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5 Reasons To Love “The Great Queen Seon Deok”

5 Reasons To Love “The Great Queen Seon Deok”

(FYI - QSD is a Korean drama.)

1.) Kim Nam Gil plays a troubled, eccentric martial artist with awesome hair. When he cries, you will cry.

2.) This isn't your usual royal court concubine politics. Princess Deokman is in it for the throne. And she sports freakin’ gorgeous gowns and jewelry while getting there.

3.) Not to mention, the princess is surrounded by hunky royal guards who would die for her without a second thought.

4.) The villain, Mishil, is a boss mastermind of political schemes as she connives her way to the throne.

5.) And for the shippers in all of us - a tragic romance between troubled warrior and abandoned princess.

The Redemption, Legacy of the Kings' Pirates Series #1

The Redemption, Legacy of the Kings' Pirates Series #1
AUTHOR: M. L. Tyndall
PLOT: A woman in search of her long-lost father encounters pirates and may be in danger of falling for their dashing captain.
OPINION: This was really a fun and exciting read. I love pirates (Pirates of the Caribbean anyone?) and swashbuckling tales and this story totally had that atmosphere down. My only complaint was the constant danger of the heroine being physically assaulted. I mean it happened so many times. And while I know a woman traveling alone back then was dangerous, it really become uncomfortable, even though she was always rescued before anything truly happened.
CONTENT: strong, wordy descriptions of physical attraction, a man feels tempted to sleep with a girl but resists, multiple near rapings (which come very close to almost happening), a couple men jest about incest
STARS: 4.5 out of 5

Cascade (River of Time Series, book #2)

Cascade (River of Time Series, book #2) AUTHOR: Lisa Bergren PLOT: Two sisters time-travel through an Italian tomb to medieval time where they fall in love and became warriors fighting for ancient Siena. OPINION: Oh how I love the River of Time series! Absolutely riveting and fun. This is story-telling that is pure fun. Where do I even start? This is probably the first 1st person POV about a teen girl that didn't feel like the main character was selfish, annoying, or brat-faced (lol. I think I just made a word up.) Gabriella is utterly relatable and yet totally boss. And her love interest, Marcello, oh my goodness! I'm a sucker for chivalrous knight dudes who love their ladies to the death - and Marcello is definitely one of those guys. Not to mention all the side characters are well-written and fascinating! Every part of this book is great. My only complaint would be that it is actually a bit intense in my opinion. I don't think that when I had been a young teenage girl …

Love's Sacred Song

Love's Sacred Song AUTHOR: Mesu Andrews PLOT: Solomon has just been crowned king but his nation is still on shaky legs as Judah and Israel continue to fester with jealousy and anger at one another. A Shulammite judge, though, believes he has an answer for peace with a treaty bride marriage for Solomon and his shepherdess daughter who has loved David's son since the moment she saw him. OPINION: This was an entertaining and romantic story, with a great message of Christ's love. I really loved how Mesu Andrews deftly put this story together and reading about ancient Israel was really interesting. I admit it was somewhat difficult to imagine an epic romance between the hero and heroine when Solomon has a massive harem of concubines. Yet the message of forgiveness and redemption is even more poignant when contrasted with the harsh reality of sin. CONTENT: many people including Solomon practice polygamy, consummation of marriage is referenced and discussed; a man visits a prost…

Happy Upcoming Holidays

So here's a Happy Excuse-to-Have-A-Costume-Party Day to you (that's seriously what it is, right?). I haven't been posting Mondays and Fridays for a good while now - partly because of work and life and partly because I have been spending my time doing graphic edits on tumblr.
Also, there's not really a lot of traffic on my blog (lol) so I haven't been so worried about keeping my commitments about posting.
But I want to start posting regularly again, so hopefully the chaos of upcoming holidays doesn't interfere too much with my intentions. ;)
My next few posts are short book reviews of books I like, or didn't like so much. Have fun reading.