adaptations)
Baek-Ah (K-version) he’s definitely the sweetest and least self-entitled of the princes.

4th Prince (C-version) I almost chose the same counterpart for Baek-Ah (13th prince) but I decided to go for power-hungry 4th Prince haha.

-bring back to life
10th Prince and his wife (K-version) so saaaad!

Rouxi (C-version) so she can tell 4th Prince that she still loves him *sobbing*

-party with
Baek-Ah/13th Prince (K & C version) because both versions of him are great and he’d be a fun person to hang out with

-set on fire
14th Prince (K-version) sorrryy! I do love Ji-Soo (the actor) but I honestly hated how they did 14th Prince here. Actually 14th Prince is pretty annoying in the Chinese version too but they made him feel stupid for half of the show in the K-version. And those side burns *screams and rubs eyes*

8th Prince (C-version) for taking up all our time romancing Rouxi when she could’ve been with 4th Prince or really anybody else.


  1. This is a fantastic set of goals!!

    MORE MUSICALS. YES. I have a dozen recommendations to give you now. (I am somewhat of a musical theatre geek/fan.)


    Your fandom answers are the best.


    1. Thank you!!

      YES! Any recommendations would be awesome!

      Aww thanks! The fandom questions were fun to do.


  2. self-publish in 2018 - this would be one of my goals if was to make resolutions/goals but I won't. but I might slowly veer toward this goal some day.

    musicals are not my thing, I guess I just never got into seeing people sing after they said their dialogues, I grew up watching music videos and seeing people lip-sing but somehow I never got into musicals, don't know why that is

    too lazy to even think of a goal right now, I feel like 2018 will just be another lazy year for me.

    good luck with your goals.

    have a lovely day.

    1. Awesome! This is definitely a goal I've wanted for a while.

      Yeah musicals can be difficult to get into. I grew up watching classic Hollywood musicals so that's probably why I love them so much. Seeing a musical live is the coolest thing though.

      A lazy year sounds great to me! It's more fun to be relaxed honestly.

      Thank you!

      Happy Near Year!!


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