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Queen Seondeok

Queen Seondeok Type: Korean Drama Year: 2009 Episodes: 62 Where to Watch: Dramafever, Viki, Hulu My Rating: 4.5 out of 5
A 62 episode-long saguek (Korean period drama) detailing the life of a princess who fought to rule ancient Korea. Princess Deokman was separated at birth from her twin sister and family after a prophecy forewarned the birth of royal twins would destroy the royal family. She returns years later to find the court under the powerful thumb of a court lady, Lady Mishil, who was the concubine of several kings. An epic political battle of wits ensues, as Deokman uses her cunning and intellect to reinstate her birthright as a royal princess. But the journey’s only beginning as Deokman makes a vow to become the first woman to inherit a throne.
I love, love this drama! This was the first Korean drama I watched and I was hooked from that moment. When I stumbled onto this show on Hulu, almost immediately I fell in love with the gorgeous costumes (the Shilla period is just beautiful),…

My Princess (2011)

My Princess
Korean Drama Year: 2011 Episodes: 16 Where to Watch: Dramafever, Viki, Hulu My Rating: 3.5 out of 5
 Aww! Nothing like a walk down memory lane. This Korean drama has a special place in my heart as the second K-drama I ever watched. Long-lost royalty, beautiful dresses, romance; My Princess is an adorable romantic comedy in similar taste of light-hearted fare like The Prince and I or The Princess Diaries 1 & 2.
 Lee Seol is just a typical girl working part-time jobs when a rich businessman, Lee Soon-Jae, reveals to her that she’s the long-lost heir to the Yi Dynasty and the last Princess of Korea. (Historically, the Yi Dynasty, the Korean Monarchy, fell apart in the early 1900s during the Japanese Occupation of Korea).  Lee Soon-Jae feels he’s to blame for the death of Seol’s father and decides to donate his millions to give her a palace and a life as a real princess. Only Lee Soon-Jae’s grandson, Park Hae-Young, isn’t going to sit by and let his inheritance be thrown…

Miss Granny

Miss Granny
Type: Korean movie
Year: 2014
Where to Watch: Netflix
My Rating: 4 out of 5
I decided to watch this K-movie after a friend who also likes Korean shows suggested it. I went in with low expectations, after watching a few disappointing K-movies, but I was rewarded with such a sweet, funny and touching movie. Miss Granny is filled with the themes of family, growing older, and ultimately the deep love of a parent.
Oh Doo-Ri is 74 years old and living with her adult son and his wife and kids. When Doo-Ri’s daughter-in-law ends up in the hospital because of ill health, the family decides to put Oh Doo-Ri in a nursing home fearing that Doo-Ri is wearing down on the mother. Doo-Ri, disillusioned with feeling abandoned, stops by a portrait studio, thinking this will probably be her last picture in life. Magically, she leaves the place as her 20 year old self. Hijinks and comedy ensue as Doo-Ri adjusts to her new self and ends up joining her grandson’s band as a singer. With a new claim …

Mask (2015)

Mask Type: Korean Drama Year: 2015 Episodes: 20 Where to Watch:Dramafever, Viki My Rating: 4 out of 5
What is it about the quintessential Cinderella rags to riches story that is so entertaining? Or the romantic intrigue of an arranged marriage that turns into true love? Or the fascination with two people who trade places in life (like in the many variations of The Prince and the Pauper)?
Soo Ae as Byun Ji-Sook
Mask is all of that and more. A drama cram-packed with familiar and well-liked tropes, Mask stylishly pulls the pieces together in an exciting and intriguing journey. From the first episode we’re hooked as we watch the heroine, Byun Ji-Sook, face imminent death from loan sharks that have hounded her family. She’s offered a deal from a ruthlessly brilliant lawyer, Min Suk-Hoon – one that will save her life in exchange for becoming his pawn and masquerading as a recently deceased rich socialite, Seo Eun Ha, whom she resembles. Ji-Sook agrees only to find herself completely under the powe…