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7 Bollywood Movies To Fall In Love With

It’s been a long time since I’ve watched Bollywood. I’ve been wanting to watch a good Bollywood flick for awhile and finally decided to watch an Aamir Khan classic on Netflix.
And then I stumbled upon a BOATLOAD of Bolly films on Amazon Prime – my dreams came true, friends, complete with song-and-dance numbers and soulful romantic stares. Because my friends only three groups have completely and utterly perfected the romantic stare so far: K-dramas, Period dramas, AAAND Bollywood!!

Shockingly, there was one movie here that I didn’t like! And it was a movie that I had really high hopes about too. Thankfully all the other movies were wonderful. Read on to find out what film totally bombed with me! (also spoilers)

7 Bollywood Movies I fell in love with!! (And 1 I hated)

Starring: Aamir Khan, Gracy Singh
Story: The heroic sports/historical drama about Indian villagers who take on the British in an epic game of cricket.
Thoughts: Everything feels large and lavish and what true classic e…

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