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In writing the last half of this list I came to several dilemmas when I realized I had more favorites than necessary to finish the top five. I was forced to make the difficult decision of choosing who lives and dies (well, who makes it on the list anyways). So here are the rest of my top ten favorites, and hopefully in the future I can put out another top ten K-drama couples that I couldn’t squeeze in here. 5. Park Hae-Young & Lee Seol (My Princess) The bubbly poor girl and the rich selfish brat. A timeless coupling that still manages to entertain me today. Lee Seol finds out that she’s a long-lost princess of Korea and Hae-Young finds out that his grandfather is going to donate his inheritance to the princess. Hae-Young becomes Lee Seol’s tutor in etiquette while trying to stop her from getting his money. But she’s so darn adorable he’s doomed from the start. A favorite OTP scene: Lee Seol is hiding in an old car in the museum of the palace while …

Top Ten Tuesday: Four Books That Make Me Think of Halloween

I decided to join in the Top Ten Tuesday prompt hosted by The Broke and the Bookish blog. I couldn’t quite come reach ten books for this week’s topic, so four will have to do. ;)

Northanger Abbey Catherine Morland swallows up gothic novels and daydreams all sorts of horrid and fascinating adventures. When she’s invited to stay with the Tilneys at Northanger Abbey, she envisions a horrible murder that took the life of the Tilneys’ mother in the dark recesses of their grand home. Soon her fantasies start shifting her view of reality.

Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith Novelization (Matthew Stover) When I think of Halloween images of cosplay and exciting costumes comes to mind. And what’s a costume party without a Jedi or Sith in the mix? My favorite Star Wars book (and just a book I love in general because of Matthew Stover’s writing!) is this novelization that I’ve read more than once. Unlike other Star Wars novelizations that mainly read like a wo…


                Don’t you just love writing lists?! Not dull errand or grocery lists. Just lists of things you love. I remember thinking up countless lists of things as a kid that I liked. I was constantly rating my preferences – my top ten favorite movies, my favorite Queen Amidala’s (Star Wars) dresses, my favorite warrior characters. Whaddyaknow? Some things don’t change. 10. Yoon Gae-Hwa & Seong Min-Woo (Oh! My Lady)
There's nothing like an adorable nuna (older woman) romance. Gae-Hwa, a 35 year old single mom, re-enters the workforce and ends up nannying for a shallow actor in his late 20s, Min-Woo, when his ex-girlfriend gives him the child she never told him about. I loved watching Min-Wo go from a senseless self-entitled (though very funny) brat to a man who valued Gae-Hwa and pursued her. Gae-Hwa’s emotional fears of entering a real relationship after her divorce were empathetic and brought some nice tension to the relationship.������…

The Pirates (2014)

The Pirates Type: Korean Film Year: 2014 My Rating: 4 out of 5
                I’ve always been a sucker for pirate stories since I was a kid. There’s just something thrilling about swashbuckling brigands with eye-patches fighting over buried troves of treasure. The Pirates captures that adventurous high seas magic I love.                 Jang Sa-Jung is a soldier turned bandit leader who’s just looking for more wealth. Yeo-Wol is a female pirate captain who is committed to protecting her loyal band of brothers. When a gray whale attacks a convoy ship and swallows the Great Seal, the royal seal of Joseon (Korea), Yeo-Wol is commissioned by a cruel general to retrieve the stamp or suffer the consequences. Meanwhile the bandits are itching for a chance to take the treasure the gray whale swallowed. 
                This movie surprised me on so many fronts. It’s surprisingly hilarious! The humor, reminiscent of Pirates of the Caribbean witty tongue-in-cheek moments, was so entertaining. One…


Daawat-e-Ishq Type: Bollywood film Year: 2014 My Rating: 3.5 out of 5
I admit it. I watch cheesy romance movies sometimes. I've seen 10 Things I Hate About You, Miss Congeniality, The Prince & Me. These movies are popular among rom-com fans despite the silly antics and lack of deep plot. Why are these films loved? Because they’re just adorable! Once in a while, I like to watch something that’s sweet and doesn’t require a lot of thought. Daawat-e-Ishq is such a cheesy rom-com lover’s delight.
                Sassy Gulrez can’t seem to get a husband. Her father’s determined to see her happily married with security, but he can’t afford the dowry wanted by prospective groom’s families. When another boy breaks Gulrez’s heart, she decides to swear off men and take action to make her dreams of traveling to America come true. But will Gulrez be able to follow through with her plan when a mischievous and handsome chef is after her heart?
                I stumbled upon this cute flick on …

My First K-Dramas

After writing last week’s review for My Princessand Queen Seondeok, I started reminiscing about the earliest K-dramas I watched as a new K-drama watcher. What drew me to them? Did I enjoy them or did I try to forget them immediately after finishing them? I thought I’d put a brief compilation of the first K-dramas I watched and my thoughts and feelings I have for these dramas then and now.
Kim Su-Ro, Iron King Type: Korean Drama Year: 2010 Episodes: 32 My Rating: 3.5 out of 5
Ahh the days when I was searching for saguek dramas. After watching Queen Seondeok, I really wanted to find another great historical drama. In some ways, Kim Su-Ro delivered, but the drama still left a lot to be desired for me by the end.

            The story-line follows the life of Kim Su-Ro, the first king who founded the state Geumgwan Gaya, one of the three countries in the Three Kingdom period of Korea (roughly early 1st century). Kim Su-Ro is separated from his birth mother, who goes on to marry a village leade…