Wednesday, February 22, 2017

K-drama Fun: Dream Show & Cast Pt. 1

Since writing an article for The Silver Petticoat Review where I created dream casts for fairytales that I want to see onscreen (i.e. East of the Wind, West of the Sun with Tom Hiddleston as the Prince!), I started thinking up ideas for K-dramas that would be awesome to see onscreen.

Just like Hollywood, K-media is no stranger to adapting material – whether manga (Boys Before Flowers), international shows (The Good Wife, Scarlet Heart), etc. So here is a favorite book (with a lot of great adaptations) that I think needs a K-drama rendition:


Good-hearted Jim Hawkins is left a treasure map by an ex-pirate who warns him of the one-legged pirate who is still after the map. With the help of a sponsor, Jim joins a ship as a cabin boy and goes after the treasure. But a pirate uprising on the ship, led by Jim’s new friend, Long-John Silver, threatens the safety of everyone.

I love pirate stories and Treasure Island is probably the most popular pirate tale that has been written (the author even created the usual pirate tropes like walking off the plank, etc). I can totally see a pirate K-drama that would be epic and boss and so much fun! Sagueks (historical K-dramas) primarily focus on royalty and the life and politics of court, so a drama focused more on the sea and treasure would be a fun change!

My Dream Cast

Jim Hawkins – Yeo Jin Goo would be an ideal Jim Hawkins. He’s only 19 which would make him a perfect choice to play a young and innocent kid on search for treasure. He’s a talented (now grown up) child actor with lots of saguek experience under his belt – his latest drama was The Royal Gambler/Jackpot where he managed to shine despite the show’s flaws.

Runner up choice – Kim Soo-Hyun. Though he’s 29, Soo-Hyun has a remarkably young face and could pass for a 20-something kid. A fabulous actor, he has starred in popular dramas like My Love From Another Star, Dream High and The Moon Embracing the Sun.

Long-John Silver – Shin Sung-Rok as Captain Silver! Yes, yes! Though Liar Game is my favorite role of his, he played a fun villain in My Love From Another Star and recently starred in On The Way To the Airport. Shin Sung-Rok oozes onscreen charisma and would totally shine in the role of the charming, roguish Captain Silver.

Runner up choice – Jang Hyuk. He’s awesome in everything he does. I fell in love with him in Tree With Deep Roots, but he’s been in a myriad of dramas – Chuno, Beautiful Mind, Fated to Love You. Jang Hyuk always feels like he’s throwing himself 100% into his roles. He has a wonderful onscreen charm that would go well with a Captain Silver character.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

News Train: 2D1N, Liar Game & More

Shows I’m Currently Watching

Liar Game (J-drama) – Finished the first season! Really love this show. I was a bit disappointed at the last episode because the climax seemed a little tame to me (Nao-chan trusting people who can’t be trusted is fine, just not climax material to me lol). But it did tie up some emotional beats. And now I’m excited to jump into season 2 to see what happens next.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal – Try saying that name 10 times fast. Yeah, not easy, lol. This is an oldie (well, 2010 drama) that I’ve had on my must-watch list for a long time. Finally started watching and I love it! It’s adorable, funny and charming. I love reverse harem dramas and all the actors are great. Since the show is 20 episodes long, I can tell they tend to drag out some plot stuff longer than needed, but overall the show is surprisingly lighthearted and fun.

