Holidays are Here AGAIN, NANOWRIMO Win, Mad Libs and More!

Well I’ve been terribly vacant from my blog. I blame NANOWRIMO. And working in retail during the holidays.

I actually started freaking a bit when I realized the HOLIDAYS were upon us. (anyone else??) And by that, I mean: all the chaos that ensues with Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas, New Year’s. RETAIL IS CRAZY DURING HOLIDAYS!!! And 2018 just around the corner?! *dead*

But I’m doing better, friends. In fact, I’ve started playing Christmas music as soon as Thanksgiving ended and watching new Christmas films (more on that soon). I’m accepting the new season and the new year around the corner.


I MADE IT!!!!! Wow, I admit I was pretty scared when I reached four days and 42,000 words. Exactly where I had been two years ago when I’d done NANOWRIMO and failed to make the word count in time. Then TWO DAYS and still not enough words!  I was actually shocked when I did finish on the 29th!

And a shout-out to all the NANO participants whether you finished or not (like I said, I didn’t finish my first time)! It was really a blast to do and I’m SOOOO glad I did it this year. And I'm glad you went for it too!

It was really the first time I embraced the whole “no editing” while writing your first draft thing, because that’s something I struggle with. I always spend more time re-reading and nitpicking a couple words and then writing nothing.


Fingers crossed but I really want to do more blogging now that I’ve spent so much time away from it doing NANO (doesn’t NANO sound like I’m working on some secret government project… or is it just me haha). I’m working on some year end reviews of all the movies/shows I watched which is always fun. I actually have an Excel spreadsheet I use to track what I watched (cuz I can never remember). Haha, that sounds so dorky I know.

I hope everyone has a delightful Christmas and holiday season! And as promised a, a Mad Lib that I created!

A Just Way Too Boss Mad Lib original

If you want to do it alone, then write out the nouns, etc, first and THEN scroll down and read the Mad Lib:

_________ (noun), _________ (adjective), _________ (noun), _________ (place), _________ (adjective), _________ (noun), _________ (verb, past tense) _________ (color) _________ (type of clothing) _________ (verb, past tense) _________ (material type) _________ (verb, past tense) _________ (noun) _________ (adverb)

Once upon a time, there lived a Princess who smelled like _________ (noun). The king and queen found a ________ (adjective) fairy and begged her to help the Princess. The fairy agreed but only if the king would give her a million ______ (noun) for her garden. The fairy flew all the way to across the sea to _______ (place) and found a Prince at a ball.

“_____ (adjective) Prince, if you want to find your fair maiden, then go to the kingdom across the sea and bring back the jar of ______ (noun) in the dragon cave to it’s king.” The fairy said and then _________ (verb, past tense) the night away.

So, the Prince put on his finest ______ (color) ________ (type of clothing) and dashed to the kingdom. He _______ (verb) into the dragon’s cave and snatched the jar. He brought it to the king who declared the Prince and his daughter should be wed.

The Princess dressed in ________ (material type) approached the Prince, who _______ (verb) when he smelled the Princess. She picked up the special jar he brought and opened it. At once, she smelled like ________ (noun) and the Prince and Princess married and lived _______ (adverb) ever after.


  1. congrats on finishing nano. I wouldn't have finished if I have participated. I hardly got any writing done in november.

    yeah, the no-editing thing is hard for me too. I think it's hard to keep writing and not stop to re-read what you wrote, it's just how some people work - they have to make corrections or else feel like they're writing crap, which, is probably true for me.

    I suck at the mad lib. even after reading all those grammar books, I still don't quite know my adjectives from the others.

    I've never worked in retail but I did noticed that holidays are very stressful for those working in retail. I honestly try not to ask for help when I shop, especially during the holidays if I can help it.

    have a lovely day.

    1. Thank you!! I understand. I asked my sister if she was going to participate again but she said the same thing. I didn't participate last year either.

      Yeah the perfectionist thing is a weakness of mine haha. It is kinda scary doing it because you can't help but wonder if the story is even making complete sense.

      Yeah I was doing Mad Libs with my aunt and we were talking about how it almost feels like a Grammar lesson with all these "adjectives" "adverbs" etc!

      Aww you're so sweet.

      Have a lovely day too!

  2. Congrats on winning NaNo!! *cheers for you* It's such an awesome accomplishment! I always used to find it hard to turn off my inner editor for those first drafts too but it's definitely worth it to get the rough thing out and then work on polishing.😂 Also happy holidays!

    1. Thank you!! It does feel great! Yes! I read your blog post early on in November about ignoring your inner editor and that really helped me go, "Okay, this time I'm going to just write". So thank you! Happy holidays!

  3. I thought'd you'd have had enough of Christmas music already working in retail! Here they turn on the Christmas music sometime in the middle of October in some places...Well done on NaNo :D I say I'm going to try every year and I still haven't attempted it.

    1. Haha, you'd think! The actually only play Christmas music every couple of songs at my work place and often times I don't hear it. And also, they don't choose the best songs. Like I don't care for Jingle Bells really haha. I'd much rather listen to Josh Groban sing Believe or Pentatonix sing Mary, Did You Know.

      Thank you! Yeah, I'm usually the same with stuff. Glad I stuck with it this year though. Cause now I actually wrote something. :D


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