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Movies and TV I’m looking forward to in 2014 (Part 2)

And the continuation of my great journey – into the heart of TV, both U.S. and worldwide!

Ongoing: Agents of Shield
This show has had a lot of ups and downs for me. But it’s Marvel. It has secret agents and superheroes. So yeah, I’ll be watching to see where it goes.

January 24: Emergency Couple (Korean drama)
I love Song Ji Hyo and Choi Jin Hyuk! And now they’re playing a couple? I’m so tuning in. Only, it’s a medical drama - blood and surgical knives, eek! It’s also a weekend drama (which can be loooong) but luckily this one is only 20 episodes (normal length for a prime time k-drama).

March 6: Once Upon a Time in Wonderland
I like this show despite its predictability, cheesiness and really bad CGI. Lol. Hey, it’s cute and sweet and about fairytale characters. I just hope the writers know where they’re headed with the plot. Otherwise this could be a real short ride.

March 9: Once Upon a Time
Yay it’s coming back! Fairytales rock, people! This show may struggle with some repetitivene…

Movies and TV I’m looking forward to in 2014!

So a lot of these movies I’ve been anticipating since 2012 and 2013. Some of these I’ve just learned about – especially in the TV category. So here goes! Drum roll please!

February 14: La Belle et la Bete This movie in two words: gut-wrenching beautiful!! Beauty and the Beast is my favorite fairytale. I have liked almost every story or rendition I've seen (though Disney's animated version will always be my fav). I want to see this movie so much. I just have no idea when it's coming out in the U.S. *wipes tears away* 

February 14: Winter’s Tale
I saw this trailer at The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Not sure if I’ll see this in theaters, but I might rent it when it comes out.

March 21: Muppets Most Wanted
The Muppets are adorable. I’ll probably rent this one, though, cuz tickets can be expensive - and I've got a lot of movies I want to see this year. Lol.

April 4: Captain America: Winter Soldier
Well, I’ve been looking for to a Captain America sequel since Avengers. M…