Hwarang – oh Hwarang. We could’ve had it all. I read the recap of the last episode. And will probably finish the show by reading the recaps. The trajectory of the show during its second half wasn’t the worst possible writing… it just was so mediocre and pointless that I’ve given up in frustration. I liked the characters at first, but now the main three leads are annoying and only the side characters are likable, haha. Okay… ranting starting now. Spoilers beware: Perhaps my biggest frustration is Park Hyung-Shik’s character; if you want to make his character a boring coward, fine, but let us know why and tell us much earlier. He literally thinks 30 times in each episode of how he failed to stand up as king… and then does nothing. Again and again. I’m not even certain why he doesn’t act anymore. I blame the writers for this. This would’ve been an entirely different show if he had revealed himself halfway through the series. We could’ve then had the next part of the journey of him actually fighting off his mother and other baddies for the throne. Instead it’s like we must keep the status quo to the end. This also applies to Seon-Woo and Ah-Ro’s romance. It’s just constant repetition and crying and frustration. Ah-Ro’s been in danger like 8 times and has to constantly be rescued. She’s become an object for the plot and nothing more. Why show, why??

2 Days and 1 Night – how have I never started watching this K-variety show?? Because I love it! I guess I can thank Hwarang for this, since I watched an episode because of Park Hyung-Shik, Minho, and Park Seo-Joon. I've started watching the latest season (2016) and the cast members for 2D1N are hilarious and fun. I love the addition of Yoon Siyoon, the eternally optimistic adorkable youngster. It’s nice to be able to watch something funny and silly.

Lemmie know what you’re watching now or excited about seeing soon!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Korean Reality Show Edition: WGM Favorite Moments

For those who don’t know about it, We Got Married is a Korean reality show that partners two celebrities in a fake “marriage” where they usually have a wedding ceremony, do a photoshoot together, play games, and stay in a house together (when their work schedules allow of course).

I started watching We Got Married: Global Edition with Hong-Ki & Mina and Taecyeon & Emma Wu (Gui Gui) when the show first came on Dramafever. Though I haven’t watched any full episodes after WGM: GE, I found clips of past WGM couples over time, including lots of SoRim couple, that made me laugh and smile.

What is the draw of WGM? It’s obvious that nothing about it is real. It’s fully scripted just like American reality shows. Yet there are still a lot of adorable and cute moments watching these celebrities pretend they like each other. Some couples just have fabulous chemistry which makes them click onscreen effortlessly. It’s really just something cutesy that makes a viewer smile. So here are five of my favorite WGM kiss highlights!

SoRim Couple (Song Jae Rim & Kim So-Eun)

Definitely one of my favorite WGM couples! Jae-Rim and So-Eun were a hilarious mix of dorkiness and loads of skinship. Jae-Rim usually initiated the hysterically dorky one-liners and much of the touching, but So-Eun quickly caught on, creating her own silly romance lines and often being as playful as Jae-Rim. Here, Jae-Rim is doing sit-ups with So-Eum holding his legs to give him balance. He surprises her with a kiss on the cheek and they both laugh after it.

Lee Jong-hyun & Gong Seung-yeon

Jong-Hyun and Seung-Yeon slow dance outside to music with Seung-Yeon barefoot and standing on Jong-Hyun’s shoes. Jong-Hyun gives her a cute kiss on the cheek. I enjoyed watching Seung-Yoon in Six Flying Dragons, so it was fun to see her here.

Henry Lau & Kim Ye-Won

So I don’t know all that lead up to this scene but this is seriously the cutest thing. Henry and Ye-Won are strolling through the night when Henry comes on very strong with a fake kiss (he kisses his hand). Ye-Won is so friggin’ cute though and actually gives Henry a kiss!

Sungjoy Couple (Sungjae & Joy)

I couldn’t find an actual kiss, but if intense staring close up counts... Sung-Jae and Joy are on a “date” when Joy gives Sung-Jae jelly beans with romantic powers, lol (basically that’s what she says) and what ensues is a funny cute scene of them staring each other down until they break down laughing.

2Young Couple (Woo-Young & Se-Young)

I haven’t seen many videos of Woo-Young & Se-Young but this is apparently their goodbye moment (the stars always get a chance to say goodbye at the end of the show). Se-Young is in tears as she talks and Woo-Young adorably kisses her and wipes her tears.

Any favorite WGM moments or other reality show moments, whether International or American? Lemmie know in the comments!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Dramas I’m Most Looking Forward to 2017

2017 is flying by! We're already in February!

