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The Magnificent Seven Review – A Bunch of Handsome Gunslingers Save the Day

The Magnificent Seven Review – A Bunch of Handsome Gunslingers Save the Day 

I went in with very low expectations because the reviews for this film that I heard weren’t so good.

Was it better than I expected??


No it’s not a deep or amazing movie, but The Magnificent Seven surprised me with a very entertaining romp. Now the first part of the film is a bit slow. And you need a lot of suspension of disbelief – for many reasons, but mainly for why this group is even forming. Haha because a few of the characters don’t have strong reasons to help save a town that might end up costing their life!! But once you get past that you can’t be drawn to the fun little crew of motley cowboy anti-heroes.

Okay, first the Plot! An evil businessman “Bo” takes over a little town Rose Creek for mining rights. To prove his power, he has his men rampantly kill townspeople including heroine Emma Cullen’s husband right in front of her!

So Emma finds a U.S. Marshall warrant officer Sam Chisom and begs him …

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