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Dating Agency: Cyrano

Dating Agency: Cyrano PLOT: A romantic-at-heart girl joins three guys who run an agency that helps overlooked people win the love of their life. EPISODES: 16 OPINION: A fun, short and sweet show. It runs closer to the usual “American” television runtime – 45 mins (compared to the 1 hr and 10 mins that most K-dramas usually run). It was whimsical, silly at times, but always fun with great, consistent characters. The last two episodes took a sudden turn towards dark territory (let’s just say the villain was trying to bring some Lost creepy vibe on, lol), but things quickly get sunshiny by the end. CONTENT: A brief discussion between a girl and guy about how guys only want sex, occasional mild innuendo in conversation (but nothing that really comes to mind), a scary villain threatens people with violence, a couple guys get bloodied, kissing (my) RATING: PG
STARS: 4.5 out of 5

Protect The Boss

Protect the Boss(also known as The Last Secretary) PLOT: A down-on-luck woman, who can take out a guy or two with her martial arts she learned from her dad, gets a job as a secretary and P.A. for a paranoid rich-boy. Only, he’s decided he’s in love with her… EPISODES: 18 OPINION: So cute! Funny and more cute. I loved this show, which, IMHO, was almost a subtle spoof of all the office k-dramas. The show can be pretty crazy (not as crazy as Community or American comedy shows though, lol), but also at times dramatic or just plain fun. The characters were adorable and engaging. I thought the lead actor’s crazy phobias (played for comedy) hilarious and even at times touching. I loved his journey to become free of it all to win his love. Also, the girl power rocked; really enjoyed seeing a girl who stands up for herself but is also mature, compassionate and honest. CONTENT: a man makes an advance on a female employee, the heroine goes to the men’s bathroom and attacks the guy hitting on her…

K-drama Terms That May Save Your Life

Or not. But yeah, if you watch k-dramas, you’ll see these terms a lot, and you may start wondering what they mean, so here is just a few of them and their meanings.
K-drama – Korean drama Saguek – a historical Korean drama usually set before the 20th century. They are notoriously long, ranging from 50 to 120 or more episodes. Fusion saguek – this is not a true saguek, often because it is short, maybe 25-35 episodes long, or because it employs a storyline that is not truly historical (time travel, historical what-if twists) Makjang– the American term that comes close to this is soap opera. It’s where the storyline becomes increasingly dramatic and over-the-top, usually with birth secrets, long lost siblings, sudden terminal illnesses, constant car accidents, etc Chaebol- a rich businessman and his heirs, who are known as 2nd and 3rd generation chaebol. You seriously have no idea how many single, rich men who are heirs of vast fortunes there are until you watch k-dramas. Oppa, noona, hyung, …

Faith a.k.a The Great Doctor

Faith/The Great Doctor* PLOT: Eun Soo, a plastic-surgeon, is kidnapped by an ancient warrior and taken through a portal to the past where she must save the life of a dying queen. EPISODES: 24 OPINION: Okay, I have to admit - I really enjoyed this fun, romantic epic. Probably more than the show was worth, lol. It’s pretty obvious that the show could’ve upped the epic feel, fixed their sometimes choppy editing, and cut out some cliché plot-points (the first 2 episodes were especially slow). But I really loved the characters. My favorite was the heroine, Eun Soo. I loved her funny, spunky personality. The hero, played by the popular Lee Min Ho, was my second favorite, what with his I’m the awesome warrior persona. I’m kinda a sucker for the loyal, courageous warrior character. The romance between king and queen was what kept me watching during the beginning, though, as Eun Soo’s romance with the warrior doesn’t really begin until further into the story. I loved the tension between king a…

