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Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten All Time Favorite Characters In Books
So it's "Top Ten Tuesday Rewind!" from The Broke and the Bookish. I chose to do favorite characters. This is my first time doing a a "Top Ten" weekly meme; it was a lot of fun! So here it is - (in no particular order, hehe)
Mr. Tilney(Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen) – Mr. Tilney, though an often overlooked romantic hero, is a huge favorite of mine. He’s funny, witty and sarcastic – and he knows it. He’s also a gentleman, supportive of his sister, and an overall Austen hero.
Gabi (Waterfall: River of Time series by Lisa Bergren) – Gabi rocks! She’s strong, balanced, and intelligent. Gabi protects, loves, and fights (literally!) for her family.
Mac(Rose in Bloom by Louisa May Alcott) – If only Mac existed in this world. “The bookwork”, as his cousins call him, would rather be reading than anything in this world. Hilarious when he’s committing another socially inept incident or endearing when he’s supporting the heroine,…


What can I say? I loved it!
I've been a huge fan of Austen for more than a decade. I remember reading Pride and Prejudice in high school and watching the Colin Firth miniseries with my sisters, mom and aunt. Since then, I've read five of her main six novels (okay, it was Mansfield Park that I skimped on. I admit it.). So what could be more natural than renting a movie where a woman gets to spend a vacation living as an “Austen heroine”? 
Now that’s the dream life, isn't it?
Granted this movie is fluffy, silly and even at times corny. But it’s so funny! I had already read some people say the movie was hilarious, but I still wasn't sure. I actually didn't laugh that much during the beginning – but by the ending, you can’t help laughing at all the insane fun. Then I re-watched it the next day with my sister and laughed even harder the whole way through! Georgia King’s facial expressions nearly stole the show for me.

While I sa…

Ten 10 Brooding Heroes (Or Anti-heroes)

Happy Valentines Day!
They've been around since Alexandre Dumas, Jane Austen, and Charles Dickens envisioned them. They are the characters with few words, more likely to roll their eyes and walk away then carry-on a conversation like their emotionally-uncomplicated peers. They are the brooders doomed to a life of angst, loneliness and gut-wrenching heartbreak that leaves their audience drowning in tears.
In honor of Valentines’ Day, I’m giving a little bit of love to all the fictional brooders who made us cry for them and love them as only crazy fangirls could. They will always be our favorites.

Magneto (X-Men First Class)
This movie revealed to us the tragedy that is Magneto: a brooding anti-hero (or villain really) who can’t let go of his past. A man who will never let himself be happy again.

Sydney Carton (A Tale of Two Cities)
If you haven’t seen this movie, find it now. Sydney Carton is the classic brooding anti-hero. He will break your heart and make you love him.

Li Gexiao (Th…

Five Books I Want To Read This Year!

So I just recently got on Good Reads. Yay! Now I’m drowning in a ridiculously long list of "must-reads" that never end. After contemplating why this is happening - I’ve come to the simple revelation that I’m not reading as many books as I have in the past. And I’m reading too many book review posts on the internet. (my thought process: Ooo, they gave that book 5 stars! Now I have to read it.) Some of these books I'm listing are coming out this year, some are older books that I just recently heard (well, read) about. So here they are, in no particular order (or perhaps a subconscious order unbeknownst to me surfaced?). Either way, let the drumroll begin!

Once Upon A Prince, by Rachel Hauck Plot:When crown prince Nathaniel takes an American holiday to St. Simon's Island, he's not looking for love. Like everything else in his life, the choice of a bride is out of his hands---a matter dictated by his royal position. But when he meets Susanna under the ancient Lover…

Jan/Feb Femnista issue!

Yay! The Jan/Feb. Femnista issue is out!

This is a really cool e-magazine that Charity from puts out - with articles written by blogging girls about movies, history, period costumes, TV, etc. And this month I contributed my own article about Disney's Treasure Planet.

You may notice that the contributor's name is "Faith" and not Fayehope. And yeah, that's because Faith is my real name. I also changed it on my profile. It was getting confusing keeping up with so many different internet names, hehe.

This month's issue is about Disney Animation with articles about Mulan, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Tangled, and much more!

Click here to read!