Every year, there's always shows that I'm looking forwards to. I've compiled a list of the K-dramas that I'm most excited about and can't wait to see!

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
Plot: A short, cute girl with incredible physical strength becomes the bodyguard for a CEO.
Release Date: February 24
Why I’m Excited: This looks sooo cute! I adore the cast – Park Bo-Young plays the adorable heroine, Park Hyung-Shik the lead, and Ji-Soo the second lead. Also it looks like it’ll be full of laughs and fun antics. Counting down the days until this drama comes on!

My Sassy Girl
Plot: Jeon Ji-Hyun’s popular movie, My Sassy Girl, is getting a drama remake -  but this time set in the Joseon Dynasty. Sassy Princess Hyemyung doesn’t follow the rules and falls in love with prickly Gyun-Woo.
Release Date: May
Why I’m Excited: I’m super stoked for this drama primarily because of the cast – Joo-Won is playing the icy dude and Oh Yeon-Soo (who played a hilarious role in Come Back Mister) is the spunky heroine. I also like the trope of a rascally princess and hope there will be plenty of hijinks and laughs!

Ruler: Mask of the Mask
Plot: The Crown Prince of Joseon must fight an evil organization that has privatized water to sell to people for profit.
Release Date: May
Why I’m Excited: Yoo Seung-Ho and Kim So-Hyun are my primary draw for this one. Not certain how this story will unfold but seeing Seung-Ho play a prince/king again is always a big draw!

Bride of the Water God
Plot: To stop a drought, So-Ah is sacrificed to the water god, but instead of dying, she is taken to his kingdom where she slowly falls for the mysterious water god.
Release Date: TBA
Why I’m Excited: I haven’t read the manhwa for this, but I like historical fantasy stories and this one sounds really fascinating (it also gives me The Story of Shim Cheong vibes which is my favorite Korean fairytale). Right now, offers have been made to Nam Joo-Hyuk and Moon Chae-Won. Can’t wait to hear more about this drama!

Man To Man
Plot: A bodyguard for a top Korean star is also a secret agent.
Release Date: TBA
Why I’m Excited: Park Hae-Jin is my main reasoning for wanting to see this show. Here he plays a bodyguard/secret agent who protects a mega star. The story is also written by the writer of Descendants of the Sun, which means fans (like me) will be anxiously waiting to see if she has another mega hit on her hands.

Queen of the Ring
Plot: Unattractive and unkind, Nan-Hee finds a magic ring that compels an unfeeling, handsome dude to fall in love with her.
Release Date: March

Why I’m Excited: This is a mini-series but I think Kim Seul-Gi (Splash Splash Love) is so adorable and has great comedic timing. I’m never a fan of the whole “ugly” trope, but there’s potential for some hilarity if played right so we’ll have to see. 

What K-dramas, or other shows, are you most looking forward to this year?

Friday, January 27, 2017

News Train: Anne, Night Light, Liar Game & More!

Time to chat about the current shows and movies I’m watching at the moment as well as those that I’m looking forward to!

News Chat

K-drama Night Light starring Lee Yo-Won and Uee will be getting released in the U.S. on Netflix Valentines’ Day. I really like this cast, however still uncertain if this drama is going to be able to come together well.

Anne of Green Gables is getting a Netflix series!! Said to be “grittier” lol, whatever that means beats me. However, I’m super excited for this new take on the series. Look for Anne on Netflix in March. Source

Running Man won’t be cancelled!! I hadn’t expected this at all. If you’re a fan of the show, then you’ve probably heard all the chaos about how two cast members were fired off the show without even being properly told. Apparently, the cast members and production managers had a meeting and decided to continue the show. I have to admit my feelings are slightly mixed about this. I love that the show is continuing… Running Man has been a favorite show for me for years. I just hope that none of the members felt pushed into continuing this show just to save management from the anger of the fans for how they treated the cast members. But I guess we have no way of knowing. Source

Lee Joon-Ki is going to be in his first U.S. film, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. I’m not a fan of this kind of genre of film and I’m pretty certain his role in this film is very, very small. Still, it’s cool that he’s getting a chance to break out into Hollywood! 

