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My Secret Hotel (2014)

My Secret Hotel TYPE: Korean Drama CHANNEL: TvN YEAR: 2014 EPISODES: 16 WHERE TO WATCH: VIKI WHERE TO GET RECAPS:Dramabeans My Rating: 4 out of 5

SYNOPSIS: A divorced couple meets again as the manager of a wedding department of a hotel and as a groom. A murder case takes place.
MY THOUGHTS: A divorced couple reunites at the ex-husband’s wedding event. Oh and a murder disrupts the wedding. Hehe. Well, the last part is definitely something new. The wedding planner falling in love with her client isn’t new material (The Wedding Planner) or divorced couples falling in love as one of the ex’s is about to get married (The Philadelphia Story,The Parent Trap, etc). Granted, 90% of romantic comedy plots aren’t original. It’s just about adequate cute and swoon. My Secret Hotel started out fun and intriguing and full of promise. Halfway through I think it lost itself and meandered around in two-ever-distancing plots: the murder mystery and the romance triangle. But what kept me coming back? The cute, peop…

Liar Game (2014)

Liar Game TYPE: Korean Drama CHANNEL: TvN YEAR: 2014

SYNOPSIS: Nam Da-Jung is an innocent college student who passes a hidden camera audition and is invited to join the reality show Liar Game, a psychological survival game wherein participants trick each other and the one who ultimately succeeds wins the prize money of ₩10 billion (US$9.3 million). Tempted with the chance to pay off her debts, Da-Jung joins the game and gets conned out of the initial money given to her. In desperation, she asks genius ex-con swindler and former psychology professor Ha Woo-Jin to help her win the game. (source: Wikipedia)
My Thoughts: I happened upon Liar Game after seeing it on the front page of VIKI. I knew next to nothing about the drama except that Shin Sung-Rok (the villain in My Love From Another Star) was in it. After 2 episodes, I was totally hooked. I’m not a fan of many manga/manhwa-to-screen adaptations. Shows like…