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Welcome! I'm a Southern young adult girl (who is also 100% city girl, lol). I LOVE blogging about romantic and adventurous shows and writing fiction on the side. I started this blog in August 2013. I'm a contributing author at Silver Petticoat Review (this blog is fabulous for romance lovers!) since 2015 where I also have recapped K-dramas series. If you can't tell already, I've fallen IN LOVE with K-dramas and have a huge obsession with international shows, period films, Bollywood, Hollywood and romantic books! And an insane geek girl for Star Wars since childhood. I seriously thought I would outgrow it!!

On Wednesdays and randomly throughout the week, I rant about shows through reviews, news, fun articles and more.

Have fun looking around! Feel free to comment anywhere, send me an email at justwaytooboss@gmail.com, check out my Tumblr, or look me up on Twitter with #JustWayTooBoss!



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