Current Shows I’m Watching

The Legend of the Blue Sea This show continues to make me fall more in love with the characters and touching darker fairytale story. Thankfully, the emotional, darker side of the show is wonderfully balanced with plenty of happy and funny moments that just make me smile.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo This show is just super cute. More of a youth heartwarming drama, then really anything else, it has lovable characters and fun and funny moments.

Hwarang – Hwarang, thy name is bromance. And I’m loving it! This show continues to put most of its effort in the happy, silly and giddy side and I honestly have missed that in a lot of the shows I’ve been watching. There’s still drama, of course. And the drama surrounding the boy-king after his throne is my favorite.

Liar Game (J-drama) – So I decided to watch the J-drama version of one of my favorite K-dramas ever, and I’m loving it! It’s not on the same production quality and sometimes I do get a little crazy at all the dramatic-revelation sudden close up shots of every single person’s face for the hundredth time in each episode… but I just love mind-bendy dramas and it’s so fun to watch Akiyama-san outsmart everybody again and again.

Lemmie know what you’re watching now or excited about seeing soon!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

5 Favorite Real Life Celebrity Bromances

Well, I love bromances! (I even dedicated an article to 15 fictional bromances, cuz they awesome yo!). And what’s more fun than finding real-life bromances? I mean, it’s so adorable watching videos of besties and seeing all their happy rapport. Perhaps growing up with four siblings and being super close with them makes me love close friendships even more. Because having a bestie is always awesome!

Here are some great bromances (that also are adorable and make me happy):

#1 Lee Kwang-Soo & Kim Jong-Kook
Yesss! I love them so much. I’ve been a huge fan of the K-variety show Running Man for years, but I didn’t initially know about Kwang-Soo and Jong-Kook’s bromance. Onscreen they were usually silly and exaggeratedly antagonistic towards each other for humor. Then I started seeing videos and articles about how often they hung out offset and their vocal bro-love for each other. Jong-Kook cameoed in one of Kwang-Soo’s movies and Jong-Kook had Kwang-Soo dance on his new Turbo release song. Sometimes on Running Man, you can see them linking arms and just standing together. These two are just too cute. :D

#2 Lee Kwang-Soo & Song Joong-Ki (And Jo In-Sung)
Song Joong-Ki is seriously known for his many bromances, hehe. Park Bo-Gum and Yoo Ah-In are just two very famous close friends of his! However I have a soft spot for Kwang-Soo and Joong-Ki’s close relationship. They first met on Running Man where they got the nickname “same aged friends”. Kwang-Soo cried when Joong-Ki left the show (ahh my heart). He also cameoed on Joong-Ki’s show, Descendants of the Sun. Joong-Ki even left a message when he filmed DOTS in Greece: Joong-Ki   Kwang-Soo. So cute. And of course there’s Jo In-Sung, who is a close friend of both actors. Together they’ve all gone on trips, their last one being to Thailand.

 #3 John Boyega & Daisy Ridley
Super adorable onscreen as well as off-screen, it’s easy to see that John and Daisy get along very well. They have nicknames, calling each other “peanut”; they’ve played silly tricks on one another and even put together an adorable rap song!!

#4 Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis
Bittersweet bromance. Martin and Lewis met in the mid-1940s where they quickly became friends. They put together song-and-comedy routines to entertain clubs. They quickly skyrocketed to fame and signed a movie deal where they did fifteen movies together over the next decade before their relationship fell to pieces. They didn’t speak to each other for years until Frank Sinatra set them up to meet on live TV in 1976. However, it wasn’t until the 1980s, after Dean Martin lost his son, that Lewis said they let go of the past and became friends again.

