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Return of the Post: Catching Up

Return of the Post: Catching Up

We have reached July, friends. Half of 2018 is gone! (HOW?? WHY????) I honestly thought I hadn't posted since 2017 on my blog...

I guess that says a lot about how often I've even checked my blog. Not enough.

First off, let me answer a VERY pressing question.



Yes! (of at least 1 OF THEM!)

One of my goals was to travel - which I did with my sister to Michigan! And what a wonderful trip that was!! Because I held my my little nephew for the first time! It's awesome being an first-time aunt. My only regret is that I live so, so far away from my sister so that visiting often is difficult.

Our little nephew is SO beautiful and precious. And tiny. He has the biggest eyes and loves to stare at the florescent lights haha. And he loves to cry, especially if you take him out of his blanket.

Posting is Hard

Life has just been busy for me. And when it comes down to it, my spare time is given over to Netflix. Why …

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