K-Dramas: Five Reasons Why

About two years ago, I had never heard the word k-drama before. Until I happened to stumble onto a show called the Great Queen Seon Deok, a Korean drama, or k-drama. I decided to watch it – and therein began my journey into the wonderful world of Korean television. Later on, I realized that what I watched was a historical Korean drama, or saguek, which are notoriously long (QSD was 62 episodes, people). But then I always loved period dramas, and I’d occasionally seen a martial arts movie, so I always knew I liked Asian stuff. I admit that QSD is not the most amazing drama out there (it is pretty slow, drags things out forever, has some cheesy actors, etc, lol) but I instantly fell in love with the beautiful costumes, fascinating historical culture, and the boss martial arts fighting (QSD, unlike other saguek, has fanciful martial arts, similar to that of Chinese movies). Initially, I thought I only wanted to watch saguek k-dramas. But then I watched My Princess, a run-of-the-mill K-d…

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, 1997 (Village Roadshow)

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, 1997 (Village Roadshow) STARRING: Patrick Dempsey (Professor Aronnax), Michael Caine (Captain Nemo) PLOT: Young Professor Aronnax, tired of his father and colleagues belittling his gigantic sea creature theories, joins an expedition hunting for whatever thing is destroying cargo boats, only to be captured by the captain of the submarine Nautilus along with Ned Land and his friend Cabe Attucks. More strange mysteries await them there. OPINION: I think my expectations rose for this movie after watching the Hallmark movie made the same year. Unfortunately, this movie failed to meet any expectation. First off, as soon as I saw that Michael Caine was playing Nemo, I winced. It literally felt as ridiculous as Michael Caine playing Batman to me. He just doesn't fit the character. Personally I think Caine is a great actor, but he just wasn't able to bring the menacing power that was Nemo – that feeling that this guy was boss (my word for bad-a**) and wasn…

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, 1997 (Hallmark)

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, 1997 (Hallmark TV movie) STARRING: Ben Cross (Captain Nemo), Julie Cox (Sophie), Paul Gross (Ned Land) PLOT: A professor and his daughter, disguised as his assistant, embark on a voyage to find a mysterious creature that is attacking boats, only to be captured by the inhabitants of a submarine, a technological marvel not yet dreamed of. OPINION: I rented this movie from the library with very low expectations. The horrible picture of a blurry submarine on the front cover of the DVD only helped encourage those low expectations. But this movie actually surprised me. It was a funny and cute, even though it suffered horribly from a made-for-TV budget, tolerable acting, and overall corniness. But hey, it’s a TV movie! I've always felt that 20,000 Leagues was missing something – specifically a girl in the story. I liked the idea of the professor’s daughter, Sophie, coming along with him and getting caught up in the Nautilus’ adventures. But the person who tr…

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, 1954

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, 1954 PLOT: A professor of a French museum, his assistant and a Canadian harpooner are taken captive by the mysterious owner of a submarine – a machine not seen before in Victorian England. OPINION: I’ve loved this classic Disney movie since I first watched it; the movie a reminder of Disney’s bygone era when unforgettable classics such as Swiss Family Robinson were made. The acting is stellar in this movie. James Mason leads as the brooding, vengeful Captain Nemo and Kirk Douglas plays the irascible Ned Land. Watching these two vastly different men interact is one of the best parts of the movie (and my sister’s favorite aspect of this movie). I still get all the fangirl feels watching Nemo’s internal war when he gives into revenge and sinks the warship. The story's momentum occasionally slows, what with the long underwater hunting scenes. The biggest fault I have with the movie is the lack of girls. Altogether, it’s a fun adventure story that I can …

20,000 Leagues

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea has been a favorite of mine since I was a kid watching the ‘50s Disney classic.      I remember reading the novel just because I wanted to see more of the mysterious, foreboding Captain Nemo. I admit I skimmed through the long scenes of technical jargon that Verne often employed, just so I could get to the scenes with character interaction. I even read Mysterious Island which had Nemo cameo at the end.

    Now I want to dedicate a couple of posts to some movies I've seen retelling the classic story of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea – some I enjoyed, and some I doubt I’ll ever watch again.

Welcome to my blog!

Hi and welcome to my blog. I’m a first time blogger, so everything is new to me.  I’ll be doing book, movie, tv, k-drama reviews, and more. I plan to post on Mondays and Fridays, and extra days if I feel like it. So have fun looking around and I hope you keep checking back as I update.