#5 Rhett McLaughlin & Link Neal
Ultimate bromance! Rhett and Link became friends in grade school in a small town. They went to college together and got engineering degrees. Then they both quit their jobs shortly after to start working together. They’re success started out from their local commercials they made that were usually silly. Eventually, they started the youtube sensation Good Mythical Morning and garnered millions of followers for their hilarious and fun videos. Still fast friends today, Rhett and Link are definitely bromance goals.

Let me know of your favorite real-life bromances!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Best Mr. Darcy

Pride and Prejudice is my favorite Jane Austen story.

I mean, it is basically perfection.

Since the novel’s debut 204 years ago (I know right!!), there have been countless adaptations and interpretations of the romantic tale. And with that we have been given many wonderful versions of the ever fascinating Mr. Darcy.

Here’s a look at the many Mr. Darcys to have graced the screen. You can vote at the end for your favorite as well!

#1 Matthew McFayden – Pride and Prejudice 2005
Talented actor Matthew McFayden does a wonderful job as Mr. Darcy. The take on the character is more misunderstood than prideful, with Darcy never intentionally doing anything hurtful. Whether this was chosen because of lack of screen time or just for a sweeter take on the character, McFayden won all our hearts with his perfect, darling smile. Yay for Mr. Darcy!

#2 Matthew Rhys – Death Comes to Pemberley
I didn’t expect much from this BBC take on the continuing story of the Darcys, but I was pleasantly surprised with an enjoyable story. Matthew Rhys’ Darcy is gruffer and more stern here, but he still has a heart of gold underneath all that. Definitely a swoonworthy Darcy.

#3 Daniel Vincent Gordh – The Lizzie Bennet Diaries
A youtube sensation, LBD retells the novel in a modern format. The show is super adorable, fun and addictive. Daniel probably plays the youngest Mr. Darcy yet. He’s totally awkward, misunderstood, and stiff and, of course, watching him and Lizzie fall in love was so much fun!

#4 Martin Henderson – Bride and Prejudice
This is a cute little film, though I can’t say that Henderson’s Darcy is its finest point (it would be Aishwarya as Lalita). The film has a Bollywood twist on the original, with rich, rude and dorky Mr. Darcy falling for sweet, vibrant Lalita (Elizabeth). Despite his stiff acting, he was a decent rom-com lead.

#5 Laurence Olivier – Pride and Prejudice 1940
Definitely worth a watch for classic lovers! This film is hilariously influenced by the blockbuster film Gone With The Wind (which aired a year before) with everyone wearing 1860s fashion instead of Regency attire. Laurence is dramatically (and purposely) rigid and cold as Mr. Darcy. Still he’s fun to watch!

#6 Sam Riley – Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
I really didn’t expect to like this movie, but PPZ surprised me with a fun (though full of zombie gore, lol) take on the story. Riley’s Darcy is a great fighter (just like Lizzie) and has great chemistry with Lizzie. Here he’s a colonel obsessed with fighting off the zombie hordes. A great new take on the character.

#7 Colin Firth – Pride and Prejudice 1995
I can’t apologize. I love this version eternally and Colin Firth to me is as inseparable from Mr. Darcy as James Earl Jones’ voice is to Darth Vader. He’s both prideful and selfish, as well as compassionate and willing to change and learn from his mistakes. He’s the ultimate Byronic hero. Three cheers for Mr. Darcy!!!

So who’s your favorite Darcy?

The Best Mr. Darcy!

#1 Matthew McFayden – Pride and Prejudice 2005
#2 Matthew Rhys – Death Comes to Pemberley
#3 Daniel Vincent Gordh – The Lizzie Bennet Diaries
#4 Martin Henderson – Bride and Prejudice
#5 Laurence Olivier – Pride and Prejudice 1940
#6 Sam Riley – Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
#7 Colin Firth – Pride and Prejudice 1995